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Grizzly († 1512) was the leader of the mountain bandit gang. He was considered a dangerous man in Foosha Village with his bounty of 8,000,000 berries. However, he was devoured by the Stinkfish.


Grizzly wore a long brown coat that had a vertical yellow pattern on a black background at the back, a tan shirt underneath, an orange necklace with circle charms, black pants, and black shoes. He had his longer black hair partially tied up in the back, leaving the shaggy, shoulder-length rest just hanging down. He also had a prominent chin beard and an X-shaped scar above his right eye. Attached to his right hip was the sheath of his sword, which he kept with him at all times.


The leader of the Mountain Brigands enjoyed great respect from his enemies. Those who were too insolent for him were summarily killed. His reputation on the island had a strong effect on his self-confidence. He also publicly insulted and humiliated Shanks’ red-haired pirate gang without qualms.

Grizzly valued only a few things, these included subservience and money. He called Woop Slapp, who offered him money to save young Luffy, wisely, as the Old Ones knew exactly how to avoid violent conflict.

Skills & Strength

Besides his physically fit comrades-in-arms, Grizzly was also able to fight back himself. With his typical pirate sword it was easy for him to defeat the not very strong opponents in the area. He also threatened Shanks with his sword, but later fled from him when his whole gang was defeated by the vice of the redhead pirate gang.


First meeting with Shanks and Luffy – fight in the bar

Grizzly humiliates Captain Shanks.

Shortly after Luffy was once again teased by his friend Shanks, Grizzly appeared in Makino’s bar twelve years ago. Immediately he noted how stupidly grimacing the criminals of the seas, the pirates, were after all. Grizzly marched his entourage to the bar, where the proprietress had to inform him that the last of the Sake had just been drunk by Shanks and his crew. Kind as Shanks is, he offered him his unopened bottle, which the angry mountain bandit cut up with his sword. Feeling embarrassed, he used his sword to clear the other bottles off the counter, which landed on or next to the social captain, who apologized to Makino for the mess, while the band of mountain robbers left without a drop of sake.

Grizzly vs Luffy & the Return of the Pirates – Grizzly’s Death

The Stinkfish Eats Grizzly.

Later, his gang came to the bar again, where this time they successfully demanded something to drink. Luffy, who by now had eaten a devil fruit and was sitting alone in a chair, demanded vindication from the mountain robber, who refused and went outside with the rubber man to kill him there. Someone who had insulted him like that simply wasn’t allowed to live on.

Luckily, Makino brought Mayor Woop Slapp to the rescue, who threw himself in the mud in front of Grizzly and offered him money to save the village boy’s life. But Grizzly didn’t accept the offer and gave Luffy, who insulted him throughout, a few kicks until suddenly Shanks and gang, who had returned from a trip, appeared. A mountain bandit held a gun to Shanks’ head to prevent him from joining the fight. However, in a flash, Lucky Roux was on the scene, putting a bullet in the armed robber’s head. Benn Beckman, meanwhile, took care of the rest of the fighters, whom he had beaten with his rifle within moments. Completely caught off guard, the nervous grizzly threw a smoke bomb on the ground, blocking everyone’s view. This allowed him to easily escape in a boat out to sea, where he threw Luffy, whom he had kidnapped, overboard. Laughing, Grizzly was glad to be rid of Luffy at last. At the same moment, the Stinkfish appeared behind him, swallowing him and the boat in one piece.


  • Grizzly killed 56 people who provoked him. Number 57 was supposed to be Luffy.
  • With his 8,000,000 bounty, Grizzly was the most wanted criminal in the country.
  • His favorite foods are bear meat and wild herbs. His favorite drink is sake.

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