Impel Down Arc

Luffy has made up his mind: he will save his brother before he sets out to find his friends. With the help of the Amazon Empress Boa Hancock, he manages to get into Impel Down, where Ace is trapped, unnoticed. But what now? Many enemies stand in his way, the head of the prison Magellan even manages to almost kill him.

With many newfound friends and old enemies becoming his allies, he storms out of the greatest of hells towards the sunlight. Many enemies stand in his way, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas also shows up. What is he doing in the underwater prison? Has he come to stop Luffy and the other revolting prisoners? Or does he have his own agenda. Luffy must hurry, his big brother’s life is at stake, execution is imminent.

Manga volumesImpel Down Arc (Manga)
TV Episode GuideImpel Down Arc (Anime)

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