Hocker of One Piece

Stool was Chouchou’s master and owned a pet food store in Orange. He was Boodle’s best friend, but died of an illness.


Hocker was an elderly gentleman with graying hair and a chin beard. In keeping with his advanced age, his face was marked by a few wrinkles. He wore a pink cap and a short-sleeved T-shirt of the same color. With these he wore long, light-colored trousers and brown shoes. He was rather small and roundish in build.


When the former village where Hocker lived was raided and destroyed by pirates over 40 years ago, he traveled to Organ Island with Boodle and others and helped build Orange. As a result, Orange developed into a bustling port city. Then, ten years ago, he opened the pet food store “Pet Shop” there together with his dog Chouchou. However, he fell ill over the years and sought medical attention three months before the still small Straw Hat Pirates, consisting of Luffy and Zoro, arrived. He left Chouchou in charge of looking after the store in his absence, but he died shortly after and never returned.


  • His name was not revealed until One Piece Blue.
  • While in the manga he was seen rather small and roundish, in the anime he was depicted tall and slender.

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