Jaguar D. Saul of One Piece

The giant Jaguar D. Saul was a Vice Admiral who was killed in the Buster Call on Ohara more than 20 years ago.


Saul as a young marine.

Saul was a giant who had a very sturdy and strong body. He had half-long orange hair on his head and a small moustache. Furthermore, he had small eyes, a small, thick nose and a large mouth. On his head during his stay on Ohara, he wore a brown cowboy hat as well as on his body a blue and purple torn t-shirt and short gray pants. During his time as Vice Admiral of the Navy, he wore a blue suit with a red tie, along with the typical cape of a Vice Admiral and a Navy cap.


Saul laughs even though he’s about to die.

Saul was the bearer of the D. in his name. Even when he was about to die, he started laughing again. He was a kind-hearted man who laughed whenever he felt bad. Thus he was able to cheer himself up. He made friends with little Robin, who was always sad and depressed, and yet he was able to make her laugh. Also, when the giant Nico captured Olvia, he asked his subordinate soldiers not to be too harsh with her and the other archaeologists, however, the soldiers had already killed everyone except Olvia.

His sense of justice in no way matched that of the rest of the Navy, so he didn’t want to run the Buster Call as one of the five Vice Admirals or he would kill a lot of innocent people. He also didn’t want to be lumped in with the giants of Elbaf, whom he referred to as “savages.” There were also calm and less combative giants, like Saul, he said. He was also a good friend of Kuzan, who later became Admiral Aokiji.

Skills & Strength

Saul’s irrepressible power.

Saul was a long time Vice Admiral of the Navy, and they placed a lot of trust in him, so he was ordered to lead the Buster Call on Ohara as one of the five Vice Admirals. However, he refused this order. His physical strength was also enormous, so he was able to lift up an entire warship and throw it at another, destroying both. Moreover, Saul was very resistant, so he wasn’t killed when a bullet hit him right in the face. A normal person would have been killed. Since he was a Vice Admiral, it can be assumed that he was also proficient in Haki.


Saul was stationed at naval headquarters over 20 years ago. He was present when Garp and Sengoku set out to put a stop to Roger and Shiki.


Saul’s time as Vice Admiral

Saul is talking to Olvia.

Saul had been a Vice Admiral at Naval Headquarters for some time and was friends with Kuzan, who held the same rank at the time. In one of his missions, he was to capture a ship full of archaeologists in order to locate the fugitive Nico Olvia. He found the ship and captured Olvia. Saul asked if they planned to build the Ancient Weapon, but Olvia taunted him not knowing anything rather than questioning the law. A short time later, then Admiral Sengoku put Saul on the team of five Vice Admirals for the Buster Call. Saul was against it, so he got himself into trouble with the admiral. He freed Olvia from her cell and escaped with her.

The escape from the navy

Saul washes up on the beachwashed up on the beach.

Over 20 years ago, when Robin was young and Ohara was in full bloom, Saul washed up on Ohara’s beach. He immediately made the acquaintance of the young archaeologist and befriended her. She led the giant to a spring, as he was thirsty. Robin immediately noticed his funny laugh. While Saul wanted to build a raft to escape from Ohara and stayed on the beach, Robin came to visit him several times a day and brought him fresh bread. During the night a boat had landed at Ohara, on it the then CP9 commander Spandine.

Fearing an investigation, the archaeologists had all the explorers informed. A little later, his raft was ready, so he was ready to leave. However, Robin was saddened by this, so Saul decided to stay a few more days. They got into a conversation in which Robin mentioned her mother’s name: Olvia. Saul now realized that it was he who had hunted the girl’s mother. He told her that Olvia may have returned to Ohara, whereupon Robin ran into town. Indeed, the latter had returned to Ohara. While the latter was gearing up against the upcoming battle against the CP9 and the Navy and running for the coast, Robin ran to the Tree of Omniscience. On the way, she ran into her mother, but did not recognize her.

Meanwhile, the whole island was being searched for the exploration of the Poneglyphs. Saul already saw that the ships of the navy had prepared to destroy the island.

The Buster Call on Ohara

Saul is stopped byKuzan.

Not long after, the CP9 agents and the Navy had found enough evidence of the forbidden research, and the Buster Call on Ohara began. Olvia now entrusted little Robin to Saul, her former enemy. He began to flee, however the navy noticed him. Robin was scared, however the giant encouraged her to be proud of Ohara and her mother. Shortly after, the giant was hit square in the face by a cannonball. He set the shocked Robin down, walked up to the naval ship and lifted it completely out of the water. He threw it at one of the other ships, destroying both. After destroying the remains of the two battleships as well, Robin asked the giant to take her to a rescue ship. Seeing that Robin was under fire from the CP9, he tried to defend her, but was stopped by Vice Admiral Kuzan.

Saul has been frozen byVice Admiral Kuzan.

Saul got into an argument with Kuzan over their views when suddenly the evacuation ship exploded. Vice Admiral Sakazuki had given the order. Enraged, Saul now attacked Kuzan.

Kuzan, are you proud of the way you attacked us?
Stop it!
You’re joking!
You’re only doing this to make an example!
That’s why you’re here, to destroy Ohara!

This is about the future, and that’s why there’s no other way.
– Saul to Kuzan.

He asked the Vice Admiral to let little Robin live. He said goodbye to the young archaeologist and shortly after was completely frozen by Kuzan. On the shore a little later Kuzan had provided a ship on which Robin could safely escape. Thus Kuzan had granted the fallen Saul his last wish, besides he wanted to see how Robin would develop over the years.


  • Like many characters in the world of One Piece, Saul has a peculiar laugh. In his case, it starts with a “dere” followed by a series of “shis,” i.e., “Dereshishishi…”
  • Information on Jaguar D. Saul’s naming convention
  • His favorite food was roasted whale.

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