Ho of One Piece

Dr. Oho is a doctor from the desert kingdom of Arabasta.


Oho is an obviously older man with a long white beard, round glasses and noticeably thick lips. He wears a purple high hat and a loose turquoise garment with a purple hood.


After the Straw Hat Pirates and Princess Vivi crushed the Baroque Company and the rebels ended the civil war, the Straw Hats spent a few days recuperating at King Kobra’s palace. On the third day, Dr. Oho visited the heroes, noticing Chopper’s special medicine, which he was mixing together. When Vivi mentioned that Chopper was from Drum, his compliments knew no bounds, which embarrassed the reindeer.

Fabulous composition…very original….
perfectly rational…fantastic!
Where did you learn that?

Tony is a doctor from Drum!

Aha, the former stronghold of doctors!
The technology there is incredible!
This mixture is genius!

Shut up and stop staring! Oh, man!
Get out of here! Oh, my God!

Funny way to invite a guy for tea!

He doesn’t mean it.
– Dr. Oho, Dr. Tony Tony Chopper and Vivi in conversation.

Afterwards, they had tea together, Chopper continuing to react aggressively to compliments related to his medical knowledge, even though he was actually very happy about it.


  • His name was not revealed until One Piece Blue.
  • In the manga, his clothes are littered with a special symbol that is missing in the anime.

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