Holy (Non-Canon) of One Piece

Horie is the little brother of Amanda as well as Milia and appears exclusively in the second TV special.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 2 – Open to the Wide Sea! One Father’s Huge, Huge Dream.


Horie is a little boy with short and shaggy brown hair, mostly covered by a red cap with blue stripes. He has large, round eyes, thick eyebrows, and a small snub nose. Furthermore, he has reddish cheeks and wears a black tank top with a red triangle symbol on the left side of his chest. This is tucked into his light brown shorts, which are fastened by a green belt. He also wears brown shoes.


Horie is still very childlike and curious according to his young age. He especially enjoys Chopper, who he thinks is a panda, and moreover, he cares a lot about his two sisters. He loves his father and, unlike Amanda, hasn’t been mad about him being away all the time.


Since her father sought adventure and was always on the road, Amanda had to take care of Horie and Milia most of the time, but this did not bother the two younger siblings. One day, their father came home badly wounded and had discovered a treasure. While drawing the map to the treasure on Amanda’s back, he presented Horie with a pendant. Unbeknownst to Horie, this served as a tool to help her understand the map on Amanda’s back.

About a month before the siblings met the Straw Hat Pirates, they were captured by Zap and were to be taken to his captain Bayan, as he wanted to find their father’s treasure with their help. However, Max and Bonney met the three children in the cargo hold and devised an escape plan with Amanda, after which they fled in a dinghy and headed for the island where the treasure was supposed to be.


Horie’s trailer

After searching there unsuccessfully for a month, the Going Merry docked at the island and they posed to the pirates as a family just camping there. While Horie thought Chopper was a panda and wanted to capture him, the rest of the Straw Hats quickly saw through the lie and after Monkey D. Luffy and Amanda were kidnapped, they revealed the truth. Since the treasure was supposed to be on the island, they were aware that the enemy pirates would return with the two hostages, so they just waited. In the meantime, they showed them their hiding place and the two younger siblings told Nami about their father as well as their older sister and what they knew about said treasure. At the same time, Horie also showed his pendant, which he had once been given by his father. Then, when the little boy got hungry, they decided to eat something and went aboard the Going Merry, where Horie assisted Sanji and cooked the shrimp.

A little later the enemy pirates appeared again and a fight broke out. Horie watched this and finally the Straw Hats could win with the help of Bonney and Max. The latter also freed the kidnapped Amanda and offered her to live together like a family in the future, after all Horie and Milia needed parents. Shortly after, the Straw Hats began studying the treasure map and together Nami and Robin were able to unlock the mystery. It turned out that the islands were actually a giant oyster and said treasure was a giant pearl. With wide eyes, everyone present marveled at the now uncovered pearl.

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