Hasami of One Piece

Scissors is a relocating crab. Those usually remain under the desert sands of Arabasta, so some believe they do not exist.

He shows up on the outskirts of Rainbase to take the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi to Arbana. Chopper and Matsuge persuaded him to do so, which succeeded, as Hasami is an old friend of the camel.

Like his conspecifics, he also moves sideways at high speed. He is big enough to carry the whole group on his back without any problems.

Vivi later notes that these crabs can’t stand water and thus can’t cross the Sandora River. But since scissors – just like Matsuge – has a weakness for women, especially dancers, Nami manages to distract him from the approaching water with a few swaying hips. Using the power received from that sight, the crab accelerated once more. It was so fast that it briefly ran along the surface of the water. However, halfway across the river, Scissors finally sank and had to return to shore.

After what happened in Arabasta, he now works as a tourist bus in the connecting tunnel between Arabasta and Ukkari Hot Spring Island. (cover story)

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