Haredas of One Piece

Haredas is an elderly gentleman from Weatheria and was Nami’s companion while she was stuck on Sky Island.


Haredas is a small, old man with a long, white beard and a blue robe. He also wears yellow sandals and a blue pointed cap.


Haredas is a jolly old man who always has a reason to laugh. Nevertheless, he is also quite easily scared, so he remained hidden for a long time after Nami landed on Weatheria.This fact only occurs in the anime.

Haredas also has no sense of business, so he lowered the price of his rain clouds from 100 million berry to just 100 berry. Nami was anything but thrilled by this.


Haredas is a scientist and studies the weather. Accordingly, he knows a lot about it. He managed to build a machine that could create rain clouds and make it rain.


Haredas comes from the sky island Birka and started to study the weather 82 years ago. 67 years ago, Haredas and his colleagues completed the artificial sky island Weatheria. A year later, they began studying the weather of the entire world and have since recorded numerous weather phenomena.


First meeting with Nami

Nami ended up on Weatheria after the Straw Hat Pirates was temporarily disbanded, right on the doorstep of Haredas, who took her to his home. After two days, Nami woke up, but was startled when she saw the old man and threw everything she found at him. When she calmed down, the old man wanted to cheer Nami up a bit and showed her a wind knot.

Nami tried to leave the house, but noticed a huge storm approaching, so she stayed with Haredas for now. While there, she noticed some other strange contraptions such as the rain cloud shower. However, as the storm grew stronger, Nami used the wind knot as well as the climate clock stick to dissipate the storm. Then, as she was about to leave, Haredas explained to her that it wasn’t that easy since she had landed on the small Sky Island Weatheria, which shocked Nami greatly.

Help for the parched land

Haredas and Nami made it rain

Later, Nami asked Haredas if the island was really headed for the Sabaody Archipelago. Haredas assured her that it was and explained that he wanted to do her a favor. However, the journey would take quite a long time, so they had only made it 200 meters yesterday, much to Nami’s chagrin.This fact only occurs in the anime.

Nami felt that if this wasn’t a sky island, she would have left long ago. Haredas then asked her if she wanted to go downstairs with him, as he wanted to run some errands. A short time later, they were both on an elevator to the lower part of the island. Haredas explains to Nami that his research is quite expensive, which is why he has to go downstairs every now and then to do some business with his knowledge. Once in the lower part of the island, Nami found himself in a port of sorts. Using a small ship, Nami and Haredas then set off to fly down.

A short time later, the two landed on a dried up piece of land. Haredas made the villagers an offer to help them with his knowledge to rain clouds. In return, however, they were to pay him 100 million berry. Unfortunately, the small village could not afford this, and Nami told Haredas that this was far too large a sum. The old man then thought for a moment and made a new price of 100 berry, much to Nami’s chagrin, who found fault with Haredas’s sense of business.

With his machine in the ship, Haredas then made some rain clouds. Using the wind knot, Nami was then to send the bubbles flying into the sky, where they would burst, releasing the clouds that began to rain. The villagers were overwhelmed and very happy.This fact only occurs in the anime.

Haredas, meanwhile, told Nami that he had talked to the mayor and that he would give Nami provisions if she wanted to go to the Sabaody Archipelago from here now. But Nami, to Haredas’s astonishment, refused.

She had found interest in weather science and wanted to go back to Weatheria with Haredas to have him teach her about it during her trip to the archipelago. So she wanted to learn from him all about wind knots and the Weather Balls, and if it could possibly be used to build a weapon. Haredas was somewhat shocked by this.

Two years later

After the two years of separation were over, Haredas accompanied Nami to the Sabaody Archipelago. There, the two of them applied their rain skills to render the gunpowder of the marines useless. After the gang left, Haredas wished his new friend well and was sure Weatheria would be alone without her.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Weatheria’s scientists were now dressed more fashionably, as they wanted to impress Nami the next time they met.


  • You first learn his name from the anime, in the manga it is mentioned later.
  • In the manga, Haredas is a small bit taller than Nami, in the anime he is half the size.
  • His favorite food is tea sweets from the blue sea.

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