Ideaman of One Piece

Ideaman is chief of staff in Creek’s pirate armada.


Ideaman is an average sized man with a striking hairstyle. His purple hair sticks out from his forehead like a lantern, with what appears to be a small oil lamp attached to the end. Similar to what is seen on Frogfish. Furthermore, he wears a vertical reddish-black striped top.

Skills & Strength

As chief of staff of an armada of over 5,000 people, Ideaman should be a good strategist.


Creek’s pirate armada set out for the Grand Line with over 5,000 men, but to their misfortune they met the Samurai of the Seas Mihawk “Hawkeye” Dracule on the seventh day. The latter reduced the armada to only about 100 men. Only these 100 managed to escape with their flagship, including Ideaman. Back in the East Blue, they were only able to escape Fullbody’s naval force because Gin sacrificed himself and allowed himself to be captured. After his escape, Gin then led his teammates to the Baratié. Although Hawkeye had also followed them, he moved on after a fight with Zoro.

He watched the fight between Sanji and Perle and was shocked when Sanji was able to get around Perle’s defense and kick him in the face. After the defeat of their captain, the entire remaining crew left on a small dinghy.


  • His name and position were not revealed until One Piece Blue.

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