Inuppe of One Piece

Inuppe was a penguin zombie and the newest member of the Penguin Zombie Trio. He possessed Sanji’s shadow and its attributes until he died again at the hands of Gecko Moria.


Inuppe was a small penguin zombie with the snout and ears of a dog. He had a red and white checkered large cap on and his left eye was permanently closed, which is probably a reference to Sanji’s covered left eye. Most of the time, his tongue hung out like a dog’s. Inuppe wore a blue bow tie and had some scars on his body, which is why a large bandage was tied around his body.


The penguin zombie had Sanji’s shadow in him, which is why he acted like it at first. In his first appearance, he protected Nami from the animal zombies because, like Sanji, he would rather die than hit a woman. His personality was so strong that some of his traits from his old life still seeped through. However, in the fight against Chopper and Robin, he was already ready to beat Robin. He had actually forgotten his principles from his old life. Even stronger than his attitude towards women was his competition with Jigoro, who had Zoro’s shadow. When Jigoro attacked Chopper with his attack in the fight, he almost hit Inuppe as well. Enraged by the latter’s action, Inuppe argued with the swordsman. At last, however, he carried out Dr. Hogback’s orders and became an obedient zombie.

Skills and Strength

Inuppe struggled with his legs just like Sanji. The latter naturally displayed tremendous kicking power as well, but his body wasn’t as strong, so his body was somewhat limited in terms of strength and thus not as strong as Sanji himself. Absalom mentioned just before fighting Sanji to think about the fact that his shadow wasn’t planted in any zombie general, which was why the zombie commander thought Sanji wasn’t as strong since the latter could defeat Inuppe in Perona’s Miracle Garden with ease using his corpse hands. Despite that, some zombies thought he was as strong as a zombie general.


Appearance in Perona’s Wonder Garden

Inuppe first appeared in Perona’s Wonder Garden, where he introduced himself along with the Penguin Zombie Trio. When the Animal Zombies went on the attack against the trio of Nami, Usopp, and Chopper, and Nami was threatened, Inuppe stood up to them. Under astonished looks from the animal zombies, the penguin zombie declared that he would rather die than hit a woman. When the warthog zombie Lola, who was trying to kill Nami, and Absalom reached Perona’s Miracle Garden, Inuppe intervened again, who was able to repel Lola’s attack on Nami. However, he was repulsed because Lola would not tolerate interference. After Absalom’s failed attempt to kidnap Nami, the Straw Hats fled and Inuppe confronted the zombie commander, as he was not supposed to harm the woman. However, Inuppe was quickly taken out by Absalom’s corpse hands.

Fighting his own friends

After receiving their consciousness, the Straw Hat Pirates prepared to counterattack. In the process, Chopper and Robin encountered Dr. Hogback. In addition to Cindry, the zombie surgeon also had Inuppe and Jigoro at his side. The penguin zombie and the swordsman held the two straw hats at bay first. In the process, it became apparent that Inuppe’s memories were already all but gone, as he punched Robin when she tried to cleanse Jigoro with salt.

In a heated discussion with Dr. Hogback, Chopper managed to break free from Inuppe’s grasp, though he could barely withstand his kicks. It also intervened Jigoro and fired an attack at his opponents, almost hitting Inuppe. The latter was furious and immediately began to argue with the swordsman. A fierce quarrel ensued and the traits of Zoro and Sanji were revealed. Chopper and Robin now had a free hand again and the fight continued. With the help of a ruse, Robin managed to get Dr. Hogback to order Inuppe and Jigoro to jump out of the tower. Even after this action, the two continued to fight once they reached the bottom.

He was later stripped of his shadow during Moria’s Shadow’s Asgard attack, turning him back into a lifeless body.


  • Inuppe’s original name (Inuppe, 犬ッペ), contains the Japanese word for dog (Inu, 犬ッ) and the first syllable of the Japanese word for penguin ペ (jap. Pengin, ペンギン).
    However, 犬ッペ can also be translated as “dog puppet”.

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