Hody Jones of One Piece

Fishman Hody Jones was captain of the New Fishman pirate gang.


His face before the transformation

Jones was a large, somewhat portly fish man. There is a large scar on the left side of his stomach and a tattoo of his gang’s mark on the right side of his stomach. Other tattoos are on his left arm, including the mark of the Arlong gang. He has very pointy teeth and a pointed nose. His black hair is long and curly, however one long straight strand hangs down his face. He wears a newsboy cap and a scarf, which appears to have been made from a fox-like animal. His style of dress is generally very reminiscent of Arlong’s. Thus, he too wears shirts, shorts, and sandals.

However, after overdosing on E.S., his body underwent a transformation so that all body fat appeared to turn into muscle and his black hair turned white and longer. Due to the side effects of the energy steroids, he lost his muscular body and turned into an old, frail and thin fish-man who has had to lean on a walking stick ever since.


Jones uses one of his own men as a shield.

Hody Jones’ character is very similar to that of Arlong, whose he also wants to carry on. Jaws is thus a racist who believes that fish people are the only true species and should rule over all. For this reason, he intercepts gangs of pirates who are on their way to Fishmen Island and gives them the choice of joining the New Fishmen Pirates or being eaten by their sea monsters. His hatred of humans is largely influenced by the fact that humans were to blame for Fisher Tiger’s death. But he also holds a grudge against the ruler of Fish-Man Island, the sea-man king Neptune, for allowing the human race to pass through the island. Therefore, Jones plots to overthrow him.

In dealing with his enemies he is very cruel and convinced of his strength. So he even renounces the use of his hands against weaker opponents. He plans to start a war against the humans after taking power over the Fishmen Island to prove that the Fishmen are the ultimate race. He is also not squeamish towards his crew, so when he was attacked by Zoro, he used one of his men as a shield.

Skills and strength

Jones’ attack “Yabusame.”

As a fish man, Hody Jones has all the advantages of this species. For example, he is an excellent swimmer and can breathe under water. But even on land, fish people have the advantage over humans of being at least 10 times physically stronger. He can further increase his physical strength with energy steroids. Every single one of these pills doubles his strength, but in return also decreases his life expectancy.

In battle, Hody Jones uses his razor-sharp teeth to maul his opponents. His massive body mass also comes into play, as he simply ramps through the crowds of opponents. A pirate with a 73,000,000 bounty was finished off within seconds this way. He can also destroy a huge wall with a single grab. He uses water as a projectile, which has a similar effect to arrows due to Jones. He has not used his trident in combat yet.

After the overdose caused by the E.S., Hody Jones’ powers were once again vastly increased, allowing him to withstand many attacks from Luffy, who was enhanced with Haki. In the fight against Luffy, it was revealed that the fish-man also fights with a blade attached to his dorsal fin.


Jones and his friendscelebrate their heroes.

Jones and his later crew grew up in the orphanage, the Fishmen’s District. There, the children were particularly influenced by Arlong, who preached his views of humans to them. But other Fishmen also told them about their resentment of humans and thus taught the children to despise humans.

When the children finally turned 15, Fisher Tiger attacked Mary Geoise and the Sun Pirates was formed. Jones and the rest were thrilled by the actions of their kind and hoped that they would teach the humans a lesson. Jones admired everyone but Hatchan, of the pirate gang, as he also had good experiences with humans and tried to tell about it, which bothered Jones greatly.

Jones presentsQueen’s assassin.

Jones later joined the Neptune army to learn fighting techniques. He was present when King Neptune talked to the newly appointed samurai Jinbe and was shocked to hear that Jinbe doubted that it was a good idea to release Arlong.

When Queen Otohime finally collected enough signatures for Fishmen Island to be accepted by the rest of the world, which would have made Fishmen and humans equal, the signatures were set on fire and Queen Otohime was shot shortly after. Jones was the first to find the culprit and shot him dead right away. Jinbe wanted Jones to hide him. However, Jones showed the entire island that a human had shot their queen.

It turned out that in truth Jones was the one who had shot the Queen. The following evening, he and his gang celebrated their success in reigniting hatred for the humans. While doing so, Jones presented his gang with his latest loot, the E.S. pills. Jones urged Zeo to produce more of these so they would be prepared for their holy war against the humans. Shortly after, Jones then formed his own pirate gang, the New Fishmen Pirates.


The Nemesis of the Crab Hand – A New Age Begins

Jones and Deckenare teaming up.

Hody Jones has formed his own gang within the two years of absence of the Straw Hat Pirates, during which Jinbe and the old Fishmen pirate gang had to leave Fishmen Island. From the Fishmen District “Noah”, he commands his men.

When Hammond reported to Jones that the Straw Hats had appeared on Fish-Man Island, he demanded that they bring them to him alive, as he wanted revenge for Arlong’s defeat.

Some time later, he learned that the pirate “Crab Hand” Gyro, who had surrendered to the New Fishmen pirates moments before, was trying to escape. The Giant Squid Fishman Ikaros Much agreed to pursue the pirates, but Hody Jones wanted to judge the Crab Hand himself. He took four energy steroids, had his hands tied, and began his pursuit of the gang. He confronted the ship in the open sea. He showed the pirates that he had bound hands to make it clear that he didn’t need them in the fight against them. Then, like a berserker, he began to dismantle the ship. Even Captain Gyro, who already had experience fighting fish-men, posed no problem for Jones. The fish-man defeated the whole crew. However, he left survivors and ordered one of his men to tow the destroyed ship to the New World, so that people would see that down in the sea rests the ultimate race.

After returning to the Noah, Vander Decken IX also arrived at it. The captain of the Flying Pirates made a pact with Jones that together they would overthrow King Neptune and the Ryuuguu Kingdom. Later, Hatchan also came to the pirates’ base and tried to stop them from their plans. Jones did not like this too lax attitude of one of his old heroes, so Vander Decken ended up shooting him with a handful of arrows.

Attack on Ryuugu Palace

Zoro is proving to bea strong opponent.

After Decken sent human pirates into the Ryuuguu Palace with his Devil Fruit to open the entrance, the New Fishmen Gang attacked Fishmen Island. Jones and Decken themselves infiltrated the palace, where they encountered already bound soldiers, Neptune, as well as Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Brook. Decken went in search of Shirahoshi, while Jones stayed behind and attacked the bound. Zoro, however, confronted him in the already flooded palace. But it turned out that the swordsman was too strong, so Hody had to swallow E.S.. With these in hand, Neptune, Zoro, Usopp, and Brook were eventually captured, while the rest of Neptune’s army escaped.

Jones explains to the islanders what he’s up to.

While the rest of his gang took a district of Fish-Man Island everywhere, Jones made the announcement over a Den-den Mushi that he was going to execute the king at Gyoncorde Plaza, thus making himself the new king of Fish-Man Island and then declaring war on the humans. However, on the way to Gyoncorde Plaza, Jones was racked by intense pain and his crew believed that the side effect of the E.S. pills would now arrive and their captain was dying. However, Jones had swallowed so many pills that his body underwent a transformation, endowing him with even more power.

Straw Hat Pirates vs New Fish Man Pirates

Jones is now looking to execute Neptune.

In Gyoncorde Plaza, Jones, thanks to his new powers and the Sea Beasts, easily defeated the Neptune Army, who were trying to free their king. Even the princes Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi, who managed to defeat the sea beasts, were powerless against the fish-men pirate gang. Jones wanted to execute them as well. But before he could do so, Jinbe and Shirahoshi, who were also captured, were brought to him.

To show Jinbe that his fight had been futile even if he had not been captured, Jones presented his captured pirate teams and declared that with them he had 100,000 men on his side. Jones further stated that he would destroy this island and then rebuild it. However, at that moment Madame Shyarly, who was watching the whole thing so far with the rest of the island’s inhabitants, intervened and declared that it was not Jones who would destroy the island, but Luffy. For this insolence, despite Shyarly being Arlong’s sister, Jones attacked Shyarly. Jones then announced that it was he who shot Otohime back then and burned the signatures. Since the Neptune family was upset about this, Jones attacked them to shut them up. Then, when he finally tried to kill Neptune, he was attacked by Luffy, who had shown up with his gang and freed Jinbe and the princess.

Luffy fights Hody Jones.

However, Jones said that it wouldn’t make any difference since his crew was outnumbered. When Jones also called himself the future king of the pirates, Luffy used his haki to collapse half of Jones’ crew. A fight ensued between the two pirate teams, with Luffy choosing Jones as his opponent. However, in the middle of the fight, Noah appeared above them. Vander Decken IX had planned to drop it on Fish-Man Island to kill everyone, in revenge.

Final battle on the Noah

Jones and blankets in chains.

Enraged at Vander Decken’s betrayal, Jones scaled the Noah via its anchor chain. Luffy and Fukaboshi were also on their way to the Noah, but were attacked several times in the water by Jones. Jones managed to reach the Noah first and stabbed Vander Decken with his trident. Decken did not die, but lost consciousness, after which the Noah crashed onto the island.

Since Jones would have destroyed the island either way, he didn’t care about the fate of the island or his own men. However, when Luffy tried to stop the Noah, the two engaged in battle once again. Fukaboshi also confronted the fish-man. He wanted to know what the humans had done to him that made him hate them so much.

When the latter answered curtly with a “Nothing at all,” and that Heaven had blessed the fish-men with incredible strength only for this purpose, Fukaboshi was so shocked that the moment of shock was sufficient for Jones to injure the prince severely. He then went after Shirahoshi and Luffy. After a fierce battle, Luffy was able to defeat Jones.

After the battle, Luffy unsuccessfully tried to destroy the Noah with Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, however, the Noah was stopped just before colliding with the Fishmen Island by the Sea Kings, who were summoned by Shirahoshi as she had the power to communicate with them, also called “Poseidon”. Shortly after, Jones and Vander Decken were put in chains and it was decided that the two would never be released.

End of the New Fishmen Pirates

The side effect of the E.S. pills is starting to work.

After the New Fishmen pirate gang was defeated, all the officers as well as Hody Jones and Vander Decken were locked in a cell. However, due to taking too many E.S. pills, the side effect now occurred to all of them and so the pirate gang turned into a bunch of old geezers. After Neptune saw this, since the pirate gang was now almost harmless, he wondered if some other punishment would be better suited for them. Still, Hody Jones raged around that his hatred of humans would not die, and among other things, insulted Fukaboshi as a disgrace to his race for helping the Straw Hat. But Fukaboshi simply ignored Jones, saying only that he shouldn’t speak so loudly before the children of the island heard it.


  • In the SBS for Volume 75, Oda explained that Hody would have two penises, as this is also the case with real sharks.
  • His name may have come from Davy Jones’s loose, who was also called the Devil of the Sea by sailors.
  • His favorite food is sea monster meat.

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