Jarul of One Piece

Mountain Beard Jarul (jap. 山ひげのヤルル, Yamahige no Yaruru) is a giant from the island of Elbaf. Along with Jorul, he once led the Giant Warrior Pirates. The two are known as heroes of the giants and oldest warriors in the world.


Jarul is very tall as a giant, towering over an ordinary human by more than ten times. He has white hair and his most striking feature is his enormous beard, which reaches down to the ground and covers his entire front body. Not much of his clothing can be seen through this either, but it is, like most giants from Elbaf, based on Vikings. Thus he wears a horned helmet and a magnificent fur cape.


Jarul thought highly of Carmel and also approved of her “trade instead of plunder” approach to Elbaf, yet he reminded the children that the giants of Elbaf are warriors. Thus, he also could not forgive Linlin for the manner in which his friend Jorul met his death at her hands and wanted to kill her. However, out of respect for Carmel, he let her leave the village.

Skills and strength

A giant of immense physical strength, Jarul was also the leader of the feared Giant Warrior pirate band in its heyday. As a result, he achieved heroic status on Elbaf. However, his powers diminished with age.


Once, alongside Jorul, Jarul was the captain of the Giant Warrior pirate band and for over 300 years they fought side by side. With age, however, they stepped down, leaving younger warriors in command.

Sixty-three years ago, on the day before Lent began on the winter solstice, Jarul and Jorul visited the village and ate semla with the rest of the residents and the orphans of Carmel. On the seventh day of Lent, however, Charlotte Linlin went into a food frenzy, ravaging the village and eventually killing Jorul. The giants were able to calm Linlin down with Semla, causing her to fall asleep. Jarul then prepared to kill the girl, but Carmel stood in his way and begged him to spare her. She would leave the village with her. Despite the objections of other giants, especially Hajrudin, Jarul accepted Carmel’s terms and angrily told her to leave.

Later he visited the grave of his friend Jorul, who was buried not far from the village.


  • Like many One Piece characters, Jarul has a distinctive laugh: bojajaja.
  • His favorite food is giant fish from the Warland sea area with rum.

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