Hotei of One Piece

Hotei is the former leader of the Mimawarigumi, the samurai warriors of Wano Country who sided with Orochi. After Kaidou’s execution of the shogun, he swore allegiance to the emperor.


Hotei is a tall man with long, fair hair that he has tied into a horse braid. He has some stubble on his chin and can always be seen wearing dark sunglasses. Furthermore, he can always be seen with a toothpick in the corner of his mouth. He wears a light-colored kimono with dark circle patterns and a low neckline so that his chest is partially exposed. He also wears dark, wide pants and a cape is draped over his shoulders with a dark jagged pattern at the bottom.


Although Hotei has always been loyal to his shogun, despite the corrupt and dishonorable events, he quickly changed sides after his death and subordinated himself to the emperor Kaidou. He accordingly acts contrary to the loyal samurai values of laying down his life for his lord.

Skills and strength

As leader of the Mimawarigumi, Hotei has command of 5,000 feared samurai and accordingly enjoys a very high level of authority. He carries two katanas with him, but not much has been seen of him in battle.


After the riots caused by the intervention of some straw-hat pirates following the execution of Shimotsuki Yasuie, the Mimawarigumi, led by their leader Hotei, patrolled the flower capital. The goal was to ensure the safety of their shogun and apprehend the intruders.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Hotei accompanied his shogun to Onigashima. When Fukurokuju remarked that Kyoshiro was in charge of supervising the capital during the festivities this year, Hotei pitied him. Later, while Queen greeted the guests and thus fueled the crowd, Hotei sat by Orochi’s side.

Hotei was also present when Kaidou apparently killed Orochi on Onigashima. When Kaidou then demanded that Orochi’s men join him, Hotei and Fukurokuju agreed without hesitation, to the relief of their respective troops. Shortly after, the battle began and Hotei noticed Fukurokuju moving away from the battlefield. However, Queen fired his Excite bullets into the crowd during the fight, not distinguishing friend from foe, leaving Hotei to defend against the ice demons alongside his comrades and a few Orochi secret agents. He was thus drawn into the “game of catch” with Apoo as well. However, they couldn’t get their hands on the antidote, which Zoro got hold of and passed on to Chopper for mass production. A reinvigorated Hyogoro defeated several Orochi secret agents and Mimawarigumi, including Hotei, with just one attack.


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