Ikkaku of One Piece

Ikkaku is a member of the Heart Pirates. Just like Uni and Clione, she was against the alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates.


Ikkaku is a slender woman with dark curly hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair is partially covered by an orange and yellow striped hat, and just like the other Heart pirates, with the exception of their captain, she wears a light-colored full-body suit, with the gang’s Jolly Roger on the left side of her chest. She also has an earring on each of her ears.
On Wano Country, she has adapted her outfit to the culture of the country and wears a kimono.


She was against the alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates, which could suggest distrust or low esteem towards them. On the other hand, she adores her captain, just like the rest of the pirate gang.


Jack’s attack on Zou

While their captain Trafalgar Law forged an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates on Punk Hazard, the rest of the Heart Pirates lingered on Zou, including Ikkaku. However, she, Clione, and Uni were against this alliance. When the Beasts Pirates, led by Jack, invaded Zou, the Heart Pirates sided with the Minks to protect their comrade Bepo’s home. But the battle, which lasted five days, was finally decided in Jack’s favor by the use of a poison gas. However, when he heard of Doflamingo’s defeat and capture, he left to free him.

Trafalgar Law reaches Zou

After Law also reached Zou, the members were extremely happy to see him again in the forest and congratulated him on his victory over Donquixote Doflamingo. However, Law had some things to discuss with them, so they went deeper into the forest. When the Straw Hats were at Nekomamushi, Ikkaku and crew joined them as well, and Law only introduced them casually, which annoyed them all, but not too much, so they ended up celebrating together. After the ninja-pirate-mink-samurai alliance was formed and the reappearing Jack was defeated by Zunesha, the alliance split up again for the time being, but Law promised that he and his crew would be waiting on Wano Country for the force to free Sanji.

Wano Country

As it turned out, the Heart pirates kept their promise and left for Wano Country. After Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin were released through a deal made by their captain, the rest of the crew met and discussed what to do about their captive captain. Law, however, was able to escape on his own, after which they reunited. On the day of the Fire Festival, they began their attack on Onigashima. On the open sea, they came to the aid of the samurai alongside all other allies. While part of the alliance infiltrated Onigashima, the Heart pirate gang with some “Red Sword Sheaths” circumnavigated the island in the Polar Tang, using Law’s devil powers from the backside to go straight inside Onigashima. However, Ikkaku stayed behind with Jean Bart and others. When Kaidou later lifted the island into the air, he also deprived the crew left behind in the submarine of the chance to join the fight for the time being. However, this allowed them to rescue Luffy, who fell into the water. With the help of Caribou, they resuscitated the Straw Hat Captain and inquired about their comrades on Onigashima. But suddenly they saw a huge dragon in front of them, which they thought was Kaidou, and drew their weapons. However, it was Momonosuke who had been aged by Shinobu. Luffy then flew back towards Wano Country on Momonosuke.


  • Her name was mentioned in the SBS to Volume 83.
  • Ikkaku is the Japanese name of the Narwhal.

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