Ipponume of One Piece

Ipponume is the wife of Tanne.


Ipponume before the time jump

Ipponume is a tall stout woman with short reddish curly hair. Before the time jump, she wears a purple cap and a yellowish striped shirt.

After the time jump she wears an orange headscarf with a star pattern, a purple polo shirt, a dark red jacket and a dark green skirt.


Ipponume is a no-nonsense woman who is not afraid to reprimand her husband. She thinks he is stingy, but was surprised that Tanne simply gave Zoro the kitetsu and the yubashili.


When Zoro stopped by Tanne’s weapon store in Loguetown, Tanne refused to sell Zoro the third generation Kitetsu because it was cursed. Ipponume, on the other hand, urged her husband to finally sell the cursed sword. After Zoro daringly threw the sword in the air, which missed his arm, Tanne gave him the sword for free. Tanne also gave him his family heirloom, the Yubashili, which did not please his wife at all.

Two years later, Tanne hung a large picture of Zoro in her bathroom. Ipponume seemed less than thrilled about it.

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