Helmeppo of One Piece

Helmeppo is the son of the “tyrant” Captain Morgan, but has been in the Navy since his capture, where he holds the rank of Corvette Captain.


Helmeppo before the time jump

In the old days, Helmeppo was what you’d call a spoiled brat. He had a chin split in two then, just like he does now. He had a combed, very snooty, blond hairstyle, eyebrows to match, and a small nose. Also, like today, his eyelashes sat under his eyes. It was also noticeable that his ears sat at mouth level. Moreover, he wore a purple suit with a fuchsia collar as well as sleeves of the same color and golden buttons. Around his neck he wore a golden necklace and around his middle finger a golden ring.

Today Helmeppo is significantly taller and more muscularly built. His face has not changed much, except for his new haircut. His hair is now longer and combed back. He wears his futuristic looking sunglasses on his forehead most of the time. Furthermore, he wears a navy uniform now, which consists of a brown t-shirt with a white shirt and a green jacket pulled over it. In addition, he no longer wears jewelry. Instead of the ring, he now wears black gloves. Helmeppo also now wears purple pants.

After the time jump, he wears a purple shirt with a turtleneck, a light green vest, and continues to wear his purple pants. Like every officer, he also wears a white navy coat. On his head, next to his glasses, he wears a white hat.


Helmeppo was, at the time when his father was still in the navy, a rather cowardly and spoiled boy with a rotten character. Whoever did not follow his orders, he threatened to tell everything to his father. Since everyone was terrified of Captain Morgan, Helmeppo had everyone in the palm of his hand this way. He also liked to walk around town with his wolf, Solo. But when Solo tried to attack little Rika, Zoro intervened. He killed Solo and then got himself arrested so that the girl’s family wouldn’t have to pay for it. Instead of them, Zoro was to be executed as punishment for the death of his wolf. From this, you can see how ruthless Helmeppo was. At the Water 7 meeting, he was a lot calmer and had let go of his old ways. Still, he couldn’t clear his reputation, because Zoro and Luffy were still angry about his behavior back then.

Skills & Strength

Helmeppo’s Kukri Swords

Helmeppo is being trained along with Koby by Vice Admiral Garp at naval headquarters. So far, he has been able to work his way up from a simple cabin boy to a corvette captain. Furthermore, the blond fights with two Kukri swords; very rare weapons, Zoro adds. Despite his newfound abilities from training at headquarters, he was defeated rather quickly by Zoro when they met in Water 7. Meanwhile, Helmeppo has also mastered the Observation Shaki, though it seems to be a lot less pronounced than Koby’s.


Life as the son of a tyrant – Pirate Luffy in Shells Town

Helmeppo visits the prisoner Zoro

After Zoro killed Solo, Helmeppo’s wolf, for attacking a family, the pirate hunter was captured and tied to a stake in the Shells Town naval base. He had made a bet with Helmeppo that if he went without food for 30 days, they would release him. Helmeppo, however, never intended to keep his promise. One day Rika, a little girl from Shells Town, brought Zoro some rice balls she had cooked herself.

While Zoro was still trying to scare Rika away, Helmeppo appeared accompanied by two marines. He took the rice balls from the child, tasted them and threw them to the ground when he realized that salt had been used instead of sugar.

Angered, he had a soldier throw Rika over the wall of the complex and disappeared into the main building, laughing, while Zoro reminded him again of his agreement.

A little later, as Helmeppo stalked through the streets of Shells Town, he met Straw Hat Luffy and boasted to him that he would have Roronoa executed before the bet expired. The enraged Luffy then punched him in the face and at the same time decided to take the condemned pirate hunter into his gang. Helmeppo, on the other hand, was shocked by the pirate’s stupid behavior and swore revenge on him.

Helmeppo reports the incident to his father, the captain

Helmeppo then ran to his father in a huff, describing what had happened and demanding an appropriate consequence. The captain, however, only gave his son a good smack, telling him to mind his own business. Morgan, whose statue had just been erected, asked if the girl who had sneaked up to the captured Zoro earlier had already been killed, to which Helmeppo replied in the negative, since she was only a child.

Just seconds after Morgan executed the soldier hexagon as a sign of his unchallenged power for refusing to carry out his order, Luffy appeared on the roof of the base with a gum-gum missile, knocking the statue to the ground as he landed, and was identified by the “daddy’s boy” as the one who had hit him. Fire was opened, which is why the pirate grabbed Helmeppo as a shield and had him led to the room with Zoro’s swords in it with his instructions.

Helmeppo threatens Koby

With swords in tow, Luffy launched himself via gum-gum missile onto the execution grounds, where Koby attempted to free the dangerous pirate hunter, but was attacked by Morgan along with armed soldiers. After a demonstration of his devilish powers and a deal, Zoro finally agreed to become the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates, which rather surprised Helmeppo and Morgan.

After most of the marines were defeated, Luffy took on Morgan himself, who was able to launch a few good attacks, but ultimately couldn’t do anything worth winning against the rubber boy. When the bully was down and beaten several times by Luffy, Helmeppo suddenly pointed a pistol at Koby, who was ready to lay down his life, so Luffy wouldn’t have to take any notice of him. The latter used the gum-gum gun and hit the nervous Helmeppo right in the face with it. With that one blow, he was knocked out, just like his father, who had been finally defeated by Roronoa Zoro. The crew of the base was happy with the defeat of the two and later let the two pirates escape the island without any problems as a thank you. Meanwhile, Morgan was thrown into prison and Helmeppo became a sailor like Koby, who had since become a member of the navy.

Start of naval career – mate in Shells Town

Helmeppo and Koby in the navy

Helmeppo and his friend Koby had ended up as cadets in the navy. Helmeppo was lazy as ever and Koby overzealous. One day Helmeppo’s father Morgan showed up as a prisoner. He was to be turned over to headquarters by Garp. But he managed to seize Helmeppo and escape. When the commander was about to fire on the fleeing boat, Koby stood in front of the cannon to prevent his friend Helmeppo from being hit.

He swam after the two, but Koby and Helmeppo failed to stop Morgan from escaping.

Training at Headquarters – Vice Admiral Garp’s students

Helmeppo and Koby are training at naval headquarters

Helmeppo and Koby were taken to naval headquarters by Vice Admiral Garp, where he now trained them. But here too, as on the ship, they had to perform menial tasks. Suddenly Helmeppo decided to flee forward. He wanted to work during the day and train at night. Koby went along, and the two quickly grew stronger. That’s when Vice Admiral Garp overheard a conversation in which Koby admitted that Luffy was his friend and told the two they could only stay in the Navy if they fought him.

The two then wanted to further improve their strength, so they trained even harder than before.

Reunion in Water 7 – Bad Memories

Luffy and Zoro do not recognize the two

After their adventures in Water 7 and on Enie’s lobby, the Straw Hat Pirates met Vice Admiral Garp, who revealed that he was Luffy’s grandfather. He had also brought two boys with him. The smaller of the boys revealed himself to be Koby. Luffy was surprised when, after he said he once had a buddy named Koby, but he was much smaller, he replied that he was just that.

He said that even though he wasn’t an officer yet, he still wanted to see his old friend again sometime. Luffy was surprised at Koby’s new stature, as he used to be rather short and fat. They then re-entered the house, but were interrupted by Zoro’s opponent, who tearfully noted that no one was interested in him. Now everyone turned to him, but no one could identify him.

It wasn’t until the tall marine pretended to be the “stupid, spoiled son of a bully” that Luffy and Zoro remembered and looked at him doubtfully, whereupon Helmeppo burst into tears. Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats had already made themselves comfortable again and were sipping coffee. Now they also noticed that Luffy wasn’t there at all, but then they noticed that he was with Koby and Helmeppo, chatting with them a bit.

Nami, meanwhile, listened to their conversation through an eavesdropper, overhearing some details about the Marine’s technology. Last but not least, Luffy and the other two made a new meeting place: The New World. With that, Helmeppo and Koby said goodbye to the Straw Hat Pirates and walked back to the ship.

Battle of Marine Ford – The Big Event

Helmeppo and Koby have fled the battlefield

During the Battle of Marine Ford, where Helmeppo and Koby were also present, the two realized they were no match for Whitebeard’s men. They were scared to death and thereupon took flight.

They just managed to press themselves against a wall as they watched Admiral Akainu order another fugitive to take his post. The latter asked the Admiral to let him go since he didn’t want to die and had a family to take care of. Akainu pointed out to the soldier that he should just think of his family so that they would not have to live on in shame over his escape, then he killed him. Shocked by Akainu’s ruthlessness, Koby and Helmeppo pressed themselves even closer to the wall and were able to overhear the admiral being reported that preparations for the plan had been completed.
He and Koby then later saw Luffy and his alliance fall from the sky. When Sengoku then also announced that Luffy was Dragon’s son, they were even more shocked because they never expected the Grand Admiral to publicly announce such information.

After Koby was defeated by Luffy, Helmeppo wanted to help his friend get back on his feet and go to safety with him. However, Koby heard voices in his head that gradually disappeared, much like they did with Aisa on Sky Island. When Koby pleaded to Admiral Akainu and the rest of the Navy to stop the unnecessary bloodshed, Helmeppo panicked because Akainu wanted to wipe out Koby as well, but Shanks was able to prevent it.

After the war

Koby is confused

Helmeppo stayed by Koby’s side as he recovered from the events in sickbay. Doctor Fishbonen explained to them that Koby’s shock, which he had suffered near the end of the Great Event, had awakened his haki. He also suggested that he see Garp.

Helmeppo was jealous of Koby because he was now one step ahead of himself. But Koby explained that he himself did not know exactly what had happened to him.

Two years later – Levely

Together with Koby and other marines, Helmeppo was assigned to escort the deputies from the kingdom of Dress Rosa as well as Prodense on their way to the World Conference of Kings in Mary Geoise. But on the way the ship was attacked by pirates. These were underwater in a submarine and fired a torpedo at the escorted ship. While Koby suspected this through his observation shaki and deflected the torpedo, Helmeppo disabled the attacking pirates and rescued the previously kidnapped Princess Lulusias, Komane. Helmeppo’s rescue operation fell victim not only to the pirates themselves, but also to their submarine. The action of Koby, however, and especially the use of his Haki impressed Helmeppo very much, especially since he already showed jealousy after the war because of Koby’s new ability.


  • Helmeppo’s favorite foods are luxurious steaks and caviar.

This information comes from One Piece Special – Football King of Dreams (Movie 3)

  • In the One Piece soccer special, Helmeppo portrays the referee.

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