Impel Down

Impel Down (インペルダウン, Inperu Daun) is the world government’s most heavily guarded maximum security prison (note: needs link). It is located in the Calm Belt and is built on the ocean floor. It can only be accessed through a Gate of Justice, which, along with the other two gates of Enie’s Lobby and the Navy Headquarters, forms a powerful triangle that connects the three locations by a massive current.

The cells and handcuffs in Impel Down are said to be made of sea stone, making it all but impossible for Devil Fruit users to escape. Furthermore, there seems to be no moral justice at all in Impel Down, as prisoners are tortured, abused, and executed. Pirates, as well as the 7 Samurai of the Seas, are usually not allowed to approach Impel Down, as a variety of dangerous criminals are imprisoned here.

Behind the Gate of Justice, there are two famous places!
One is the world’s highest authority of the “War Power of Justice”, the “Naval Headquarters”!
The other is full of torture chambers and scaffolds!
The most brutal criminals in the world are imprisoned there!
In the great prison of the deep, “Impel Down”!
-Navigator, Nami


Prison break of the “Golden Lion

Shiki’s legendary outburst

According to Grand Admiral Sengoku, there has only been one successful prison break in the history of the Impel Down. Twenty years ago, the “flying pirate” Golden Lion escaped from Impel Down by cutting off his legs. Out of all the hundreds of thousands of prisoners, he was the only one who managed to do so so far. Sengoku also mentions that this ended exactly 20 years ago as well. Possibly this has something to do with Magellan, as Hannyabal also mentions that there hasn’t been a successful escape attempt since Magellan has been prison warden and can be fully relied upon in an emergency.

Shiryu’s Massacre

Magellan catches Shiryu slaughtering prisoners

Some time ago, there was another power in Impel Down besides Magellan. His name was Shiryu of the Rain, the commander of the guards. Both of them were referred to as the “metal plates” that protected the Fortress of Hell. However, Shiryu was the more dangerous of the two due to his cruel nature.

Impel Down personnel have the authority to kill prisoners and intruders if there is a security risk. However, Shiryu abused his post and slaughtered many prisoners for the sheer pleasure of it, as they were nothing more than trash to him. In order to stop Shiryu and get him under control, Magellan locked him in the 6th level, but apparently did not remove him from his post, as Shiryu was allowed to continue wearing his uniform.

Spandam’s plan

General view of the Impel Downs

The Impel Down was first mentioned by Nami on Water 7. She described it as a brutal prison on the ocean floor and said that if they put Robin in there, she would never get out. Spandam, who was able to manipulate the 5 Sages, did everything he could to get the plans of the Pluton, which he plans to use for his own purposes.

The latter planned to take Nico Robin and Franky across the Bridge of Hesitation to the Gate of Justice, and then transport them to Impel Down to interrogate them in peace about the Pluton’s plans. With Lucci at his side, he marched purposefully towards the Gate of Justice, but Luffy pursued them and after a hard fight, he finally defeated Lucci.

Spandam’s plan ultimately failed due to the Straw Hat Pirates’s rescue mission and the Buster Call he accidentally triggered.

Ace’s impending execution

Magellan prevents Ace from escaping

After defeating Blackbeard, Ace was handed over to the World Government by the latter and taken to Impel Down. When Luffy learned on Amazon Lily that his brother Ace was to be publicly executed, a race against time began. Nyon explained to Luffy where he was and where Impel Down and the other “strongholds” of the World Government were located. Not far from Amazon Lily in the Calm Belt, underwater, lies the best secured prison in the world, Impel Down. Together with Enies Lobby, Justice Island, and Marine Ford, the naval headquarters called the “Center of Power,” Impel Down forms a powerful triangle. The three locations are connected by the Gates of Justice and by a massive current. To reach Impel Down, it takes about a week from Amazon Lily by pirate ship, but only four days by naval ship, as they can use the Tarai.

Following this information, Hancock – who had fallen in love with Luffy – set off for Impel Down with Vice Admiral Momonga and his navy ship, intending to visit Ace only briefly and then head to the Samurai meeting. Luffy, who had been hiding under Hancock’s clothes, was also on board.

At the entrance to Impel Downs, they were met by Vice Warden Hannyabal and Vice Warden Domino. During Hancock’s strip search, the latter petrified Domino, allowing Luffy to get inside the prison unnoticed. After Momonga and Hancock arrived, 33 hours remained before Ace’s public execution.

Momonga and Hancock leave the Impel Down

After Hancock met Ace, the two visitors Vice Admiral Momonga and Hancock left the Impel Down while Luffy, who had joined up with some other prisoners in the meantime, took up the fight with Magellan, the head of the Impel Down. At this point, there were still 29 hours until the execution. However, Luffy was outmatched by Magellan and was crushed, whereupon he would be taken to Level 5 and die of his poisoning. Fortunately, he and Bentham, disguised as Hannyabal, were found by Inazuma. There were 26 hours left until the execution. They were then taken to “Newkamaland” to Emporio Ivankov, who was able to save Luffy thanks to his Devil Fruit, however the painful hormone treatment took ten hours, leaving 16 hours left. Ace, in the meantime, was picked up by Magellan himself and handed over to the Navy at the main gate of the Impel Downs. A total of five warships led by five Vice Admirals were present to escort Ace. At this point, there were still eight hours to go. However, the uprising in the Impel Down continued and Luffy, along with Inazuma, Ivankov, and several other transvestites from Newkamaland, recruited more prisoners, including Jinbe and Crocodile, to break out of the Impel Down together. Meanwhile, there were 6 hours left until the execution.

Blackbeard reaches Impel Down

With 5 hours remaining before Ace’s execution and his transport from Impel Down to Marine Ford completed, a naval officer delivered word to Sengoku that the Samurai of the Seas Blackbeard was nowhere to be found and a ship had entered Impel Down harbor without authorization. Blackbeard’s motives were unknown at this point, but since he attacked Impel Down personnel and gained entry by force, treason was assumed.

When Magellan learned of this, he activated his “contingency plan” and released Shiryu to deal with the intruders while Magellan made his way to Luffy and co. When Magellan reached level 4 and found Blackbeard there as well, he was very surprised since Blackbeard was supposed to meet Shiryu. Magellan then attacked the entire Blackbeard gang with his Hydra, covering them in poison, then turned to Luffy and made him aware that there was no way he would let him escape.

Ace is handed over to the navy

However, Magellan failed. Thus, for the second time in the history of Impel Downs, a total of 241 prisoners managed to escape from prison.

But it got worse: Blackbeard hired Shiryu. Later, he freed the four strongest prisoners from level 6, namely Catharina Devon, Vasco Shot, Avalo Pizarro and San-Juan Wolf, who then joined him. According to Brannew, Magellan was on the verge of death and suicidal after that.

Architecture & Level System


The main entrance

The Impel Down is a tower-like building, which consists of several floors that get bigger and bigger towards the bottom. The floors that are underwater are calledLevel“The higher the level, the lower the floor and the worse the criminals and pirates that are imprisoned. Also, each of the five levels has a name and different methods of torture and security.

In addition, throughout the Impel Down there are so-called “video Den-den Mushis” that record what is happening inside with their eyes and send it to the large monitors in the surveillance offices. When a criminal is committed to the Impel Down, they undergo what is called a “baptism” and are sterilized. Additionally, the bars of the cells inside are made of sea stone, making it impossible for the Devil Fruit users to use their abilities. Depending on which category the criminal falls under, what abilities he has, and how high his bounty is, it is then decided which level he will go to.

Level 1 – “Blood Red Hell

Level 1: The Blade Forest

Level 1, also called the “Blood Red Hell” (jap. 紅蓮地獄, Guren Jigoku), is located just below sea level. This is where the weakest imprisoned criminals of the Impel Downs are held. Buggy was also imprisoned here, but managed to escape as his devilish powers went undetected. In addition, Level 1 is known for its “Blade Forest”, a forest inside Impel Down whose trees are (Kenju jap. 剣樹, ~ Sword Trees) and grass (Haribarisou jap. 針々草, ~ Needle-Needle Grass) are as sharp as blades and made of steel. The prisoners are chased through the forest by the guards and slashed by the trees until they eventually bleed to death and end up as fodder for the beasts of the Impel Downs. The only exit from this horrible forest is a deep, dark hole that leads to the second level. But no one would ever choose this way out, as the torment and monsters that await in this level are even worse than those in level 1.

The prisoners of the first level seem to serve their sentences mostly in group cells, there is a kind of hierarchy among the prisoners, as the new ones have to give all their food to the “boss”, the strongest criminal. As special guard units, so-called Blue Gorillas, or Blugori for short, are used in the first level. According to the guards, no inmate of the first level is able to defeat even one Blugori.

Level 2 – Hell of the Wild Beasts

Level 2: The wild beasts

Level 2, also called the “Hell of the Wild Beasts” (jap. 猛獣地獄, Mōjū Jigoku), is the floor below Level 1. It is accessible by two ways, a door accessible only to the prison guards and a large hole in the middle of the “conifer forest”. Terrible beasts are said to dwell here, even surpassing the torment of Level 1. They hunt the many prisoners until they no longer have the strength to fear them or escape.

The prisoners, even when given the chance to escape, prefer to stay in their cells, believing they are safe within them. The leader of these creatures is the Sphinx, a giant lion with wings and a human face. Another beast guarding the second level is the Basilisk, a cross between a snake and a rooster. No level 2 criminal can take on this creature, but for Luffy, he posed no obstacle. Buggy and Luffy open up some prison cell blocks so that the freed prisoners can cause chaos. In their venture, they also encounter Mister 3, who joins the team.

Level 3 – “Hunger Hell

Level 3: The Hunger Hell

Level 3 is “Hunger Hell” (jap. 飢餓地獄, Kiga Jigoku), where criminals with a respectable bounty of 50,000,000 berry or more are imprisoned. Due to the heat coming from level 4, it is unbearably hot in level 3. In addition, the prisoners get little food and water and are therefore close to death. In this level there is also no torture, because the prisoners are almost dead anyway.

After the fight with the Sphinx on level 2, the ground collapses and all four fall down to the third level, where Saldeath and a horde of Blugori are already waiting. Luffy, Buggy and Mister 3 fall into a net, but it breaks thanks to the Sphinx.
Level 3 also contains Bon Kurei, Luffy’s first real ally, who defeats the Sphinx with his kicks. Together with Buggy and Mister 3, they set out to save Ace.

Level 4 – “Flame Hell

Level 4: Magellan’s throne

Level 4, also called “Flame Hell” (jap. 焦熱地獄, Shōnetsu Jigoku), is the office of Impel Down’s prison warden, Magellan, who spends ten hours a day here training in the toilet for an emergency. The office is also the go-to place for Momonga and Hancock, who want to get to Ace with Magellan’s permission.
Furthermore, level 4 is where particularly cruel torture methods are used, Buggy was also tortured there before his escape, suggesting that level 4 is some sort of massive torture chamber. Level 4 is also called the Flame Hell, as there are many flames outside Magellan’s office. These radiate such heat that it is still unbearably warm in level 3. Moreover, this level is completely under the power of the prison warden Magellan. Here he also gathers all the warden-leaders of the Impel Downs to take action against the invaders.

Level 4: The Blood Pool

In addition, in the middle of this level is a huge pot, the so-called blood basin. The prisoners are pushed into the boiling hot basin and thus made germ-free and cleaned. Every new prisoner of the Impel Down has to go through this “baptism”. Very few make it through with flying colors. The four guardian beasts are also at this level. Before Magellan had the entire staff of the Impel Down assembled, the Minozebra was about to push some prisoners into the Blood Pool. The normal guards couldn’t stop Luffy and co, so Magellan finally stood in their way himself. After a short, but rather violent fight, it becomes clear that Magellan is stronger, and Luffy goes down covered in Magellan’s poisons. The warden then has him taken to Level 5’s central tower, where he says he’ll probably die soon.

Level 5 – Hell of the Icy Cold

Level 5: The Central Tower

Level 5, also called “Hell of the Icy Cold” (jap. 極寒地獄, Gokkan Jigoku) is the official final level of the Impel Downs. Here, the criminals are held captive with a bounty of at least 100,000,000 berries. The prisoners are guarded and tortured by the Minotaur.

Since Ace is currently the most important prisoner of the Impel Downs, Luffy and Buggy suspect him to be in this level as well. As it later turns out, the “Queen” of Momoiro and the world’s largest transgender, Emporio Ivankov, is also in Level 5. She is admired by all the trannies around the world, including Bentham, who is desperate to meet her and free her, as he believes she was wrongfully imprisoned.

Since Ivankov is in the fifth level, their bounty is 100,000,000 Berry or more. In level 5 it is incredibly cold, so some prisoners freeze or freeze to death. Even with thick coats, you can still feel the horrible cold. Also, there are wild wolves running around in level 5, attacking and mauling anything that comes near them, which is why you hardly ever see guards in level 5.

Level 5.5 – Newcomer Land

Level 5.5: Newkama Land

Newcomer country (jap. ニューカマーランド, Nyūkamā Rando), is actually not an official level of Impel Down, but a secret hideout in the sewers below Level 5. The Impel Down management is unaware of this secret level, and explains the disappearance of some prisoners without a trace with an abduction by demons who take the prisoners to the underworld.

The current revolutionary commander Morley, who was imprisoned in the Impel Down as a pirate more than 100 years ago, managed to escape the cells in an unknown way and created the tunnels that later became known as Level 5.5 with the help of his devil powers. Level 5.5 has normal clothes, good food, alcohol, weapons, games, and a dance floor, but most importantly, prisoners are “free” here and not subject to the torture methods of the Impel Down guards.

In Newcomer countryeveryone is welcome. The head of Newcomer country is the “Queen” of the Kamabakka Kingdom, Emporio Ivankov. After the 2-year time jump, Bentham, formerly Mister 2 of the Baroque Company, is now the queen.

After the attack of the troop wolves, which Luffy was able to put to flight with his Haki, he and Bentham are also taken to Newcomer Land by Inazuma, another transgender, where Luffy is supposed to recover from Magellan’s poison. However, Luffy’s full recovery takes two days and Ace’s execution is just 16 hours away.

Level 6 – “Infinite Hell

Ah, one never stops learning…
The endless boredom had already tempted me to the death wish!
– Warden Commander, Shiryu
The cells of the 6th level

According to Buggy, there are rumors among the prisoners that there would be even a deeper level under the terrible fifth level, where the most terrible monsters from history would be imprisoned. As it later turns out, the rumors about another level are true as well.

This level is called “Infinite Hell” (jap. 無限地獄, Mugen Jigoku), as the prisoners who are here either await execution or remain imprisoned forever. Officially, the level does not exist, as the world government keeps things that are unpleasant or too brutal a secret. How many prisoners are on Level 6 is currently unknown. Among the prisoners are Catarina Devon, the most evil pirate in the world and the “frequent drinker” Basco Shot as well as the “giant battleship” San-Juan Wolf. But Ace is also here awaiting execution. Another dangerous inmate of this level is Shiryu, the commander of the prison guards. He abused his post and slaughtered many prisoners for pure pleasure, as they were just dirt to him. As a consequence, he was locked away by Magellan. It’s also noticeable that the prisoners in this level are all in their cells and in chains, which wasn’t the case in the other levels.

Staff of the Impel Down

The staff of the Impel Down

Prison Management

Like every organization of the world government, the Impel Down has a commander-in-chief, namely Prison Warden Magellan, he is on the fourth level. Reporting directly to him is the Vice Warden Hannyabal, a particularly ambitious man who bears some resemblance to a devil, wears a nemesis and is armed with a trident.

Meeting in the leader office

The commander of the Blue Gorillas is Saldeath, who looks like a little devil and controls the Blugori with his trident-like flute. Commander of the normal guards is Shiryu, and his second-in-command is Domino. Another commander is Sady-chan, she commands the guardian beasts, moreover she refused the help of the navy because in her eyes it would bring shame to the Impel Down. She then had her Minokoala hermetically seal off the Impel Down. After the total defeat by Luffy’s breakout alliance, there were some hierarchical changes.

Saldeath commands the Blugori…

The current hierarchy of the Impel Downs:

  • Hannyabal: Head/Director of the Impel Downs (jap. 署長, Shochou)
  • Shiryu: former commander of the normal guards
  • Domino: commander of the normal guards (jap. 看守長, Kanshuchou).
  • Sady-chan: Commander of the Guardian Beasts (jap. 獄卒長, Gokusotsuchou).
  • Saldeath: Commander of the Blugori (jap. 牢番長, Robanchou/ ブルゴリ指揮官, Burugori Shikikan).
The warships present


Arranged around the top of Impel Down, there are 15 large battleships ready in the ring. This even exceeds the number of ships dispatched in a Buster Call. Luffy was very impressed by the large number of battleships. Hancock, however, thought that this security measure was quite normal and appropriate since the Impel Down was, after all, the most dangerous place in the world.

Buggy said later on that more than ten warships would be enormous and they would certainly be ready because of Ace and a possible impending attack by Whitebeard.

Sea Warrior Blue Gorillas

A Blugori

Armed with giant Labrys, the Blue Gorillas(Blugori) are a special guard unit whose main task is to prevent escaped prisoners from escaping and to put down uprisings. They are under the control of Commander Saldeath. They also seem to be responsible for gathering food, as one group of Blugoris killed a sea monster and brought the meat back to the Impel Down.

When it became known that Buggy had escaped from his cell and was now somewhere in the first level, five Blugoris were sent directly to stop Buggy. According to Buggy, the Blugoris are completely emotionless beings who have “neither blood nor tears”. They have skulls painted on their heads, which makes them look very brutal. Since, according to the guards, a level 1 prisoner couldn’t even take on a Blugori, they were pretty sure they could defeat Buggy, but along with Luffy, he managed to defeat the pursuers and briefly lose them.

Normal guards

The keepers of the Impel Downs

The normal guards of the Impel Down wear uniform uniforms, which include a Peaked capsunglasses, shirt, tie, black gloves, breeches, belt and an armband with the symbol of the Impel Down. The normal guards are probably mainly used in the surveillance rooms and at the entrances of the different levels to monitor the inside. In addition, they can also command the Blue Gorillas, so they dispatched a small group that hunted down a sea monster whose meat serves as food for the prisoners. After it became known that Buggy and another person were able to defeat the Blugoris, a group of armed guards were dispatched, who are equipped with sea stone handcuffs. The vice-commander of the Impel Down’s prison guards is Domino. Ever since Commander Shiryu was imprisoned, she has been in charge. She was also present to greet Vice Admiral Momonga and Hancock and escorted them, along with Hannyabal the Vice Warden, to the fourth level where Warden Magellan resides.

Guards with fireproof suits

There are also guard units with fireproof suits in the Impel Down. They are armed with a trident and often carry sea stone handcuffs or rifles loaded with sea stone nets. They look very similar to the Blugori, but they are normal humans. Thus they wear a hood-like headgear, the face of which is trimmed like a skull. Some guards have the initials “ID” written on the front of their fireproof suits. They also wear black gloves. Their job seems to be to torture the prisoners, so far they only appeared in the Blade Forest and Flame Hell. After Magellan gathered the entire force of the Impel Down in Level 4, they were also present in large numbers to stop Luffy and co. However, they were no match for the latter.

Guardian Mutants

Level 2 Guardian creature: Basilisk

Specially bred for the Impel Down are creatures whose job it is to prevent prisoners from escaping and eating them. One such guardian creature is the Basilisk, a mutation that, according to Buggy, could not survive in the wild and was therefore bred specifically for the Impel Down to guard level 2. The leader of these creatures is the Sphinx. Mutants, however, seem to be used exclusively in Level 2, the “Hell of the Wild Beasts”.

Known mutants:

  • Basilisk
  • Manticore
  • Puzzle Scorpions
  • Sphinx

Guardian Beasts

Minorhinoceros, Minokoala, Minotaurus and Minozebra

Crocodile mentions that the Guardian Beasts are said to be “true Zoan Devil Power Users” that are characterized by abnormal strength and stamina. As a result, they are able to fight again after only a few hours, even after suffering severe defeats. The Minotaur, a creature that treats humans like trash, is one of them. They seem to be used mostly in the lower levels, as they are the strongest beasts of the Impel Downs. Also, the Guardian Beasts don’t seem to be very talkative, as they haven’t spoken a word so far. After the big outbreak, a fifth beast, Minochihuahua, was hired.

The 5 Guardian Beasts:

  • Minotaur
  • Minozebra
  • Minorhinoceros
  • Minokoala
  • Minochihuahua

Known prisoners


Listed here are other pirates and criminals known to be currently in Impel Down, or who have been imprisoned for some time. In addition, there are at least another 500 pirates waiting to be transported to Impel Down, who were arrested by Admiral Kizaru on the Sabaody Archipelago due to paperwork problems.

Baroque Agents

Transfer to Impel Down

After Crocodile’s plan in Arabasta failed and he was beaten along with his henchmen by the Straw Hat Pirates, he Mr. 1, Mr. 2, and Mr. 3 were put in a Navy prison somewhere on the Grand Line, however, the security there was not adequate and the Baroque agents had a chance to escape but were too lazy. As a result, they were taken to Impel Down, where they are currently serving their sentence.

Mr. 2 was placed in the third level, while Mr. 1 was placed in the fourth level. Crocodile is imprisoned in the infamous sixth level due to his status as an ex-samurai and his devil powers, but later joins Luffy’s alliance along with Mr. 1 and Mr. 2. They are also able to break out of the Impel Down. Only Mr. 2 stays behind, as a Magellan image, to order the guards to open the big gate so Luffy and co. can escape safely. What happened to Mr. 2 after that is unknown, but he was probably taken to an even worse level or even killed by Magellan.

List of prisoners

Some prisoners freed by Buggy

Level 1:

  • Buggy (number E-8200): Was imprisoned for piracy. He later teamed up with Galdino and freed the prisoners of the second level in order to break out. His plan was foiled twice by Magellan.
  • Jean Goen: One of the many prisoners in convict uniform. Luffy asked him and his fellow inmates if they knew where Ace was being held.

Level 2:

  • Galdino (number D-0464): Was incarcerated for membership in the Baroque Company. He later teamed up with Buggy.
  • An Zengaiina: One of the many prisoners in convict uniforms who refused to escape from their cells after Luffy and Buggy’s rescue mission for fear of the Sphinx.

Level 3:

  • Bentham (number C-9915): Was imprisoned for membership in the Baroque Company. Was the first real ally in Luffy’s alliance.

Level 4:

  • Daz Bonez: Was imprisoned for membership in the Baroque Company. Was freed by his former boss Crocodile and joined Luffy’s alliance with him.

Level 5:

  • Emporio Ivankov: Was imprisoned for being a member of the Revolutionaries, but was considered to have disappeared because he was in level 5.5. Joined Luffy’s alliance along with the other trannies from Newcomerland.
  • Francois: A transgender who lived in Newkama Land, but joined the Alliance to escape. Now lives in the Kamabakka Kingdom.
  • Inazuma: Was imprisoned for being a member of the Revolutionaries, but was considered to have disappeared because he was in level 5.5. Joined Luffy’s alliance along with Ivankov.
  • Roche Thomson: His name was on a list of prisoners which Bentham – disguised as Hannyabal – leafed through.
  • George Black: His name was on a list of prisoners that Mister 2 – disguised as Hannyabal – was leafing through.
  • Kairo Kureyo: reason for detention unknown, but frozen by the freezing cold.
  • Kinoko: Reason for imprisonment unknown. Escaped with the Alliance and swore eternal loyalty to Buggy.
  • Monkey D. Luffy: Was briefly imprisoned in the Central Tower after his defeat by Magellan. Later formed an alliance in Newcomerland with Ivankov and Inazuma with the goal of breaking out of Impel Down and rescuing Ace.
  • Tsunokkov: A transgender who lived in Newkama Land, but joined the Alliance to escape. Now lives in the Kamabakka Kingdom.
  • Usakkov: A transgender who lived in Newkama Land, but joined the Alliance to escape. Now lives in the Kamabakka Kingdom.

Level 6:

Ace and Jinbe’s cell
  • Dobby Ibadonbo: Reason for detention unknown.
  • Doha Ittanka II: Reason for detention unknown
  • Jinbe: Was taken to Impel Down after rioting at naval headquarters and refusing to fight Whitebeard. Later joined Luffy’s alliance.
  • Crocodile: Imprisoned for abusing the samurai title. Joined Luffy’s alliance of necessity.
  • Portgas D. Ace: Was taken to Impel Down after his defeat by Blackbeard and awaited execution there. He was later turned over to the Navy by Magellan and taken to his place of execution at Marine Ford.
  • Shiryu: Commander of the guards of the Impel Downs. Was imprisoned and sentenced to death for slaughtering many prisoners for pure pleasure. However, the sentence was postponed and Shiryu was released to help the guards.
  • Vasco Shot: Legendary pirate, also known as the “Many Drinker” (Fled with Blackbeard).
  • Catharina Devon: Legendary pirate and known as the “Worst Prisoner in the World” (Escaped with Blackbeard).
  • San-Juan Wolf: Legendary pirate, also known as the “Giant Battleship” (Fled with Blackbeard).
  • Avalo Pizarro: Legendary pirate, also known as “bad king” (escaped with Blackbeard).
  • Shiki: (20 years ago): Legendary “flying pirate” who escaped from the Impel Down by cutting off his lower legs and thus his shackles.

This information comes from One Piece TV Special 14 – 3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! The Vow of Comrades

  • Byrnndi World: Also known as the “World Destroyer” and caused fear and terror on the seas 30 years ago. He was frozen for safety. Was able to escape when Blackbeard’s gang infiltrated Impel Down.

This situation only occurs in one of the games.

  • Patrick Redfield (One Piece: Unlimited World Red): Also known as the “Red Count”. Escaped when Blackbeard’s gang infiltrated Impel Down.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo: Was brought to Impel Down after his defeat by Luffy.

This information comes from One Piece Movie 13

  • Douglas Bullet

Level unknown:

  • Arlong Sawshark (12 years ago): Was captured by then-Vice Admiral Borsalino and brought to Impel Down after being interrogated at Naval Base G2. After Jinbe became the Samurai of the Seas, he was pardoned and released.
  • Bellett: Prince of a country who became a pirate after Ivankov turned his father into Okama.

This information comes from an anime filler.

  • Olive (Filler) (20 years ago): Pirate who tried to escape during her first day.
  • Morley: Was a wanted pirate over 100 years ago and was imprisoned in Impel Down. Escaped from his cell by unknown means and used his devilish powers to create the tunnels between levels 5 and 6, known as level 5.5.
  • Pankuta Dakeyan: One of the many prisoners in convict uniform. Because he was a newcomer and unfamiliar with the conventions among the prisoners, he got into a conflict with them, which was eventually ended violently by Minotaur.

This information comes from the special episodes of One Piece – Z

  • Shuzo


  • Impel is English for to drive something and Down for down or downwards, this could be roughly translated as “to pull someone down/drive them down”, which is probably meant to express that the prisoners imprisoned there are at the bottom, i.e. at the end, and the Impel Down is pulling them down further and further, both physically and psychologically.
  • The symbol of the Impel Down shows the two initials “ID” on top of each other, which are the first letters of the word Impel Down. (Show / Hide image) In addition, wings and a crown are attached to it.
  • The reference of the Impel Downs to hell with the various devil-like guards and the different floors of hell was not chosen by Oda by chance, because in the Japanese word for prison, “Kangoku” (監獄), there is the character for hell (獄). “Jigoku” (地獄) means hell and also appears in the name of each floor. Some floors are based on the Buddhist hells.
  • On the one hand, the structure of the Impel Down is reminiscent of the muscle tower from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. The muscle tower is also divided into floors/levels and there is a forest inside. Also, both manga are about freeing someone from the two aforementioned fortresses.
  • On the other hand, it reminds of the Divine Comedy from Divine Comedy in terms of appearance and architecture. The inside Impel Downs could be a reference to the Divine Comedy from the Divine Comedy, which is also divided into so-called sections/levels and guarded by various creatures.

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