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“Blackcage” Hina is a Rear Admiral of the Naval Headquarters and has the power of the Fetter Fruit. Before the time jump, she held the rank of Captain. Hina is of the same generation as Smoker. Both joined the Navy around the same time and were trained together. Under her current command are Jango and Fullbody.


Hina before the time jump

Hina is a slim, attractive woman. She has hip-length pink hair, which she wears open. She does not wear make-up, except for a deep red lipstick. She wears a burgundy suit with a white shirt underneath. Over her hands she wears dark purple gloves, matching the color of her shoes. Her white navy coat she wears merely draped over her shoulders as usual. It bears the standard inscription “Justice” (jap. 正義, Seigi) on the back. For combat, she takes it off.


Hina is not interested

Hina is a very self-confident woman. Her character strongly reminds of Smoker, who is a good friend of hers, so she can often be seen with a cigarette in her hand. She has a habit of talking about herself in the third person. She is very strict and never shies away from a fight. Nevertheless, she is very lovable, because Jango and Fullbody fell in love with her the first time they saw her and still vie for her favor to this day.

However, she is not easily won over and ignores the gestures of the two. She is very focused on her work and doesn’t think much of their lovey-dovey shenanigans. The fulfillment of her duties is her top priority. She has a lot of respect for higher ranking authorities, but not a bit for equal or lower ranking units.

Skills and strength

The bondage force

She has eaten of the fatter fruit. This allows her to grow iron shackles from her body. However, she only uses these in close combat. Her greatest strength is her tactical thinking. Her tactical skills and devil powers make her irreplaceable to the navy. For this reason, she is feared among the pirates.

Probably the most famous of their tactics is the “Black Spear Formation” (jap. 黒ヤリの陣, Kuro Yari No Jin). She found an alternative to firing at the pirate ships. Cannonballs can be easily deflected or thrown back. However, the giant black harpoons damage the ships more effectively and are harder to deflect.

She seems to be a skilled kicker in close combat, because when she meets Bon Kurei the second time, she also fends off his kicks with kicks.


She and Smoker have known each other for a very long time, they both joined the Navy at the same time. Hina is two years younger and was very ambitious. Smoker, on the other hand, has been saved from being discharged from the Navy so many times by her words. The two get along as well as an old married couple.


Meeting Jango and Fullbody

Hina’s first appearance is found in her encounter with Jango and Fullbody. After the two became friends, Jango, who had escaped the death penalty, was about to say goodbye to his friend at naval headquarters. Suddenly a female officer with a charming smile caught their eye, this was of course Hina. The duo decided to start all over again in the navy under her command.

Deployment in Arabasta

Captains talk to headquarters.

At the beginning of the mission, Hina met with Smoker in Tamalisk to discuss the most important things about the mission. Her fleet had seized a Baroque ship, the Droplet. Now she was making out with Smoker who would have to take the ship to headquarters. Hina drew the short straw in a coin toss, but another event happened before that. Tashigi returned from Arbana with Crocodile in tow. She had successfully completed her mission, whereupon Hina congratulated her. Shortly after, Smoker received a call over the Den-den Mushi. He was being congratulated for defeating Crocodile. The latter didn’t want to take credit from Luffy and messed with the higher authorities. As before, Hina tried to calm him down here, but to no avail.

Shortly after Smokers and her fleet split up again, she received word that the Going Merry, which had been under naval surveillance, had suddenly disappeared. She had to be somewhere on the Sandora River and was eventually spotted there. Hina’s fleet took up position at the mouth of the river and waited for the pirates.

The Going Merry escapes.

Finally, there was a confrontation with the Straw Hat Pirates. The Black Spear Formation took full effect and the Straw Hat Pirates was in a predicament. Bon Kurei helped them here amicably and sacrificed himself for them. The Swanda separated from the Going Merry and Bon Kurei’s crew had disguised themselves as the Straw Hat Pirates. Hina’s people had only really realized that this was the bait, but then they decided to pursue her after all, seeing the wanted pirates on board. This was the chance for the Straw Hat Pirates to escape. By the time Hina noticed the diversion, however, it was already too late. Bon Kurei gave her a sermon on friendship and then went on the attack with his men. They put up a good fight, but were ultimately defeated.

After the battle, she contacted Smoker again. She had managed to defeat Bon Kurei’s pirate gang, but the Straw Hat Pirates got away from her, which made her very angry. Afterwards, she still said that Smoker seemed relatively reassured that the Straw Hat Pirates had escaped.

Hunt for the Baroque Agents

Bon Kurei seeks revenge on Hina – again unsuccessfully.

Some time later, she and her unit vacationed on Holiday Island. The Navy was still looking for the fugitive agents of the Baroque Company, especially the Officer Agents. While everyone was enjoying themselves, she noticed three people who looked strikingly similar to the sketches of the former Mr. 13. She went on the attack and was able to capture the former Miss Valentine with her devil powers. The ex-agents Mister 5 and Miss Goldenweek were able to escape. Hina decided to use the prisoner as bait for the other agents.

Mister 5 and Miss Goldenweek were puzzling over how they could help their friend, when a tied up Mister 3 unexpectedly appeared. However, he turned out to be Bon Kurei, who wanted to take revenge on Hina. He defeated the entire unit until only Hina was left. This was the opportunity to free Miss Valentine, which eventually happened. They took Hina’s ship and fled. The Marine captain stayed behind on the island and vehemently fought Bon Kurei.

A little later, Bon Kurei and the former Mister 3 were sent to Crocodile and Daz Bonez in prison. So Hina had won the battle. The imprisoned ex-agents were then transferred to Impel Down.

The fight against Whitebeard

Hina tries to catch Luffy

In the course of summoning all the forces of justice to battle with the Whitebeard gang, many important officers of the Navy came to Naval Headquarters at Marine Ford, including Hina. She was accompanied, as usual, by Jango and Fullbody.

So she was also present at the final battle against Whitebeard’s alliance. When Luffy arrived and rushed towards the scaffold to save Ace, she tried to stop him. However, since the pirate used Gear 2, she didn’t stand a chance, instead merely catching a few naval officers.

Two years later

Within the next two years, Hina was promoted to rear admiral. She and her unit defended the Arabasta convoy en route to Mary Geoise for the Levely. Once there, she and other high-ranking Marines held up at the Red Port while the Navy eavesdropped on a conversation between the two emperors, Big Mom and Kaidou. She was disturbed by their conversation and chatted with Monkey D. Garp about a pirate era before Gol D. Roger. Garp thought it was admirable that Hina knew about it despite her age.


  • It is nicknamed “Black Cage”.
  • Like many female characters, Hina’s name is a reference to a bird. Hina (雛) means “chick”.
  • She is always called “Miss Hina” (jap. ヒナ嬢, Hina Jou) by her units, rather than being addressed by her naval title “Captain Hina” (jap. ヒナ大佐, Hina Taisa).
  • Hina’s birthday is March 3. This day is celebrated in Japan as “Hinamatsuri” (jap. 雛祭 ~ girls’ festival).
  • As mentioned before, Hina always speaks of herself in the third person. This is also how she always expresses her emotions. The following expressions are known:
  • In the SBS to Volume 68, Oda drew Smoker, Tashigi, and Hina as children. Show / Hide Image
  • According to the SBS to Volume 90, Hina’s hobbies are horseback riding and clubbing.
  • Hina’s favorite dish is kebab with champagne.

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