Ikaros Much of One Piece

Ikaros Much is a commander of the New Fishmen pirate gang.


Ikaros (right) as a child

Ikaros is a giant squid-type fishman and the largest member among the officers of the New Fishman Pirates. On his head he wears an elongated oval helmet that covers his eyes with a tinted visor. Underneath is his secret weapon, the “Hair Lance”. He also wears two round earrings and a long chin beard.

Ikaros’ build is rather slender, but his forearms are very strong. In total, he has eight arms, each of whose wrists is adorned with a studded metal bracelet. On his right shoulder and neck area is the symbol of the New Fishmen Pirates. He also has three more tattoos scattered across his upper arms and stomach. As clothing Ikaros wears only a loincloth, which is held by suspenders and underneath black shorts and sandals.

Over the years, Ikaros’ appearance has changed only slightly. For example, he always seemed to have a fondness for helmets. During Hody’s time in the Neptune Army, Ikaros wore an undershirt, had longer hair and a mustache.

After aging severely from the consumption of E.S., he became extremely wrinkled, lost a great deal of muscle mass, and his shaggy hair turned completely white.


Like all members of the New Fishmen Pirates, Ikaros is a proponent of the belief that fishmen are the chosen race and humans are nothing more than lowly scum. Loyal to his leader Hody Jones, one of Ikaros’ quirks is starting sentences with his name “Much” ムッヒ, Muhhi). When dealing with his men, he is usually less aggressive than Daruma, for example.

His best friend, the giant squid Daidalos, came too close to the sun one day and was roasted alive. Since then, Ikaros has had a panic fear of fire, which always immediately triggers a trauma in him. When confronted with fire, he abruptly falls to his knees and begins to bend forward and backward hysterically. In this state, he is also much more easily irritable than usual, and also flattens his subordinates without batting an eye when they approach him.

Skills and strength

Franky attacks an ink clone

As a fish-man, Ikaros Much already has 10 times the physical strength of a normal human by nature, and he is also much more agile in the water. As one of Hody’s officers, however, he exceeds even average fishmen by quite a bit. He additionally multiplied this strength by taking E.S. pills.

Ikaros is also a very versatile fighter: In close combat, he uses both his special squid spears, which tell the opponent the body fluid, and his eight arms. Just like fellow Hatchan, he can also spit ink in addition – to confuse the enemy, he uses it to create images of himself. His secret weapon is his hard and pointed hair, which he uses to impale his enemies. Franky, however, was far inferior to him despite everything.


Negative influence by Arlong

Ikaros and his comrades go against “traitors

Even as a child, Ikaros and his friends were strongly influenced by Arlong’s views. He told them of a “holy war” against what he considered the inferior human race. But Fisher Tiger was also a great hero to them, whose rampage in Mary Geoise made a heavy impression on them. Ikaros’ greatest wish was to one day join the Sun Pirates, along with the others.

As they grew larger, their violence against humans and sea creatures friendly with them continued to increase. For example, they burned down the home of a fellow fishman who dared to donate blood to a human. Driven by their hatred of humanity, they eventually formed the New Fishmen Pirates and subsequently enslaved over 30,000 pirates. Following in Arlong’s footsteps, they set out to spread fear and terror across the world with the help of energy steroids and an army of over 100,000 men.


Takeover of Fishmen Island

Ikaros occupies the northeast

The goal of Ikaros and the New Fishmen Pirates was to oust the “lax” King Neptune and establish an anti-human dictatorship under Hody Jones as the new ruler. Shortly after the Straw Hat Pirates arrived, they put their plan into action and took the entire Fishmen’s Island from Noah. Ikaros’ and his men occupied the northeast of the island and forced all citizens there to renounce the views of the former Queen Otohime by stepping on a Fumi-e of hers. Those who did not comply with this order were executed on the spot.

With that done, Ikaros and his sea bear made their way back to Gyoncorde Plaza, which Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX had already taken in the meantime. During Hody’s transformation from an overdose of steroids, Ikaros seemed very concerned that his captain might die. Shortly after, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, and Manboshi stormed the place to free their father. However, Ikaros, Dosun, Daruma, Hyouzou, and Zeo then popped E.S. pills and were able to easily overpower and capture the three princes.

Straw Hat Pirates vs New Fish-Men Pirates

Ikaros is beaten

After Luffy’s surprise appearance from Megalo’s stomach, Ikaros seemed very upset and, along with Dosun, attempted to attack the Straw Hat. However, this attempt was thwarted by Sanji and Zoro, who threw them back. Later, Ikaros, along with Zeo, attempted to incapacitate Nami, as they felt she was the gang’s weak point. However, Ikaros’ spears hit Brook’s bones, which they could not harm any further. Franky then intervened as well, denting Ikaros’ helmet with one blow. Brook then took on Zeo, and Franky took on Ikaros.

During the rest of the fight against Franky and his new special armor, Ikaros used Ikaros Wings and his Ink Clones, among other things, but they were all ineffective. After Franky fired a fireball as a result, hitting Ikaros’ sore spot, the fight entered the final phase. Ikaros removed his helmet and attacked Franky with his Hair Lance, but was countered again and eventually defeated by Franky’s Radical Beam. Completely charred and unconscious, he went down amidst the other officers.

End of the New Fishmen Pirates

The side effect of the E.S. pills begins to work

Later, after being arrested by the royal army, the side effects of the energy steroids became apparent in the commanders in the dungeon: Ikaros and the others had aged enormously. Out of pity, the benevolent King Neptune wanted to think of another punishment for them.


  • The characters Ikaros Much and Daidalos are based on Greek mythology. Here Daidalos is the father of Icarus. Daidalos built his son wings, which were made of feathers and wax. He warned Icarus not to fly too high or the sun would melt the wax wings. However, Icarus became overconfident and did so despite the warning. The wax came off, so Icarus crashed into the sea and drowned.
  • In its name is Ika (イカ), which means squid.
  • His favorite dish is Takowasa.

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