Ideo of One Piece

Demolition Cannon (jap. 破壊砲, Hakai Hō) Ideo is a three-time X ranked boxer and V2 champion of the New World Central Fighting Club who participated in Doflamingo’s Tournament for the Fire Fruit. After Doflamingo’s arrest by the Navy, he joined the Straw Hat Pirates as a representative of the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance. Ideo later transformed this into a pirate gang, which he captains.


Ideo with normal shoulder after making his arm long

Ideo is a young man with a well-toned body. He has long black-blue hair that he wears tied in a ponytail and a black beard. Other features on him are the black markings on his eyes and the four cross-shaped tattoos on his chest. He wears a black jacket with red stripes and a pair of shorts, which are also decorated with red stripes. His pants are held up by a brown belt with a large green buckle. He also wears white bandages on his legs and red gloves on his hands. Particularly striking are his shoulders, which slope sharply upwards, which, as it later turns out, stem from the fact that Ideo is a long-armed human. As such, he has an extra joint in his arms.


Ideo is an ambitious fighter. Despite the titles he has won as a boxer, he wants to become even stronger and achieve this by eating the fire fruit.

Ideo has a strong sense of honor and sided with the Straw Hats against Doflamingo to repay his debt for freeing him from his bondage. He was even willing to sacrifice his life just to buy time for Luffy to defeat Doflamingo.

Skills and strength

Ideo’s explosive fist

Each time the boxer throws a punch, the impact of his fists creates an explosion. Exactly how this technique works, and whether or not he uses any tools for it, is not yet known. As a long-armed human, Ideo has a much greater range for his melee attacks than ordinary humans. The fact that he also lasted much longer in the fight with Dellinger than Dagama or Blue Gilly shows that he is a capable fighter.


Corrida Colosseum

Ideo Gets Pounded Away By Don Chinjao

Ideo fought Luffy, Sai, Kelly Funk, Boo, Jean Ango, Hajrudin, Bobby Funk, Fighting Bull, Don Chinjao, and 129 other fighters in the tournament’s C-Block. As the ranks of fighters thinned and Luffy took out the giant Hajrudin with one punch, the boxer interfered by throwing the unconscious man out of the ring, whereupon he only said that the arena was no place to sleep.

When only Don Chinjao, Luffy, Sai and Ideo remained, the boxing champion engaged in a fierce battle with Sai, who was his equal. However, because Luffy and Chinjao were leaning towards each other to fight, they got in the way. While Sai was knocked out of the arena by a kick from the rubber man, Ideo took a punch from Don Chinjao, who knocked him into the water belt around the fighting area with his opponent. From there, holding onto a finished small fighting fish, he watched the shockwave of the blow from the two remaining fighters in Block C sweep over the crowd.

Life as a toy

Captured participants

After the fighting in Block C, all the participants were supposed to receive medical care. However, this was actually a ruse to keep them trapped in an underground dump with all the other participants. Trébol then took people out of there one by one so they could be turned into toys by Sugar to do slave labor for the Donquixote Pirates. Ideo was turned into a pandateddy in the process.

However, after Usopp managed to give Sugar such a scare that she passed out, all the toys turned back into humans. Hajrudin picked up the wounded Usopp in the process and presented him to all the other people who had been saved by him. At the same time, when the ceiling collapsed, causing beams of light to appear behind Usopp as the coliseum above them was damaged, it looked like Usopp had been an envoy from the heavens for the former toys. When the former toys asked what they could do for their savior, he wanted them to destroy the factory behind him. Unfortunately, however, it was protected by Diamante and Trébol.

Alliance against Doflamingo

Together against the tyrant

When Pica’s factory and palace were moved and Doflamingo’s devilish powers forced the islanders to attack each other or Luffy and his friends, Luffy, Zoro, and Law set out to take out Doflamingo. Cavendish, Don Chinjao as well as Ideo and many other gladiators from the Corrida Colosseum who had been turned into toys joined the three. Ideo declared that he was in Usopp’s debt and would pay for it with destruction. So the new alliance raced off together to take on the Donquixote pirate gang.

Orlumbus, Ideo, and Cavendish took care of all of Doflamingo’s little henchmen that got in their way. Together they made it to the first level and fought their way to the second. When they almost got to level 3, however, they were stopped by the officers of the Donquixote Pirates. The gladiators decided to fight them so that the Straw Hat could make it to Doflamingo unhindered. After Dellinger defeated Dagama and Blue Gilly, Ideo attempted to defeat the youngest officer of the Doflamingo Pirates.

Ideo vs Dellinger

Ideo held on much longer than Dellinger’s previous opponents and was also able to give him a few punches when he became careless. Still, the young half-water man outclassed Ideo and even put a hole in his upper body. Still, Ideo didn’t give up and even used the full length of his arms, revealing that he was in fact a long-armed man. When Dellinger asked why he didn’t just lay there and play dead, Ideo explained that if he had, he wouldn’t have been able to look into the faces of others. Ideo knew he couldn’t win the fight anymore, yet he wanted to at least buy Luffy some more time, since such a victory wouldn’t be due to one person alone, after all. Dellinger found this willingness to sacrifice ridiculous and defeated Ideo by inflicting a strong bite wound on him. Shortly after, he kicked him off their battlefield. During Pica’s frenzy, he reappeared and fell victim to it. He remained unconscious the entire time.

He was later healed along with others by Mansherry. As Doflamingo’s birdcage began to shrink, the former fighters of the Colosseum then helped the civilians get to the new King’s Plateau without being stopped by the Doflamingo gang’s henchmen. Shortly after, Bartolomeo created barriers that Ideo and the rest pushed against, preventing the birdcage from shrinking further or giving Luffy enough time to recover and defeat Doflamingo. Since Mansherry’s healing effect was only temporary in nature for major injuries, Hajrudin, Ideo, Blue Gilly, and others later fainted again. Still, they were able to stall enough for Luffy to win his battle.

Foundation of the Straw Hat Fleet

The seven leaders pledge their allegiance to Luffy

While Luffy was recovering from his fight against Doflamingo, the former fighters of the Colosseum discussed how to proceed. They all decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates permanently as allies or splinter groups. Ideo and Blue Gilly, along with Abdullah and Jeet, decided to continue traveling the world, with Ideo becoming the leader of their small group. After Luffy recovered and the navy – led by Fujitora – moved out to capture him, the pirates fled from the navy on Orlumbus’ ship with the help of civilians. Once at sea, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Sai, Hajrudin, Ideo, Leo, and Orlumbus communicated their decision to Luffy. The exchange of sake bowls was to seal the alliance. Luffy, however, declined, finding command of a fleet of several pirate gangs too cramped. He didn’t want to be in overall command of them, but wanted to continue to allow them their freedom. However, should one of their own ever need assistance, he would rush to help and vice versa should he need their assistance again. The seven leaders were then only more convinced of their resolve, and declared that if they had the freedom to do as they pleased, they would still be his allies, no matter what Luffy might say. Thereupon the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed.

The stories of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet

On his voyage across the sea, in the ship presented to him by Orlumbus, he encountered two warring ships. Ideo and his companions then defeated the crews of both ships. Having thus ended the battle, they learned that the fight was based on a thousand-year-old rivalry between the Long-Armed and Long-Legged people. They then stopped on an isolated island to build a new ship from the unbroken parts of the old one. They left the island after the new ship was completed, leaving the rival groups behind, uninterested in whether they continued to fight. Eventually, they decided to become pirates, and so the Ideo Pirates was formed, with Ideo as its captain.


  • Ideo’s name and appearance is based on the fighting robot Ideon from the anime Space Runaway Ideon.
  • His favorite food is Döner Kebab. However, he does not like pork.

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