Hyena Three of One Piece

Danny, Denny, and Donny were originally underlings of the pirate captain Eldoraggo before becoming members of Bear King’s crew.

This article contains information that only appears in One Piece – The Movie (2000) and in One Piece – Adventures on Spiral Island (2001).


The first of the three pirates has red hair and wears a shirt with a bow tie and jacket, plus a red scarf wrapped around his waist.

The second has his hair tied up in a braid and wears sunglasses on his forehead. A vest and a yellow striped T-shirt together with a light blue scarf on his hip determine the rest of his appearance.

The third has an afro and sideburns and is dressed in a pink country costume. He is also wearing a purple hip scarf.

Personality, skills and strength

All three pirates are characterized by a very cowardly and devious character and always try to suck up to their captains.

They themselves are armed with pistols. Otherwise, they do not have any special combat skills.


Eldoraggo’s gang once hunted down the last henchmen of the gold pirate Unan and stole his map.


Pirates in Eldoraggo’s Gang: The Search for the Gold Pirate’s Treasure

They attacked the The Going Merry when the Straw Hat Pirates, weakened by hunger, lay aboard. Eldoraggo then attacked the The Going Merry with no regard for Danny, Denny and Donny.

Later, they captured Usopp, who claimed to know the location of Unan’s treasure. Together with their gang, the three pirates set out to find the treasure.

However, both Eldoraggo and Golass were defeated by Luffy and Zoro. Danny, Denny and Donny fled with the rest of the gang and the unconscious Golass after their defeat.

Pirates in Bear King’s Gang: Building the Big Cannon

They later hired on with Bear King and became members of the Trump pirate gang on Clockwork Island. They delivered the news to Bear King that his cannon had been completed.

Nothing is known about the further fate of Danny, Denny and Donny after the defeat of the Trump pirate gang against Luffy & Co.


  • Their names are only mentioned in the credits of the two films.
  • All three pirates wear hip scarves in different colors each.

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