Happa Yamao of One Piece

Happa Yamao is a Water 7 resident and former bandit who now runs Timber & Hardware as a carpenter.


Happa Yamao is a tall and powerfully built man with a rather round physique. He has shaggy black hair and an equally wild full beard. He wears a light blue open-necked shirt with a leaf pattern and a white undershirt underneath. Furthermore he wears dark trousers and boots. He also has a scar on his right cheek.


Contrary to his past as a bandit, Happa Yamao is a very kind man who first gave Usopp his lunch when he realized he was hungry, and later sold him all the materials he asked for, even though Usopp’s money wasn’t enough for the amount of materials.


At some unknown point in his life, he was a bandit and once lived in Pucci, the city of gourmets. He later moved to Water 7 and started the store Timber & Hardware. Further, he was once married but is now divorced and a bachelor.


In search of some spare parts for the The Going Merry, Usopp went to see Happa Yamao in front of his store in Water 7. At first Happa pointed out that they were already closed, but agreed to negotiate, however Usopp didn’t have enough money with him. So Usopp wanted to trade some of his tools, but Happa made it clear that he was a seller and not a buyer. Finally he gave him the materials, but when Usopp left and Happa noticed that Usopp was hungry, he gave him his lunch as well. The rice balls with water meat in the core tasted very good according to the grateful Usopp.


  • In the SBS for volume 43, he was initially introduced simply as Happa. In One Piece Blue Deep, however, he was called Yamao. When asked by a reader what his real name is, Oda replied in the SBS to volume 76 that his name is Happa Yamao.

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