Inoichibannosuke of One Piece

Inoichibannosuke is a firefighter on Wano Country.


Inoichibannosuke is a man with a high forehead and dark hair. He wears a kind of shooter with a red symbol on the front. Furthermore he wears light shorts and sandals.


Just like the rest of his unit, he focuses less on putting out the fire and much more on acrobatic feats on the ladder, which people seem to love firefighters for.


When Holdem’s house in Bakura was on fire, the firefighters, including Inoichibannosuke, rushed to the scene of the disaster and began to put out the fire. However, they did not focus so much on putting out the fire. They performed acrobatic stunts on the ladders, which caused some of the residents to cheer and cheer for them. Speed, however, didn’t like it and reminded them to do their job.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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