Inazuma of One Piece

Inazuma is a transgender who serves as vice-commander (jap. 副隊長, Fuku Taichō) under the transgender king Emporio Ivankov in the Revolutionary Army.


Inazuma as a woman

Inazuma is a transgender whose exterior has a special contrast: The left half of his body is completely orange, while the right half is white. This feature applies to his hair, his glasses, his bow tie, his long coat, his pants as well as his shoes. Only his shirt is plain. Furthermore, a lightning-shaped scar adorns his forehead and then runs across his right eye. He also usually carries a glass full of wine with him.

With Ivankov’s help, Inazuma can transform into a woman, causing his physique as well as his face to take on more feminine features.


Inazuma is very calm for a transgender and always keeps his serene expression. Only rarely does he show shock, such as when Magellan suddenly appeared in front of him. He also always remains realistic. For example, when the exit of level 6 was blocked, he didn’t think he could escape anymore and didn’t make a face.

Furthermore, he seems to enjoy drinking wine, as he always carries a glass of it with him.

Skills & Strength

Inazuma’s Scissor Hands

Inazuma is Ivankov’s second-in-command, or vice-commander, and thus a key revolutionary in Dragon’s forces.

It’s the same poison I got and overcame with “healing hormone” and “tension hormone”!
Still… On the one hand, it shortens the life span, on the other hand, the technique draws violent side effects!
Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to heal him normally!
Once wiped out, the lifespan won’t come back!!!
Inazuma is irreplaceable as a newcomer to the “revolutionary forces”!
Now he shouldn’t strain his body too much!!!
– Ivankov over Inazuma.

He also once ate from the Scissors Fruit, which gives him the power to turn his hands or individual fingers into scissors. With them, any material like paper can be cut and then processed accordingly by Inazuma. This is how he was able to build a massive bridge onto the scaffold from nothing on Marine Ford, among other things.

Furthermore, he was locked in level 5 of the Impel Down, which is a testament to his strength.


Unknown time ago, Inazuma joined the revolutionaries under Dragon. It is also known that he once ate from the Scissor Fruit.

Later he could be captured and was locked in the level 5 of the Impel Down. But one day he disappeared together with Ivankov into the secret level 5.5, the Newkama Land.


Luffy’s last resort

Inazuma, Emporio Ivankov and Straw Hat Luffy rush to level 6

After Luffy was defeated by Magellan and Bentham freed him again, the two were attacked by the Troop Wolves and eventually went down unconscious after their victory. Suddenly Inazuma appeared, who brought the two to Ivankov. The latter helped Luffy and Bentham and tried to heal both of them. With Bentham this only took ten hours, but with Luffy’s healing it would take much longer. Ivankov believed that Luffy’s healing process would take another two days. Therefore, he was very surprised when Luffy recovered after less than a day. When Luffy declared that he was Dragon’s son, Inazuma and Ivankov revealed themselves as revolutionaries. Unable to let their leader’s son meet his death in front of them, they joined Luffy to save Ace. Unfortunately for them, however, they arrived in Level 6 too late, as Ace had already been taken from Impel Down. After Inazuma fended off a sleeping gas attack with his devil power and they seemed unable to escape, they freed Crocodile and Jinbe, who promised to help escape Impel Down.

The breakout from Impel Down

Inazuma tries to stop the poison man Magellan

While Luffy, Crocodile, and Jinbe continued to rush upwards, the Okama gathered at level 5 and then charged on as well. From then on, they freed dozens more prisoners from almost every level on their way up, outnumbering the guards. After an encounter with the Blackbeard gang, Magellan appeared, who took up pursuit of the fugitives. This left Ivankov and Inazuma a little later to stall for time against the latter. While the transgender King failed at the prison ladder, his comrade-in-arms cut the stairway access to level two with his scissors.

Inazuma is being cared for aboard the escape ship….

Magellan was able to use his Hydra to rush back up and made short work of Inazuma, who was still trying to fight back. Ivankov, however, had survived the fight by using hormones and hurled himself with Inazuma, with the help of the Hell Wink, to Luffy on level one. In order to escape from Impel Down for good, all the fugitives held on to Ivankov’s hair and, with another Hell Wink, were flung out to sea, where they were caught by whales that Jinbe had summoned to help.

Inazuma was then taken care of by some trannies on board the escape ship, because Ivankov didn’t want to treat him with his hormones, as they would shorten his life span. Since Inazuma was still going to be very important to the revolution, the transgender king couldn’t take that risk.

Fight on Marine Ford

Inazuma creates a way for Luffy to save his brother

When the escape ship finally crashed on Marine Ford, Ivankov hid the poisoned Inazuma in his hair. Then, when he and Luffy came near the scaffold on which Ace was to be executed, he asked for his comrade’s help. So the apparently fit Inazuma built a huge bridge to the top, on which Luffy immediately rushed up and was suddenly stopped by his grandfather, Garp. Eventually he managed to defeat him as well and free Ace, but the joy was interrupted early on by Akainu.

The latter eventually managed to kill the commander of Whitebeard’s second division. After the suddenly appeared Blackbeard gang also executed Newgate himself, the Whitebeard pirates and Newkamas wanted to escape. However, Akainu continued to pursue them inexorably, with the firm intention of destroying Dragon’s son. Ivankov and Inazuma also confronted him, but did not stand a chance. They survived, however, and the Newkama hid aboard a naval ship. After Trafalgar Law rescued Luffy and Jinbe with his submarine, Boa Hancock followed the Supernovae on that very ship. After finally catching up with the Heart pirate gang, the trannies revealed themselves.

They still said goodbye to the unconscious Luffy and headed towards the Kamabakka Kingdom on the navy ship. As it was learned a little later, they also arrived there, but Sanji, transported there by Bartholomew Kuma, was also staying on the island. Inazuma informed Ivankov that a call had come from Baltigo Island, whereupon Ivankov conversed with Dragon. The transvestite king told his boss that he and Inazuma had a lot to talk about, but wanted to know more. Dragon then stated that he would soon call a meeting of the revolutionary leaders.

The meeting of the revolutionaries

After the destruction of Baltigo, the Revolutionary forces moved their headquarters to the Kingdom of Kamabakka, which the Okama prepared in advance for a gathering. Dragon had summoned all the commanders of the revolutionaries here, as they were going to declare war on the World Nobles during the upcoming Levely. Ivankov and Inazuma were also present.


  • The name Inazuma (jap. イナズマ) translates to “lightning” (in kanji: 稲妻). In this case, the lightning-shaped scar above his right eye seems to be eponymous.
  • Luffy always calls him Cancer-chan.
  • His favorite food is garlic shrimp.

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