Hangan of One Piece

Hangan is a famous and infamous pirate captain from the New World, who is allied with the Yonkou Whitebeard.


Hangan is a man with gray hair and big eyebrows. He is thin and has a very long neck. He wears a coat with a giraffe pattern and a black hat.

Skills and strength

The fact that Hangan is a notorious captain of the New World leaves no doubt that he must be a powerful fighter.


Hangan has managed to make a reputation for himself in the New World with his gang.

One day they allied themselves with Whitebeard.



He and his gang have sailed to naval headquarters with 42 other notorious pirate gangs of the New World, including the gangs of Doma, the Decalvan brothers, Squard, McGuy, Whitey Bay and Little Oars Jr, all of whom are allied with Whitebeard, to rescue Ace from the hands of the world government.

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