Isoka of One Piece

Isoka is the only girl in the Pumpkin Pirates. Together with her friends she was in the grave of the galleys for 50 years.

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Your face as a child

The young version of Isoka was wearing a dark blue jacket with a light colored shirt underneath.

The older Isoka has retained her purple hair. With her navy coat, which she is entitled to as an officer, she wears a light blue sweater. Instead of a navy cap, she wears a headband with the symbol of the navy.


Next to Rapa Nui she can be called the second leader. She always keeps a cool head and knows how to assert herself well even as a girl among the boys. It is therefore interesting that she later has the highest rank of the friends in the navy after Rapa Nui. Since Rongo was the smallest of the friends, she always took special care of him.


Wetton’s Charge

The kids are facing Wetton.

When they were children, Henzo, Rapa Nui, Pukau, Isoka, Rongo and Akibi often met at a big rock in the sea, went swimming and talked together around the campfire in the evening. One afternoon, when they met together once again, they saw from afar how the town was on fire. Worried for their families, they ran to it and met the captain of the attacking pirate gang, Wetton, of all people in the town, who was having fun chasing the children.

Rapa Nui led them to the harbor, where his plan was to grab a ship and run away. But the pirates had destroyed all the ships, so the children climbed aboard Wetton’s pirate ship. The latter jumped in after them and tried to grab the children. He hurled his axe and managed to destroy the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the ship was heading straight for the Rainbow Nebula, which Ian, who was left alone on the ship, was not at all pleased about. Wetton still tried to fight the children, though. Henzo unexpectedly threw himself at him and they both fell off the ship before the ship even reached the Rainbow Nebula. Isoka, her friends, and Ian thus sailed into the mist, where they did not age, and Henzo and Wetton swam back to the city.

Under Ian’s command

Ian eats and the kids go hungry.

In the fog, Ian made it clear that they would now have to listen to him if they wanted to survive, as the sea was dangerous and he was an experienced sailor. The children now fetched food and treasure from the other ships at his command, most of which he kept for himself. He treated them badly and even threw Rongo to a sea king so he could fight him, but he was saved by Rapa Nui. Once again, as Ian was feasting, a sea king showed up, attracted by the food. Everyone was terrified, and Ian ordered the ship to be defended. Rapa Nui was outraged that the ship was more important to him than her life. Together they left the ship on a dinghy and the sea king swam after the ship.

Meet the Straw Hat Pirates and Henzo

Dinner with the Straw Hat Pirates.

When a group of pirates appeared in the Rainbow Mist, the Pumpkin Pirates executed the plan for such a case. Ghosts made of sheets were piloted from the mast and arrows were shot from the shipwrecks. Luffy, however, uncovered the hoax and exposed the children. Rapa Nui showed up and threatened to set off a bomb if they didn’t let them go.

Henzo recognized his childhood friends, who hadn’t aged a day, and also realized that the bomb was fake, as he had designed it. The pumpkin pirates were skeptical, whereupon Rapa Nui set off a smoke bomb and they disappeared. Back at their lair, an old naval ship, Akibi and Rongo were almost tricked by Ian into releasing him. Isoka prevented this by reminding them of his actions. Shortly after, she was told via Den-den Mushi by Rapa Nui that the pirate ship from earlier was heading towards them.

Rapa Nui spotted Pukau aboard the The Going Merry and thought the Straw Hats had kidnapped him. He therefore jumped onto their ship with his sword drawn, but was disarmed by Zoro. No one but Rapa Nui still distrusted the Straw Hats, and they ate together. Henzo’s Den-den Mushi rang and he wanted Flip to bring his invented device to him in the mist. Usopp settled the dispute between Henzo and Rapa Nui and just as they were about to make up, Luffy’s too much momentum accidentally took Rapa Nui to the edge of the Rainbow Nebula, where they were stuck for the time being. Ian was released by Rongo and was thus able to blackmail the others, wanting the boat with the rope to the outside from Nami, who had arrived just before. Ian escaped the fog that way.

Escape from the fog

As Henzo had feared, Ian’s information caused Wetton to activate the rainbow tower, which was a tube that went into the fog where Wetton had his troops search for the treasures. Wetton, seeing that he stood no chance against Luffy, used a lever to explode the tower. The explosion made the fog unstable, so they had to get out of it quickly. The air blast from the cannons fired from the wrecked navy ship finally got the Going Merry outside.

Joining the Navy

The kids in the Navy.

Rapa Nui, Isoka, Akibi, Pukau and Rongo all woke up on a beach and were picked up by a navy ship. They joined the navy so they could one day take on Wetton. It was also during this time that Rapa Nui wrote the book about the Rainbow Nebula, which Robin had with him.


Pursuit of the Straw Hats

During the pursuit of the Straw Hats, she was on deck with the others and handed Rapa Nui the binoculars when he joined them. She also saw Rapa Nui accidentally sink one of their ships with his finger bomb and the Straw Hats escape. As a result, the captain ordered the new course: Ruluka.

Arrest of the criminals

The aged friends in the Navy.

Shortly after the The Going Merry emerged from the mist, Rapa Nui’s unit reappeared. The latter defeated Wetton and had his followers arrested. They revealed themselves for who they really were, which pleased Henzo greatly. They also purposely let the Straw Hat Pirates escape, claiming they had no more room on the ship.

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