Iceburg of One Piece

Iceburg is the mayor of Water 7 and the corporate CEO of Galley-La.


Sketches of iceberg

Iceburg is a 40 year old, tall and slender man. He is fair-skinned and always wears his blue hair combed into a blow-dry, and it is also cropped short at the nape of his neck and ears. He wears a short chin beard, which blends in with his mustache, which is also short. Another noticeable feature is his deep blue lips. He usually wears a dress shirt and black pants. When he is working as a shipwright, which was the case when he built the Thousand Sunny, he wears a white bandana, as he did in his childhood. Also, in his breast pocket sits a small white mouse, which he names Tyrannosaurus.

When he was young, he wore his hair down. Back then, his lips weren’t deep blue either.


Iceburg is a very calm and controlled man. He is very much in control of the upcoming mayoral business as well as the business of the Galley-La. His secretary Kalifa has been a great help to him. The mayor is very influential, so not only is he loved by the entire city, but he also receives all their trust. However, the world government causes him problems every now and then, as he is very arbitrary with his appointments, simply cancelling them. His increasing influence over the region also worries the World Government officials. He is not above doing dirty work, repairing the Going Merry in the pouring rain and helping to build the Thousand Sunny.

Abilities and Strength

Iceburg is a master of hisCraft

Due to the fact that Iceburg was apprenticed to Tom, the best shipbuilder in the world at the time, at a young age, he is a true master in the subjects of shipbuilding and architecture. As such, he is able to easily keep up with the building skills of the workers of Dock 1, as evidenced by his ability to work the extremely durable Adam Tree, which requires the utmost skill and experience. In addition, he is a very busy mayor. Iceburg also managed to unite the top eight shipbuilding companies under the name Galley-La. He manages to balance his two jobs without getting bogged down in stress.

In addition, Iceburg is a pretty tough guy, so he remained conscious when Robin severely injured him during the assassination attempt, and repaired the Rocketman and the Going Merry just a few days later.


Tom’s Workers – Iceburg the Apprentice

Iceburg and Frankyat Tom’s Workers

Iceburg has been Tom’s apprentice from a young age. Along with Franky, he was the only one taught by the best shipbuilder in the world over 20 years ago. When the Roger pirate gang made their last voyage, they also stopped in Water 7 where they met Tom, Grandma Kokoro and the two boys Iceburg and Franky. At this time, Tom’s sea train was still in the process of being designed. Unlike Franky, Iceburg did not want to build warships. Due to the fact that Tom had built Gol D. Roger’s ship, the Oro Jackson, he was sentenced to death. When he was brought before the magistrate, he offered to construct a sea train to save the bankrupt city of Water 7.

The latter agreed with interest, and so Toms Workers began the ten-year construction of the lake train. Unlike Franky, Iceburg was enthusiastic about the plans and invested every spare minute in building the pilot project. After ten years, it was done, the lake train was finished. Some time later, when things were looking up for the city, Spandam, then head of CP5, showed up at Tom’s warehouse wanting the plans for Pluton. When Tom denied possessing them, Spandam threatened him with the World Government, however the shipwright kicked the director out. Three days later Tom was to be acquitted, however some of Franky’s ships attacked the Justice ship on Enie’s lobby. Spandam had set it all up perfectly and managed to get Tom executed with his plan, despite his pardon. However, Franky had smashed his face and he hadn’t been able to steal the plans either. Moreover, Franky had been run over by the sea train when he stood in his way, and Spandam could not take revenge on him.

The reunion with Franky

Iceburg meets Frankyafter four years

By now, the Galley-La company had been established and the city was thriving. Iceburg wanted to run for mayor, which was well received by all. Kalifa reported to him a visitor who called himself Cutty Framm. Iceburg ordered him kicked out. That night he went to the warehouse under the bridge and met Franky. In order to continue living, Franky had to implant iron waste. He accused Iceburg of working with the World Government by building ships for them. Iceburg handed him the blueprints of Pluton and told him to leave town. Unless he called himself Cutty Framm, the government would think he was dead. Eventually, the government would seek the blueprints from Iceburg. He trusted Franky and knew the blueprint was safe with him. In the end, Iceburg said goodbye with tears in his eyes, glad that Franky was still alive. The latter decided to stay on the island.


The meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates on Dock 1

Iceburg leads the Straw Hatsacross Dock 1

The Straw Hats were on their way to Dock 1 to see the mayor on Grandma Kokoro’s recommendation. They first met Kaku there, who offered to inspect their ship more closely. The young shipbuilder jumped down the nearest wall into the abyss, which caused Luffy, Usopp and Nami astonishment. Iceberg now appeared from the background, who reassured the Straw Hat Pirates and told them about the superhuman powers of the shipbuilders. Kalifa reported everything about the pirate gang to the mayor. At the same time he asked Kalifa to provide a cage with food for Tyrannosaurus, a small white mouse he had found. He subsequently cancelled all upcoming appointments, which visibly impressed the pirates. Luffy showed him Kokoro’s letter of recommendation, which Iceburg immediately tore up and offered the Straw Hats a tour of Dock 1. He, meanwhile, enlightened Luffy, Nami, and Usopp about the Franky Family and the history of the Galley-La.

Afterwards, Kaku returned from the ship inspection and gave the Straw Hats some bad news: the The Going Merry is so badly damaged that it can no longer set sail. Iceburg offered to build them a new ship. Meanwhile, Usopp was kidnapped by the Franky Family, but no one noticed. After the two Straw Hats left, Peepley Lulu, master smith of the Galley-La, approached Iceburg and informed him that representatives of the World Government wanted to see him again. However, Iceburg did not want to see them, so Peepley Lulu was to tell them that Iceburg was not there and that they should come back another time. But at that moment, three agents of the World Government ran straight towards Iceburg, so Paulie told Nami and Luffy to hide. They knew for a fact that Iceburg was there, and they didn’t want to get turned away again. Among the agents was Corgi. Iceburg had sent them away again.

The first assassination – Robin is guilty

Iceberg gets patched up

The morning after Luffy and Usopp’s fight, the Straw Hat Pirates learned of an assassination attempt on Iceburg. Luffy and Nami headed to Dock 1 to find out more. A crowd had already gathered there. The ship’s room men from Dock 1 were also present. Meanwhile, inside the house, Iceburg had still not regained consciousness. It was not until some time later that he regained consciousness and told of the assassin, whose description matched Nico Robin. Thus, the rumor quickly spread throughout the city that the Straw Hats were responsible for the assassination, as Robin was part of their team. Because of these accusations Luffy wanted to talk to Iceburg, but he only confirmed his statement and wanted to shoot Luffy, who fled back to the roof.

The second assassination – CP9

The Straw Hats are facingface the CP9

The very next night, a second assassination attempt began on the now heavily guarded Galley-La building. Iceburg was now to be killed for good. Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and Nami viewed the building from a rooftop. Although the door to Iceburg’s bedroom was heavily guarded, five people managed to get into the room. Meanwhile, Luffy had disappeared, which puzzled the Straw Hats. Iceburg, meanwhile, was shot by Robin. She disarmed him and pinned him to the floor. The Mayor told of the blueprints of the Ancient Weapon Pluton and the World Government’s search for them. In fact, Iceburg had the plans in his vault. He had previously asked Paulie to make them disappear for him. As the assassins discovered, they were forged.

Now the Straw Hats decided to intervene. They made their way through the guards. In the meantime Luffy had reappeared and met Paulie, who asked him if he could save Iceburg, which the Straw Hat captain answered in the affirmative. Together they reached Iceburg’s bedroom, where the assassins had already unmasked and revealed themselves to be Cipher Pol 9. The pirates and Paulie attacked them directly, but were outgunned by their abilities. The agents planted a bomb in the house and tied up Paulie, who tried to escape with Iceberg on his back. The house was already on fire and the Straw Hat Pirates had been completely defeated. They now made their way to Franky in search of the plans for Pluton. Meanwhile, the ship’s carpenters were trying to put out the fire and rescue Iceburg.

Iceburg supports the Straw Hats

Iceburg has repaired therepaired the The Going Merry

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats were worried about Robin, who had left the gang and was now being transferred to Enie’s lobby by sea train. Only Sanji managed to reach it in time. Granny Kokoro offered the Straw Hats a ride to Enie’s lobby on the second sea train, the Rocketman. In an old warehouse, they finally found the sea train, which was being examined by Iceburg. He gave Kokoro final instructions and wished them luck on their journey. The Galley-La and the Franky Family also went along. Iceburg still gave Zoro the order to fire Kaku, Lucci and Kalifa on his behalf.

After the Straw Hats left Water 7, Iceburg heard a noise and set out to find the originator, arriving at the ship’s graveyard. There he recognized the Straw Hats’ ship, which asked him to make it seaworthy for a final voyage. After Iceburg had completed his work, the ship was caught by a wave and sailed away. Iceburg made the decision to sail after the Straw Hats.

After the Straw Hats defeated the CP9 on Enie’s Lobby, he picked them up again with his ship halfway between Enie’s Lobby and Water 7. He witnessed the end of the burning The Going Merry. In doing so, he flatly refused to repair the The Going Merry another time, as she now deserved her eternal sleep.

The events after Enie’s lobby

Iceburg helps to buildof the Thousand Sunny

Finally, they returned to Water 7, where Iceburg provided the pirates with a domicile. Meanwhile, he was already working on plans for a floating Water 7, since Aqua Laguna had turned out more violent this year than the years before. That same evening, the Straw Hat Pirates exuberantly celebrated their victory at the Galley-La pool. The whole town gathered and celebrated with them. The next day Franky continued building the Thousand Sunny, with Iceberg, Paulie, Peepley Lulu and Tilestone assisting him. After three days of full effort it was done, the Thousand Sunny was finished and Iceburg proudly presented it to the Straw Hats. Franky joined them, as he now had a bounty as well. Usopp also apologized for his mistakes and was henceforth a member again. The Straw Hat Pirates, now complete again, left Water 7 and Iceburg went back to his work.

After the Straw Hat Pirates’s departure.

It was later learned that Iceburg was looking for a new secretary, so rows and rows of women applied. He finally decided on a new secretary, a girl only ten years old. Tyrannosaurus was also present.

When the new profile of Franky was published, Iceburg looked at it with a startled expression. Grandma Kokoro, Peepley Lulu, Paulie, Zambai, Tilestone, Chimney, Gonbe, Kiwi, Mozz, and Yokuzuna were also present.


  • His favorite food is Kokoro’s curry.
  • An early design of Iceburg was shown in the Vivre Card ~ One Piece picture encyclopedia. Show Hide Image

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