Hustle of One Piece

Hustle is a dance instructor in Creek’s Pirate Armada.


Hustle is an average sized man with dark hair, with it going up in a wave in the front. Furthermore, his lips are noticeable. In the manga, only his upper body was visible and he wore a light-colored t-shirt, had a prominent face and relatively muscular upper arms. In the anime, however, he wore a horizontal green and white striped t-shirt, a light blue sash around his waist, and brown pants. Furthermore, he wore brown shoes.

Skills & Strength

Hustle is not a fighter, he’s just a poser.


Creek’s pirate armada set out for the Grand Line with over 5,000 men, but to their misfortune they met the Samurai of the Seas Mihawk “Hawkeye” Dracule on the seventh day. The latter reduced the armada to only about 100 men. Only those 100 managed to escape with their flagship, including Hustle. Back in the East Blue, they were only able to escape Fullbody’s naval force because Gin sacrificed himself and allowed himself to be captured. After his escape, Gin then led his teammates to the Baratié. Although Hawkeye had also followed them, he moved on after a fight with Zoro.

When Gin spoke to Luffy and the Straw Hat said that he could not be defeated by weaklings like them, Hustle posed in the background. He took no part in the fighting itself and lingered in the water. After the defeat of their captain, the entire remaining crew sailed away on a small dinghy.


  • His name and position were not revealed until One Piece Blue.

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