Hoe of One Piece

Hoe is the whale of King Neptune, the head of the kingdom of Ryuuguu on Fish-Man Island.


Hoe is a rather large whale, which wears a golden crown on its head.


The Straw Hats on Fish-Man Island

After Pappag led the Straw Hats to his store, King Neptune suddenly appeared on Hoe and invited the gang to his castle, the Ryuuguu Palace. They agreed and while Hoe once again transported the king, the Straw Hats took a seat on Megalo.

Later, when the alliance between the New Fishmen Pirates and the Flying Pirates attacked the palace and King Neptune found himself in a hopeless situation, Hoe appeared to his rescue. The king clung to him and Zoro, Usopp as well as Brook in turn clung to the king. But before the faithful whale could make his escape, Hody Jones grabbed the king and so Hoe was forced to flee without him.

He as well as the guards followed Neptune’s orders and searched for Prince Fukaboshi. However, he was given a second chance to rescue his king when Hody Jones captured him at Gyoncorde Plaza. When the Thousand Sunny opened fire on the Fishmen pirates, Hoe grabbed the king as well as his sons and carried them to safety. He then overheard the king telling the princes about the importance of Noah. After the battle, Hoe took the king to Gyoncorde Plaza so that he could take care of the defeated Fishmen pirates.

The Levely in Mary Geoise

After the Straw Hat Pirates escaped from Totto Land, the royal family prepared for the Levely in Mary Geoise and Hoe was also present.This information comes from an anime filler.

Arriving at the Red Port, Neptune rode Hoe and with a pompous entrance impressed the civilians.


  • Its name probably comes from “hoēru” (ホエール), the Japanese word for whale.
  • Hoe’s favorite food is squid.

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