Jack of One Piece

Jack is a powerful pirate of the New World. He was first mentioned during Caesar Clown’s Shinokuni Experiment, which was also witnessed by some of his subordinates via Monitor. He is one of Kaidou’s three highest-ranking subordinates and is nicknamed Jack the Drought (jap. 旱害のジャック, Kangai no Jakku). According to Sheepshead, he is a close confidant of Emperor Kaidou.


Jack in his mammoth form

Jack is a fish-man whose height and stature is comparable to that of Kaidou. He has tied his very long hair into two braids and a ponytail. The lower half of his face is usually covered by a metal mouthguard. Like any fish-man, Jack possesses pointed teeth. Horns protrude from the right and left sides of his head, attached with metal plates just like those of Avalo Pizarro. He wears a dark cloak, shoulder plates decorated with spikes, and a belt with the Jolly Roger of the Beasts Pirates.

Using his devilish powers, Jack can transform himself into a woolly mammoth.


I refuse!
-Zou, Jack to the Minks.

Jack’s character exhibits a high propensity for aggression, little patience, and no compassion. He didn’t shy away from attacking a Marine convoy that was supposed to take Doflamingo to Impel Down, even though he was clearly outnumbered by his men. This also indicates a great deal of self-confidence.

Furthermore, he also directly attacked several civilians of Zou when he demanded the samurai Raizo from them, although they first sought conversation and wanted to solve the whole matter without violence. Jack did not react to the Minks’ responses and did not hesitate to initiate the attack. In his opinion, it was their own fault if they couldn’t help him. Any means is fine with him to wipe out his enemies, and his destructiveness knows no bounds. This was shown when he first poisoned the Minks and then had them crucified and tortured. Later, he even tried to kill the elephant Zunesha, which serves as the Minks’ home, in retaliation.

Within his own ranks he does not tolerate failure and reacts accordingly with draconian measures, but also acts submissively towards the two other main representatives or apologizes when they put him down because of his failure.

Skills & Strengths

One of Jack’s swords

Jack ate from an ancient Zoan devil fruit, which enables him to transform into a massive mammoth. His epithet “Drought Cataclysm” alludes to his ability to devastate a landscape as if it had been reduced to dust by a drought. He possesses great powers, which is reflected in his bounty of one billion berries, among other things. One swipe of his trunk was enough to bring down an entire building and sweep away several people. When fighting the battle-hardened Minks, he could fight for five days and five nights straight, while his opponents split into two groups so that one group could always recover while the other fought. He is also referred to as one of three “main representatives” of the Beasts Pirates, meaning that he is one of Kaidou’s strongest men. He carries two swords in the form of tusks as weapons. He is also proficient in armor and observation shaki.

Even though he is affected by the “Curse of the Sea” as a Devil Power owner, he can breathe underwater. In this way, he can survive a lost sea battle while his opponents have already declared him dead. In an unsuccessful raid on a naval convoy defended by Sengoku, Admiral Fujitora, and three other Vice Admirals, among others, he escaped with only a few minor injuries this way. However, he did manage to destroy two naval vessels.


Over 20 years ago, Kaidou and his men invaded Wano Country. After Kozuki Oden was executed, Jack was present when Kaidou set Oden Castle on fire to wipe out the Kozuki family.


Caesar Clown’s demonstration

Some of Jack’s men were watching Caesar’s Shinokuni experiment via a television Den-den Mushi. However, when the Straw Hat Pirates managed to capture Caesar, the men immediately shouted for Jack to be informed.

Attack on Zou

Jack attacks the Minks

Jack attacked the people of Zou with his gang and demanded that they hand over Raizo to him. The Minks claimed not to know who Jack and his men were talking about, but the pirate attacked civilians without hesitation and ordered his men not to stop until someone handed Raizo over to him. The Minks fought back reasonably successfully against Jack and his men. For five days and five nights, the battle between Jack’s men and the Minks lasted. Although more and more pirate ships joined in, Jack was the only one to fight through the entire period. On the sixth day, however, Jack resorted to a poison gas weapon once created by Caesar Clown. All the inhabitants of Zou collapsed, while Jack and his men were protected with gas masks. The Minks who could still speak were tortured and forced to say where Raizo was. If they could not answer, they were killed or seriously injured. The strongest warriors were crucified and the two kings each had a body part cut off. However, when Jack learned from the newspaper that Luffy had defeated Doflamingo and that he was now to be taken to Impel Down, Jack set out to free him. He left only a few of his men on Zou.

Attack on the naval convoy

His very first appearance in the plot was when he and his ship pursued the convoy that was to transport Donquixote Doflamingo to the Impel Down. His purpose was to take control of the former samurai of the seas. Although he managed to sink two naval ships, he was defeated by the superior numbers of Issho, Crane, and Sengoku. Wanda informed Luffy that the newspaper reported Jack’s death shortly after. However, she doubted his demise. It later turned out that he was alive and amused by the newspaper article about his demise.

Attack on Zunesha

Zunesha sinks Jack’s fleet

A short time later, however, he reappeared in the waters at Zunesha’s feet. The fact that Sheepshead had to take a beating against the Straw Hats didn’t sit well with Jack at all, so as punishment he left him injured and hanging upside down from the ceiling of the ship. He stopped his crew from entering the island, instead planning to kill the giant elephant and continue his mission to find Raizo. He ordered his men to fire their cannons at the giant elephant’s left foreleg. Momonosuke allowed Zunesha to defend himself against the attackers at that moment, whereupon the latter sank Jack’s entire fleet with his trunk. Once again, Jack was defeated in a naval battle.

However, no one on the island suspected that Jack had not drowned, but was only lying alive at the bottom of the sea. He was waiting for the help of his companions, because he could not dive up by himself due to his devilish powers.

Wano Country

Jack apparently had companions to help him, because before Luffy reached Wano Country, he had also returned. He was spotted there a few days before Luffy and Zoro wreaked havoc in Kuri and defeated Holdem. In search of the troublemaker, Jack went to Okobore, but there he encountered Ashura Doji, a strong samurai. The latter claimed not to have heard from Luffy and responded to Jack’s statement that he was only alive because Kaidou wanted to make him his subordinate by attacking him. Jack was inflicted with a deep wound across the torso and a fight broke out. But this was interrupted by the arrival of Kaidou, who told Jack to bring him the wanted. The Emperor was drunk, however, so the chief representative was worried about the district. Hawkins appeared, however, and drew Kaidou’s attention to the ruins of Castle Oden.


Back on Onigashima, Jack was humiliated for his failure by the two other main representatives King and Queen, after which he apologized to them and called them “older brothers”. When Queen later brought Big Mom there, Jack was also present and asked him why he did this.

Then, on the day of the Fire Festival, Jack attended a meeting between King, Kaidou, and the Flying Six. The latter were given the task of finding Kaidou’s son Yamato, and as a reward would be allowed to challenge one of the three main representatives to a fight for their posts. King and Jack had no objections. Later, he stood with Queen and King at Kaidou’s side as he executed Orochi and touted the New Onigashima Project. When they were subsequently attacked by the Akazaya and Izou, he was unable to prevent them from catching Kaidou head-on, and when Kaidou then flew with them to the dome, he immediately headed there as well. However, there were other Minks already waiting there to take care of Jack and his men so Inuarashi and Nekomamushi could focus on Kaidou. Although he took a lot of punishment, he was able to gain the upper hand and defeat the Minks, thanks to the full moon in their Su Long form, after which the Mink leaders also interfered. He succumbed to them and apologized to Kaidou, but he replied that he did a good job, but his opponents were just very strong. After Jack regenerated, he sought out the red sword sheaths, which were severely weakened from fighting Kaidou, and wanted to finish it himself. However, Inuarashi sent his colleagues on and faced the main representative alone. It didn’t turn out to be a fair fight man to man, however, as Jack’s subordinates kept intervening. It wasn’t until Tama’s announcement, drawing the Gifters to her side who had previously eaten one of her Kibi Dangos, that the fight was even as Jack’s subordinates were defeated by them. So Inuarashi grabbed Jack and transported him through a wall into the next room, a garden of sorts, where there was a hole in the ceiling, which is why Inuarashi was able to transform back into his Su Long form. It wasn’t until Luffy and Kaidou’s King Shaki Impact that the full moon was visible again, which Inuarashi immediately took advantage of and defeated Jack with a final attack in his Su Long form.


  • “Jack” is the English name for the jacks of a deck of French hand cards. However, since his high-ranking subordinates are named after card games, his name is probably more closely related to the game of Blackjack.
  • In the special Road to Laugh Tale chapter, Part 2, earlier sketches of the main characters were released. These reveal that Oda once planned to give Jack the powers of the Brachiosaurus Fruit.
  • Jack was the first One Piece character to be introduced with a bounty of one billion berries.
  • His favorite food is elephant steak.
  • His hate dish is cactus steak.
  • His hobby is mowing/grass cutting.
  • His image animal would be a mammoth.
  • Jack placed 168th in the 6th popularity vote and 184th in the 7th popularity vote.

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