Hana of One Piece

O-Hana is a resident of Wano Country.


20 years ago, Hana was a young woman with blonde hair pinned into an elaborate shimada hairstyle. Furthermore, she wore a purple flower as a hair ornament and a turquoise kimono with an obi.


Hana as hostage Orochi

Twenty-five years ago, Hana was one of Kurozumi Orochi’s prisoners, but was freed by Kozuki Oden by making a deal and dancing on the streets of Wano Country for five years for the safety of the residents, thus making himself a jackass lord.

Twenty years ago, during the execution of Oden and his vassals, Shinobu told those present the truth about Orochi’s deeds and why Oden really made a fool of himself. The news then spread throughout the country and also reached Hana, who then ran to the execution site, just like many other Wano Country residents. Once there, she begged Oden to survive and apologized to him. However, Orochi had her and the other civilians surrounded by his and Kaidou’s men. Finally the hour was up and Hana was relieved that Oden had survived the ordeal, however, Orochi broke his crime and also had people shot at, so Hana ran away.


  • Her name was first mentioned in the episode credits of episode 973.
  • Hana (花) is the Japanese word for “flower”.
  • Her name contains the courtesy or honorific prefix “O” (お) (note: needs link), which was common for female names in ancient Japan. Thus, her actual name is simply Hana. Other female names in Wano Country also have the honorific prefix.

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