Jango of One Piece

Jango is a naval corvette captain and is under the command of HinaBlackcage” together with FullbodyIron Fist“. He used to be vice-captain and later even captain of the Black Cat pirate gang. He was also called Jango the Hypnotist. Today, he is called Jango the Defector.


Jango’s heart-shaped eyes.

Jango is a tall, lean, middle-aged man with shoulder-length light brown hair. He wears red, heart-shaped glasses, under which are his equally heart-shaped eyes. Furthermore, he has a prominent nose and sunken cheeks. The most striking thing about him, however, is certainly his chin. There once grew a mushroom, from which Jango ate the hat. The red-black striped stalk he left further.

During his time as captain of the Black Cat gang, he wore a blue hat and a coat of the same color. Underneath this were a white shirt, belted green pants and white socks, and black shoes. In addition, he was dressed in green gloves. When Jango was vice-captain, he was adorned with a purple cap, a bright red sleeveless shirt, and a tan pair of gloves. He also wore different clothes on Mirror Ball Island.

Since he has been under Hina’s command in the Navy, Jango dresses in a hat in the Navy colors that looks similar to his old one. He also now wears a yellow and purple patterned shirt and blue pants, as well as brown gloves.


Jango is a very strange man who always walks backwards. However, he claims about himself that he is not funny at all.

Jango was in great awe of Kuro, aware of his strength. So he could tell by the way he pushed up his glasses that his former captain had not forgotten how to fight. Because of this fear of him he let himself give any order and would have even killed for him. He certainly didn’t want to mess with Black.

Jango and Fullbody are very good friends with each other, as they both have the habit of dancing incredibly. For example, they do it after defeating a whole gang of pirates on their ship.

Moreover, he, like Fullbody, finds Hina extraordinarily beautiful and so the two of them constantly compliment her and give her gifts because of it, which the very serious woman, however, always refuses.

Although Jango used to be a pirate himself, these days he hates them and thinks they are the scum of the sea, until he is reminded of having once been one of them himself.

Skills & Strength

Jango used to be vice-captain and also captain of the Black Cat Gang, and thus held the highest position, next to Kuro. At the time, he had a rather high bounty of 9,000,000 for the East Blue. In the navy, he is now a corvette captain and is under the direct command of Hina “Blackcage”.

A Razor Blade disc as a pendulum in his hands.A Razor Blade disc as a pendulum in his hands…

Jango fights with so-called Razor Blade discsof which he always has some with him. With these he can hypnotize people and make them sleep. He can also give people orders and even convince them to be stronger. This is all done by simply saying “1, 2, Jango”. However, he often falls asleep himself afterwards and has to be woken up again by someone. However, Jango also uses the Discs as razor-sharp weapons. He even manages to clear an entire section of a forest with them. Most of the time he throws the pendulums, which then return to him like a boomerang. He can also fight with them when they are attached to the strings needed for hypnosis. Jango holds his own against the likes of Yurikahh, but he can’t keep up with greats like Black or Bon Kurei.

…and as a razor-sharp weapon.

On Marine Ford, he lost consciousness due to Luffy’s Haoushoku. This shows that he is not only vulnerable to his own hypnosis, but also to King Shaki.


Time as an itinerant dancer

Before Jango became a pirate, he was an itinerant dancer. But because business was bad, he slept most of the time. When he did, he didn’t even wash, which is why a striped mushroom grew down from his chin. When he was hungry, he ate the mushroom hat. It was disgusting, but he swallowed it and has been able to hypnotize people ever since. What remained was the rest of the mushroom.
Later, he joined the Black Cat pirate gang.

Inside the Black Cat Gang – The End of Kuro

Jango hypnotizes Nugire Yainu and Morgan.

Five years before the current plot: The Black Cat gang is once again being pursued by the navy. Kuro, however, has no more desire to escape and forges a perfidious plan, in which his vice-captain Jango is initiated to help him execute. So the captain climbs aboard a naval ship and kills the entire crew. He left the Morgan, who was also present, alive. Jango now hypnotized Nugire Yainu, a crew member who looked like Black, and Morgan. Yainu he persuaded to be the infamous Kuro, and Morgan that he had captured the latter. So the navy ship sailed on, Black sailed away believed dead, and his former gang went under Jango’s direction, who was waiting to finish the former captain’s plan.


Meeting with the former captain

Jango meets Black again.

Three years later, Jango appeared on Gecko Island, where he met the village boys Onion, Carrot and Piiman. He showed the astonished children his hypnosis skills and then disappeared again towards the coast. There he met up with the resident butler Beauregard, who however soon turned out to be Black. The two decided to raid Syrop and kill Miss Kaya so that the former pirate captain could live a peaceful life.

He also needed Jango’s help to do so, as he would have to get the girl to make a will under hypnosis first, which would give Beauregard sole claim to her inheritance. However, the whole conversation was overheard by Luffy and Usopp, and the Straw Hat wanted to fight the two criminals right away, too. Jango, however, put the latter to sleep, thinking he had thus killed him. Usopp, they thought, posed no danger, and so it came to pass: no one in the village would believe the “liar” Usopp, and Black’s plan seemed inevitable.

Raid on Syrop village

Jango makes his gang stronger by hypnotizing them.

So the next day at sunrise, the Black Cat pirate gang headed for the north coast of the island under Jango’s leadership. As they were about to storm into the village, however, Nami and Usopp got in their way, who were only able to stop the gang for a short time. Jango was already growing impatient, knowing what would happen if Black’s plan wasn’t carried out.

Goddamn it!!
We don’t have time for this!
Kuro will freak if anything goes wrong!
Leave the brats!
We’re all screwed if his plan doesn’t work.
Do you get it? You idiots!
-Jangocommanding his gang .

But already the pirates had even stronger opponents, because Luffy appeared together with Zoro. They were no match for them and Jango had to do something. So he hypnotized the whole gang and talked them into being stronger. Now they were even able to smash stone, but Luffy was also hypnotized by mistake and so he beat the pirates in no time. Next he tore out the entire bow of the Bezan Black. Jango, however, was able to prevent worse by putting him to sleep. Meanwhile, Siam and Buchi woke up to the noise and the hypnotist had them attack Zoro. The latter engaged in a brief exchange of blows before the enraged Black appeared.

The Nyaban Brothers didn’t want to be ordered by Black anymore and attacked him. But they didn’t have a chance and Black gave the team three minutes to finish the opponents. Zoro defeated them though, leaving only Buchi to crawl to Jango and ask him to hypnotize him to make him stronger. At the same time, Nami tried to wake Luffy up again, which she succeeded in doing. Jango hit the straw hat with one of his Razor Blade discs, but this didn’t bother him much and a fight against Black started. In the meantime Kaya appeared, who got to know the true character of her butler. After Luffy had knocked him down, the “Pirates Usopp” joined in. They tried to hurt Black, but he got up again and Usopp ordered them to quickly flee into the forest together with Kaya. Jango was to chase them.

Jango is defeated by Usopp.

So he rushed after the children and destroyed many trees with his Razor Blade discs. When he finally caught up with them, the village boys attacked him. So they peppered his eyes and hit him hard between the legs. Meanwhile, Zoro and Usopp were also chasing the hypnotist to stop him. Jango could defeat the children in the meantime and now turned to Kaya. But Kaya stole one of his weapons and threatened to kill herself if Jango didn’t spare the boys.

He agreed and the girl signed the will. Now he wanted to kill her. At this moment Zoro and Usopp appeared, but it seems too late. In the last moment Onion, Carrot and Piiman could hit the pirate. This stopped him long enough for Zoro to cut off a branch, giving Usopp room to finally defeat Jango with a fireball. At the same time, Luffy defeated Black, who was taken away by his team – Jango was left unconscious in the forest. He didn’t know that he was lucky, as his former captain actually wanted to kill him.

Overflow to the navy

Jango and Fullbody defeat the Tulip Pirates.

Jango was now left alone on Gecko Island, but was discovered in a restaurant by Onion, who chased the pirate away with his friends. Jango therefore sailed on in a small boat, and even passed Morgan unnoticed. Soon he came to Mirror Ball Island, where he re-dressed and entered a dancing contest. This he won along with Fullbody “Iron Fist”, who also joined in. The two soon got to know each other better and became close friends. However, when some marines showed Jango’s old clothes to the lieutenant, the former pirate realized what kind of people he was dealing with. So he fled the island while the Tulip Pirates attacked the town. Fullbody was outnumbered by this one alone, but Jango returned and together they defeated the pirates, led by Yurikahh.

The lieutenant, however, had to perform his duty and arrested the wanted man. The latter was now taken to a court, where he tried to defend himself, but was given the death penalty. Fullbody would not allow this and performed a dance to soften the hearts of the judges. This he succeeded in doing, and Jango was acquitted. He himself, however, was demoted to private. The two friends now had to say goodbye and the hypnotist wanted the marine to forget everything. At that moment Hina “Blackcage” appeared, with whom they both fell in love. So Jango also went over to the navy and together they started again as corporals in the navy headquarters.

Reunion with the Straw Hat Pirates

The pirate ship has been boarded.

After the Straw Hat Pirates had finished off Crocodile and his henchmen on Arabasta, they wanted to escape. However, Hina and the Jango and Fullbody under her command were also on the coast of the desert island. The two privates first defeated some pirates and then brought bouquets to their commander. Later, an attack in Hina’s special formation caused them to meet the Straw Hat Pirates again, with which neither of them had any good associations. They circled the pirates, but were sunk by Usopp. After Bon Kurei managed to escape from Hina, they sailed off again.

Hunt for the Baroque Agents

Jango fights Mister 2.

After the incident with Crocodile, the Officer Agents of the Baroque Company were also wanted. Hina’s squad happened to find Miss Valentine on Holiday Island and blackmailed the other agents through it, threatening the prisoner with death. At the execution, Mr. 3 suddenly appeared, seemingly turning himself in. In reality, however, it was the escaped Bon Kurei, who first succeeded against Jango and Fullbody, only to fail with Hina. Meanwhile, Miss Valentine, Mr. 5, and Miss Goldenweek managed to escape on a Navy ship. Finally, Mr. 3, Mr. 2, Mr. 1, and Crocodile himself ended up in the Impel Down, while Jango stayed back at headquarters.

The big event

Jango on Marine Ford.

In the course of summoning all the forces of Justice to battle with the Whitebeard gang, many important officers of the Navy came to Naval Headquarters at Marine Ford, including Hina. So, as usual, she was accompanied by Jango and Fullbody, so Jango was also present at the final battle against Whitebeard’s alliance. Since the two weren’t even officers, unlike most of the people present, they kept a rather low profile. They also got to see Ace’s father being announced and Luffy joining the battle along with reinforcements. He was later knocked unconscious by Luffy’s use of the Haoushoku.

The Levely in Mary Geoise

Two years later, Jango was also assigned, along with Fullbody, to Mary Geoise as escorts for a royal house. Under the command of Hina, who had since been promoted to Rear Admiral, they were assigned to the emissaries’ ship from Arabasta. While there, it became apparent that his admiration for his superior had not diminished, so he cheered her on with a bouquet of flowers in hand intended for her. Once there, Hina, Fullbody, and Jango were hanging out at the Red Port with other high-ranking marines, while the marine was eavesdropping on a conversation between the two emperors, Big Mom and Kaidou. He was extremely disturbed by this and overheard Hina talking to Monkey D. Garp about a pirate era before Gol D. Roger. Garp thought it was admirable that Hina knew about it despite her age.


  • In the SBS for volume 14, a reader asks what Jango would have to do with Egypt. It is explained that Jango was in the Black Cat pirate gang and that cats are originally from Egypt. The crew wears cat ears and Jango wears a pharaoh beard.
  • His character is apparently supposed to be some sort of reference to the musician Michael Jacksonwho died in 2009. You can see this in his name (Jango is the nickname of Michael Jackson), his style of dress, his glasses, his “way of walking”, the moon-walkhis prominent nose and his dancing skills.
  • He shows up in his own Movie Special as an antagonist.
  • His favorite food is spaghetti with mushrooms.

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