Izaya of One Piece

Izaya is the village elder from Asuka’s native village and Maya’s grandmother.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004).


Izaya (drawn by Oda)

She can always be found with a wooden stick, which she needs for support. Her hair is pink and features a quirky hairstyle. Izaya is quite small and wears a yellow cloak, with a red robe with patterns underneath. She also often puts on a grim expression. In reality, Izaya is very tall, but she only walks with a stoop.


Izaya is a kind person who is always concerned about the welfare of others. For her, every human life is worth the same, no matter if it’s a pirate or not. As the village elder, she has quite a bit of general knowledge.


She was also present during the attack of enemy pirates a few years ago. There she ordered everyone to save themselves in the mountains.


Meet the Straw Hats – Attack of the Marine Dojo

Raid on the village

Izaya and a few others were worshipping their god Asuka as usual, though the peace was about to be disturbed that day. Maya came running into the village and announced to everyone that pirates were coming. Lacos gathered the warriors together and when the Straw Hats finally showed up, Lacos immediately stood in front of Izaya and Maya.

After all, it turned out that the supposed enemies were quite nice after all. More bad news hit the village, however, as marines from the nearby dojo attacked. Izaya and Maya took flight, and Zoro, who was helping the navy to the amazement of the other Straw Hats, gave chase. To protect Maya, Sanji also ran after them and the two engaged in a small fight. Eventually, Zoro took the three orbs that were important to sealing the Seven Stars Sword from Maya and went back to the dojo with Bismarck, Boo Kong, and the marines. That evening, Izaya helped tend to the wounded. She also asked the Straw Hat Pirates to leave the island again, but they could not do so without Luffy, Usopp, and Zoro.

The night of the red moon

The curse was broken

After Robin got stuck telling the legend of the Seven Stars Sword, Izaya stepped in for her and told the rest of the story. The Straw Hats now also realized why the crystal orbs were so important, and why Saga, wanting to restore the sword to its full power, had ordered Zoro to take the orbs from Maya. Quite unexpectedly, Luffy and Usopp then emerged from an underground passage. To everyone’s amazement, Luffy even had the orbs they desperately needed with him.

He had found them in the tunnel that connected to the three towers. After Maya gave power to the orbs through prayers, they split up to take them to their destinations. Izaya left with Maya and Luffy, heading to the tower that was at the center of the other three towers, from which Maya had to build the shield using the orbs. As the night progressed, Saga came by their place and started a fight with Luffy. However, the already injured Zoro took over and then fought the second battle against his old friend. The straw hat managed to defeat Saga and break the spell of the cursed sword. The next day the inhabitants of Asuka had to say goodbye to the Straw Hats.


  • When something surprising or amazing happens, she stretches to her actual size and then towers over everyone else.

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