Im of One Piece

Im a person from the Holy Land Mary Geoise who occupies the empty throne. The public is unaware of Im’s existence.


So far, Im has only been seen as a shadowy silhouette. Im is slender, wears a large four-pointed crown and what appears to be a long robe. The red eyes are also striking.

Skills & Power

Even the Five Elders, the highest authorities of the world government according to official statements, go down on their knees before Im. Im sits on the “empty throne”, which is actually not allowed to be occupied, because it symbolizes the throne of the world. Officially, no single ruler is allowed to rule over the world itself. Thus, Im symbolizes that he is the sole ruler over the entire world and is above the official laws.


Little is known about this mysterious character so far. He first appeared in Mary Geoise, where he went to a large straw hat hidden in Pangaea Castle with a wanted poster of Luffy. He later lingered in the Room of Flowers, where he cut up Luffy’s and Blackbeard’s wanted posters, as well as pierced a photo of Shirahoshi with a sword. In his hand he also held a photo of Vivi. Im then proceeded to the empty throne, where he received the Five Elders. They asked which light should be extinguished next from history and whether Im had already made a decision in this regard. The five wise men went down on their knees while Im sat on the empty throne.


  • The pirate captain Rocks D. Xebec had the dream to become “King of the World” – that is the position Im holding. Whether there is a connection in this regard is not known.
  • The name Im contains numerous examples of name origins and puns related to Buddha.
  • The first time Doflamingo mentioned Im probably when he told Gecko Moria in Marine Ford that someone “much higher” than Sengoku still sentenced him to death.
  • When Sakazuki talks to the Five Elders after Doflamingo’s supposed resignation from The Seven Warlords of the Seas, he asks them if that might have been an order from “higher up. This could have meant Im. Thus, it could be concluded that at least Sakazuki, as Grand Admiral, also knows about Im’s existence and function.

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