Ipponmatsu of One Piece

Fir is an arms dealer in Loguetown. His store, which he calls the Arms Shop, has been around for 200 years. In the past, his customers were mostly pirates. But since Captain Smoker is stationed in Loguetown, pirates don’t come by his store very often anymore.


Tanne is a rather small man with a red nose that is always the same. He wears a blue Kimonowhich is fastened with a Hatchan. Furthermore, he wears sandals by default and has a very noticeable hairstyle.


Since Smoker’s stationing in Loguetown, Tanne hardly gets any customers, so he tries to do business with guile and trickery. When Zoro entered his store, he tried to pull the straw hat over the table, suspecting that Zoro had no idea how much his sword was actually worth. For this reason, Tanne was immediately furious when Tashigi pointed out to Zoro the value of his Wado-Ichi-Monji. However, it turned out in the end that Tanne is also a man of honor who appreciates a good swordsman, as he gave Zoro the swords because he realized that they had chosen him and not the other way around. Furthermore, he is apparently superstitious because he believed in the Kitetsu curses.


Meeting with Zoro

When Zoro wanted to buy two new swords for only 100,000 berry, Tanne tried to buy the king’s sword Wado-Ichi-Monji from him for far less than it was worth. But since it was Zoro’s only memory of Kuina, he would never sell it anyway. On top of that, Tashigi interfered and pointed out Zoro’s true value, which made Tanne very angry. She was there to pick up the skill sword Shigule from grinding.

Fir smells his chance

Angry that she had screwed up his deal, Tanne sent Zoro to the cheap swords. Zoro asked Tashigi to pick him out a decent sword, as she kept a book of swords with her. She found the third generation Kitetsu skill sword, but found that it was cursed. However, Zoro noticed this fact before. Thus, he put his suspicions to the test: he threw the sword in the air and stretched out his arm. But the third generation Kitetsu missed his arm. This impressed the usually stingy fir. Taking this as a starting point, the delighted fir gave Zoro the Kitetsu and apologized, though with poise and dignity, for not realizing he was a sword master. On top of that, he also gave him his family heirloom, the master sword Yubashili. His wife was not very pleased.

However, the Yubashili was destroyed in the fight against Shuu on Enie’s lobby.

Two years later

Two years later, Tanne had hung an enlarged profile photo of Zoro above his bathtub, but his wife was not very enthusiastic about it.


  • Tan’s favorite dish is Ippon Udon.

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