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Dr. Indigo is the ship’s doctor of the Golden Lion, Shiki, and so serves in his pirate band. He has been in the crew of the “flying pirate” for over 22 years and also fought, together with his captain, the naval battle of At War against Gold Roger and his pirate gang, among others.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Strong World (2009).


Indigo is a preternaturally tall man with indigo hair. His face is white and he has some sort of star pattern around his eyes and glasses, though he usually doesn’t put them on. Just below his scarf, he wears an explorer’s smock and extremely loose blue pants. His shoes are a special feature: with every step he takes, they make a fart-like sound.


Indigo is a typically eccentric researcher who is very consumed by his work. In contrast, he feels a deep dislike for the East Blue:

You want to cut me up?
A peasant from the East Blue?
In reality, no one cares about this sea!
Even if we destroy it!
– Indigo to Zoro.

However, Indigo also has a funny side to him, especially when he does his manzai with Shiki again to portray jokes. He has also developed his own laugh (Piropiropiro….). Furthermore, he often doesn’t speak, only to display his intention with a weird facial expression, gestures and dance. Of course, once Shiki actually understood him, it seriously shocked him.

Skills & Strength

Chemical Juggling.

Indigo is one of the commanders of the Golden Lion Pirates and has many powers. He has been there for over 22 years, which has allowed him to gain a lot of experience. He is not only the gang’s doctor, which suggests medical skills, he is also a researcher. During the long period of preparing the plan, he even made discoveries like the SIQ.

Moreover, Indigo is also a good fighter, who always has his sword with him for emergencies. Already in the past he fought with chemicals, which he developed further until today. The so-called Chemical Juggling is the result of this. He can create fireballs of almost any size and thus bombard his opponent. He can arrange them around himself and shoot them in a continuous fire, or fire larger projectiles at once. These powers don’t come from a Devil Fruit, however, as Indigo was able to swim when Shiki threw him into the pool. All in all, he’s pretty strong, but no match for fighters of Zoro’s caliber.


Indigo and Shiki reach Merveille to start their plan.

Back in Gold Roger’s day, Indigo was a member of the Golden Lion pirate gang, where he naturally took part in the naval battle of At War. However, it ended in defeat for them, as a sudden storm saved Roger’s ship. Indigo came to Shiki’s room after the battle and marveled at his vitality, as he was still alive despite the steering wheel in his head.

After Shiki was caught and escaped again, he found his way back to his gang. Indigo led him to Merveille, where he had been researching for some time. There, IQ made the animals a lot bigger and stronger, which Shiki wanted to use for his plan to breed an army out of them. Indigo told him that this would probably take 20 years then, which the golden lion accepted. During his research, he even developed SIQ, which was derived from IQ, only it was even stronger and increased the aggressiveness of the animals many times over.


This information comes from the special episodes for Movie 10 – Strong World.

After the Amigo pirate gang failed to capture Boss, an animal mutated by SIQ, due to the intervention of the Straw Hats, this was reported to Shiki. Shiki then expressed that the conquest of the world would begin. Indigo and Scarlett stood by his side.

The Great Plan – The time of the attack approaches

Indigo explains the effects of SIQ to Nami.

After Shiki kidnapped Nami, they posed in front of her with various dance routines, but the navigator didn’t care. Then when Indigo brought out Billy as his latest research project, they were shocked by him, but Nami took the duck in stride afterwards. When she wanted to know where such animals came from, Indigo explained the effects of SIQ and how they use it to manipulate animals, but this was simply repulsive to the woman.

After Nami had reluctantly joined the gang after a defeat of her comrades-in-arms, the explorer informs his boss about her actions: She tried to blow up the protective shield from Daft Green, but was prevented from doing so. When Shiki returned all the troops had arrived from his allies, to whom Indigo poured sake to toast the gathering. The attack on East Blue was imminent, but another event would derail the plan.

The Straw Hats invade – East Blue strikes back!

Zoro beat Indigo.

The Straw Hats attacked the palace, taking out all the guards in their path. Eventually, they broke through and a fight began between the two gangs, fueled greatly by the monsters that came along. Indigo tried to stop Luffy in the process, but Zoro got in his way. The doctor, however, went back to his lab, where he encountered Usopp and Chopper, who were searching for a cure. The pirate hunter lived up to his name, however, and chased after the researcher, only to take the cure from him for the ailing Nami. Indigo, however, merely told him, unimpressed, that he was just a pawn from the East Blue, which led to a fight. At first, he was able to use Chemical Juggling on his opponent and keep him at a distance, but when the flames of Mass Juggling died down, Zoro, already fighting in Ashura, rushed at him and finished him off with his new technique, Ugui.

When you get beat by an East Blue farmer like me…
tell me, what does that make you?
„-Shiki’s palace, Zoro during his victory

After Luffy also defeated his captain Shiki, the defeated fell into the sea. It is unclear whether they are still alive.

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