Itomimizu of One Piece

Worm is the commentator of the Davy Back Fight in the service of the Foxy Pirates. He also explains the rules of the game.


Itomimizu is a medium sized, slender man. He has a small, round nose, no chin, and a wide mouth that takes up most of his face. He wears a purple shirt with three buttons, yellow gloves, bright yellow pants, and black boots. On his head he still wears a long and blue, black striped cap that he has pulled down over his nose. It has two eye holes at the bottom, which resemble the normal foxy mask. He also has a dark blue side pocket that contains a Den-den Mushi.


Worm is a loyal member of the Foxy Pirates, so his reporting is anything but impartial. Any cheating by his own crew is accepted by him, while he denounces the violations and devious maneuvers of the Straw Hat Pirates, which often infuriates Nami in particular.


Davy Back Fight

When the Foxy Pirates arrived on Long Ring Long Land, their captain challenged the Straw Hat Pirates to a Davy Back Fight. Luffy accepted, although he didn’t know exactly what it was about.

Itomimizu explained the rules of the game before each new round and commented on the action in his own subjective way. He sat on his hyperspace Chuchun, which flew over the grounds, and spoke through a Den-den Mushi that acted as a microphone.

Despite the many rule violations on the part of the Foxy Pirates, the Straw Hat Pirates ultimately triumphed without losing a member.This fact only occurs in the anime.

In the anime, Luffy also gained 497 members of the Foxy Pirates. Worm was one of these members, but just like the others, he was subsequently dismissed by Luffy, after which they rejoined Foxy.
This information comes from One Piece TV Special 16 – Adventures on Nebulandia

In the New World

Two years later, it is revealed that he is still a member of the Foxy Pirates. The latter followed the Straw Hats to the New World to seek revenge. However, they joined forces with them to defeat Vice Admiral Komei and his marines who betrayed them. Itomimizu helped Chopper as well as Brook in the process, even sacrificing himself so they could find a healing mushroom. He was later freed from the Marine’s clutches again by the two of them. After winning the battle against Komei and the Navy, the pirate gangs parted ways again.


  • His original name, Itomimizu, refers to a so-called Tubifex in Japanese. The latter has become a nickname for him, especially in fan circles.

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