J-World Tokyo

Entrance to the One Piece area

J-World Tokyo was an indoor amusement park based on the characters and events of popular manga series from Weekly Shonen Jump, such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Naruto. It opened on July 11, 2013, and was located at the Namco Namjatown theme park in Sunshine City, Tokyo in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo until its closure on February 17, 2019. In close cooperation with Shueisha, the indoor amusement park was operated by Bandai Namco Amusement Inc. J-World Tokyo offered visitors attractions, restaurants, and shopping related to the heroes of Shonen Jump. There were different admission tickets that included different offers. This also allowed visitors to dress up as their personal hero from Shonen Jump and enjoy the park as such. Today, the Mazaria amusement park, also operated by Bandai Namco, stands on the same site.

Attractions & Shops

One Piece “Soldier Dock Adventure

One Piece’s “Soldier Dock Adventure” is a themed ride set in the world of One Piece. There is a story behind the themed ride, so the Straw Hat Pirates spent all their money, which is why Nami came up with the idea for this attraction while Usopp and Franky were building it. In the process, the three pirates tell visitors about their previous adventures during the approximately 7-minute ride. The visitors take a seat there in the Merry 2 or the Shark Submerge 3, for example.

Choppers Carousel

Chopper’s Carousel is a 3-minute carousel ride that is mainly aimed at children, but can also be entered by adults. Visitors can take a seat on certain means of transport from the world of One Piece, such as the “White Rocking Horse 1”, Nami’s personal waver.

Let’s Grab the Dragon Balls!

In the approximately 15-minute interactive attraction “Let’s Grab the Dragon Balls!”, visitors help the protagonist from Dragon Ball, Son Goku, collect the Dragon Balls using the Dragon Radar and summon the dragon Shenlong.

Let’s Train Kamehameha!

“Let’s Train Kamehameha!” is a 3D attraction where visitors help Son Goku defeat the villain Freezer with a Kamehame Ha.

Naruto’s Shinobi War Picture Scroll

“Naruto’s Shinobi War Picture Scroll” is an approximately 15-minute attraction based on the Naruto manga. There, visitors take on the role of a ninja from Konoha and train with other characters to end up helping Naruto execute his lawn goose to defeat the enemies of Akatsuki.

Heroes Arena

The Heroes Arena is located in the middle of the park and focuses on many heroes of other Shonen Jump manga series, such as Bleach (manga)Gin Tama or Toriko. Here, several small games, rather fairground games, are available to the visitor. By participating, small prizes such as stickers or pins can be won.

Amusement Arena

This area is located between the One Piece and Dragon Ball attractions and features mainly arcade games as well as Gashapon machines.

J-World Store

Here, exclusive merchandise from the worlds of Shonen Jump is offered for sale.

Food Court

  • J-World Kitchen: Here you can eat famous dishes from the worlds of Shonen Jump, such as Naruto’s Ramen or the legendary Rainbow Fruit and Century Soup from Toriko. Dishes from Dragon Ball are also on offer.
  • Café Mademoiselle: This restaurant is under the management of straw-hatted mutjes Sanji, who serves dishes from the world of One Piece.
  • J-Patisserie: Here you will mainly find desserts from the world of Gin Tama, Blue Exorcist or Bleach.

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