Hanzo of One Piece

Hanzo is a ninja and was a member of the Shogun’s elite bodyguard, the Orochi Oniwabanshu. After Orochi’s supposed death, they submitted to Kaidou and are pirates from then on.


Hanzo is a tall and corpulent man. He wears a dark mask that covers his entire head, leaving only his eyes exposed, and is decorated with a skull symbol on his forehead. There is also a spike protruding from the top, but whether this is from the mask or Hanzo’s head shape is unknown. Furthermore, he wears a light-colored scarf around his neck and a dark kimono with light-colored shuriken symbols. On his arms, it can be seen that he also wears a kind of fishnet top underneath the kimono.

Skills and strength

As a member of the Orochi secret agents, Hanzo is a strong and experienced ninja. Furthermore, despite his body shape, he is very acrobatic, as evidenced by the fact that he usually crawls or hangs from the ceiling, and is very good at sneaking up on people. Thus, he was able to sneak up on Nami and Shinobu unnoticed, and with the Orochi secret agents, he was able to sneak up on Nico Robin. However, Shinobu was able to incapacitate him very quickly. His specialty is “hovering” (浮遊, Fuyū), and he carries a sword on his back, but it hasn’t been used yet. But he used a rope very skillfully to grab Nico Robin by the neck.


Twenty years ago, Hanzo was present at Kozuki Oden’s execution alongside Fukurokuju and Daikoku.


Wano Country

During the shogun’s banquet, the Orochi secret agents spotted Nico Robin sneaking away from him and confronted her. Since Robin did not answer satisfactorily when asked who she was, Fukurokuju gave the order to arrest her, whereupon they attacked her. In doing so, Hanzo grabbed her with a rope, thus placing a noose around her neck, but it was only a body double, created with her devil power, allowing her to escape for the time being. However, Hanzo pursued her crawling on the ceiling into the banquet hall, and when the commotion broke out there, as Toko was supposedly laughing at the Shogun, Hanzo spotted the two women, Shinobu and Nami, recognizing the former. Shinobu immediately incapacitated him with an attack and fled with Nami into the room below them. Nami then attacked the castle with a Ninpo: Raitei, after which the Straw Hat Pirates escaped.

After Shimotsuki Yasuie was executed and the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Zoro and Sanji, went on the attack, the Orochi secret agents showed up in the Rasetsu District. However, the Straw Hat Pirates were able to escape once again.


On the day of the fire festival, Hanzo accompanied Orochi to Onigashima along with the other members of the secret agents.

However, after Kaidou killed Shogun Kurozumi Orochi at the Fire Festival, he gave Wano Country’s samurai and ninja a choice. Either they would join the Beasts Pirates Pirates and become pirates themselves, or die. Fukurokuju and Hotei, leader of the Mimawarigumi, then agreed to submit to the emperor. Shortly after, however, the enemy alliance already showed itself and Hanzo faced some invaders with his comrades to fight. However, as Queen spread the Ice Demon virus, the Orochi secret agents were also attacked by the infected, who could no longer tell friend from foe. Nevertheless, Hanzo continued to fight against the enemy samurai. They couldn’t get their hands on the antidote, which Zoro got hold of and passed on to Chopper for mass production. A reinvigorated Hyogoro defeated several Orochi secret agents and Mimawarigumi with just one attack.


  • His name probably comes from Hattori Hanzō, a famous samurai and ninja from the Sengoku period.
  • His favorite food is fugashi, a Japanese sweet.

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