Jacksonbanner of One Piece

Jackson banner was a member of Gol D. Roger’s band of pirates.


During Roger’s lifetime, Jacksonbanner was a tall and slender man. He wore curly, light hair, though it partially hid even his eyes. He wore a dark open-necked shirt and light-colored pants that reached above his ankles, and dark shoes. Across his chest ran a belt.


At an unknown time, Jacksonbanner joined the Roger Pirates. Together, they had many adventures and eventually contested Roger’s final voyage. Then, when they had obtained all the information they needed from the Road-Poneglyphs, they headed for the last island. But when they reached Laugh Tale and found the treasure left by Joy Boy, they all burst out laughing.

After Roger was named “King of the Pirates” as a result, he disbanded the Roger Pirates and the captain was the first to leave the Oro Jackson. They bid him a tearful farewell and then headed for Wano Country, where they dropped off Kozuki Oden and a tearful farewell also ensued.

There is no word on Jacksonbanner’s whereabouts after Gol D. Roger’s execution.


  • His name and a concept sketch were not revealed until the SBS to Volume 96.

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