Jabra of One Piece

Jabra was an agent of the CP9 and ate from the Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Wolf.


Jabra is a man of medium height. His hair is black and long. He ties it together with several purple braids. He has a scar on his face, it runs from his forehead to under his left eye. Jabra also always has sunglasses around his forehead, but never puts them on. He has a very long, thin beard that hangs down very far on both sides.

Underneath he wears a black goatee. Around his neck he wears a tie. Jabra has a tattoo in the front over his shoulder that is the kanji for wolf (狼, Ookami). However, his top covers this tattoo entirely when he is in his human form. On his torso, he wears a black suit with white sleeves. But the suit fits rather loosely and isn’t big enough for Jabra to button up. He wears black pants to match and a red scarf around his waist.

Wolf shape


Jabra is very devious. In each of his fights, he lies in an attempt to outsmart his opponents. He also told Sanji a rather adventurous story. He claimed to be the brother of Nico Robin. He also told to Kaku and the others that devil fruits destroy the body so that they don’t eat any and don’t become stronger. Jabra always wants to be the strongest. That’s why he’s always fighting with Kaku and Rob Lucci. But he doesn’t only fight about strength, but also about “prey”. So he wants to take down Sogeking and Zoro alone and not fight with Kaku together. He also makes fun of the latter for quite some time for eating the Bull Fruit, Model: Giraffe, making him look ridiculous in his opinion.

Skills & Strength

Jabra is the third most popular agent with 2180 Douriki, just behind Kaku. In addition, he has eaten of the dog-dog fruit, model: wolf. Also, like the rest of the agents, he has mastered the Rokushiki. With these, he specializes mainly in the Tekkai. He is the only agent who can also move while doing so. This gives him a lot of advantages, so he is also hard as steel during an attack and protected from counterattacks. His attacks are stronger because of this, as his punches are much harder and his claws are cutting. He also usually uses nasty but convincing tall tales and attacks by surprise afterwards.

Furthermore, Jabra is also proficient in armor and observation shaki.


More than 20 years ago Jabra was trained for the Cipher Pol. With him were also Rob Lucci and Blueno.


Meeting of all agents

Jabra together with teammates

Jabra was with Owl and Kumadori at Spandam, who was teaching the three to stick to their tasks. They had killed way too many people. Later, the rest of the CP9 joined them as well. He immediately argued with Kaku and Rob Lucci, but they quickly ended it. You see, Spandam had a gift for Kalifa and Kaku: devil fruit. Jabra was immediately worried, because now Kaku could become stronger than him. Despite a long-told tall tale, however, he could not dissuade the two from eating. After some time, the Straw Hat Pirates had finally arrived at the Justice Tower. Luffy had even defeated Blueno in the meantime. After a long argument with Robin, the Straw Hats stormed the Justice Tower. Each agent was now assigned a key to guard. Jabra got the one with the number 1.

Key Hunt

Jabra defeats Sogeking

Jabra was in his room, which resembles a Japanese garden, taking a nap. Sogeking entered the room, hoping to steal the key. However, Jabra woke up and knocked him away. After that, he immediately transformed into a wolf-human. However, just before the fight began, Zoro and Kaku burst through the ceiling. Sogeking was now fighting with Zoro and wanted to tie up both opponents with sea stone handcuffs, but hit Zoro because he had to laugh at Kaku’s appearance. Jabra also got a laughing fit. But now it was enough for Kaku and he wanted to finish them all with a Orkankick Deep Cut. But he missed and now 2 were fighting against 2. After some time Nami came over and could separate the two with her key. Now everyone could continue their fight. Jabra outwitted Sogeking with a trick. He threw his key on the ground and said that he doesn’t like to kill. Sogeking wanted to pick up the key but was attacked by Jabra with Jusshigan and was seriously injured. But he didn’t want to give up and moreover protect Nami but couldn’t do anything. Just before Jabra could kill Sogeking, however, Sanji came to the rescue and took over the fight.

In Sanji he finds his master

Now Jabra had finally found an equal opponent. When he realized how strong Sanji really is, Jabra told him a story. He was Robin’s brother and he wants to save her too. He threw the key on the ground and Sanji bent down to pick it up. Now Jabra was about to attack him, but Sanji expected this and kicked him through the ceiling. The tide turned again though and it seemed like Jabra might win, but Sanji used his latest technique: Diable Jambe. Now he was so strong that even the Tekkai couldn’t mitigate the attacks. Jabra didn’t give up yet and attacked once more, but Sanji finished him off with Flambage Shot. Jabra was flung several stories down and slammed into the ground. Sanji was the victor and took key #1.

Pursued by the World Government

With a show he collects money

The entire CP9 survived the Buster Call through Blueno’s devil powers. They were now looking for a new place to stay, and in the process ended up staying in St. Poplar. However, Lucci had sustained very serious injuries from his fight against Luffy and the former agents now needed money for the hospital bill. Jabra, along with Blueno, earned money by Blueno pretending to be an animal tamer and putting on an animal show with Jabra. This involved, among other things, jumping through rings in his wolf form. The doctors also managed to save Lucci. Now the former agents had settled into St. Poplar, so Jabra, Kaku, Blueno and Owl went to a café afterwards.

Lucci was now halfway recovered and able to leave the hospital. To celebrate the day they also immediately played a game of bowling. But their merry game was interrupted by a pirate attack. Out of gratitude to the residents, the former CP9 finished off the pirates. She couldn’t stay in the village, though, as Spandam had pursued her for her defeat at the hands of the Straw Hats. They went to an island with a dojo where they trained some kids as future agents. But the Navy had other plans: as punishment for their defeat, they were to be captured by Very Good and some marines. These were not enemies, but the former agents had to change their location again.

While Spandam, Kaku, and Rob Lucci are now members of CP0, the whereabouts of the remaining members, including Jabra, are unknown.


  • Jabra’s character design is very reminiscent of the character Tao Baibai from Dragon Ball. Fans assume behind it once more a small homage of Oda to his idol Toriyama.
  • Jabra was interested in the waitress Gatherine, but was rejected by her.
  • Jabra’s name has many different pronunciations. A majority of English fans call him “Jabra” – that is, as the Romaji spelling indicates. However, it is actually pronounced“Jyabura“, this is derived from the Katakana spelling (ジャブラ = ji-a-bu-ra – however, the first two syllables are shortened to yes ). Japanese fans handle it differently, calling him “Jabra”, as does Eiichiro Oda himself, by the way. He is also called Jabra on his official Vivre Card.
  • Many enemies in One Piece have a distinctive laugh, including Jabra. In his case, it starts with a long “gya” followed by several “ha’s”, i.e., Gyaaaa ha ha!
  • In Weekly Shōnen Jump chapter 413, Oda did a little sloppy job on Jabra. In that chapter, his mustache is missing in about half of the panels where Jabra appears. This was then attempted to be retouched in the second edition, the so-called tankoubon. Here the beard is missing in only three panels.
  • In the SBS from volume 44, the members of the CP9 are seen as children, and here we learn that Jabra had the scar over his left eye even back then.
  • In One Piece Green, earlier designs of Jabra were released. According to these, Jabra was originally supposed to be named Shakiin (シャキイン).
  • His favorite food is roasted lamb.

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