Hara of One Piece

Hara is a resident of Wano Country and lives in the flower capital.


Hara is a stockily built man with very pronounced over-eye bulges as well as a double chin. He has long, bushy hair, which he has tied into a topknot. He wears a light kimono with a line and dot pattern, over which he has placed a dark cloak with a kind of leaf pattern.


Hara is a very fearful man, afraid to speak ill of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Kyoshiro’s story about Toki’s prophecy also scared him.


Hara was present when the yakuza boss Kyoshiro made fun of Orochi, calling him a coward for being afraid of Toki’s prophecy. Hara asked Kyoshiro to keep his voice down. When Kyoshiro nodded off briefly, however, Hara was curious and wanted Kyoshiro to continue. According to Toki, in 20 years, nine samurai would appear and take revenge on Orochi. Frightened, Hara then heard the words that the year of the prophecy had come.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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