Hammond of One Piece

Hammond is a fish-man and combatant of the New Fish-man Pirates.


Hammond is a fish person with yellow skin and curly red hair. Hammond has purple rings around his eyes. He has a beak shaped mouth. He wears a black hat, turquoise earrings, and a blue shirt with thin black stripes and a black jacket over it. He has a green scarf wrapped around his waist and his pants are white and gray. On the bottom left of his neck he still has the Arlong Pirates tattoo and on the bottom right he has the New Fishmen Gang tattoo. Also, Hammond has a long neck and is very muscular. Hammond has a chin beard, it is orange and curly. In Gyoncorde Plaza, he was seen wearing bandages and a neck brace.


Since Hammond belongs to the New Fishmen gang and also keeps slaves, it can be concluded that he, like his captain, hates humans above all else. Hammond got the tattoo from his gang out of respect for Arlong.

Skills and strength

Hammond on his slave tank.

As a fish-man, he has the abilities of both races, so he can swim, dive, and breathe and speak underwater like a fish-man. He can also live on the surface of the water normally like a human. He is also ten times stronger than an average human. Hammond fights with a net launcher and cannons. He also has slaves fight for him.


First encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates

Hammond, Hyouzou, and Kasagoba were on a couple of sea monsters guarding the entrance to Fishmen Island and intercepted the Straw Hats’ ship as they were on their way to Fishmen Island. Hammond had offered Luffy that the Straw Hat Pirates become part of the New Fishmen Pirates, but he refused. This enraged the three Fishmen and they attacked, but the Sunny was able to escape in time with the Coup de Burst. Hammond, Hyouzou, and Kasagoba went and reported to Hody Jones, who gave them orders to bring Luffy to him. They then arrived at the Mermaid District in search of the Straw Hat, there Hammond tried to catch Luffy with a trawl, but he dodged and attacked the three with the Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. Later, Hammond and Kasagoba were taken to the Noah by Hyouzou.

At the Gyoncorde Plaza

Hammond is defeated.

While the battle of the New Fishmen Gang against the Straw Hat Pirates raged, Hammond also came to the battlefield to help his cronies. There, he shot cannonballs into the fighting crowd from his slave armor. Some slaves were also sent off to fight. After a short while, Robin freed the slaves, but Hammond countered with a dragnet, which the straw guard escaped with ease. The archaeologist created a double and launched her new attack Doble Clutch. With this attack, he was eventually defeated.

After the lost battle

Ever since Nico defeated Robin Hammond, he was nowhere to be seen. And when the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates also won the fight in Gyoncorde Plaza, the New Fishmen Gang was put behind bars. It is assumed that Hammond was not imprisoned with the officers and his captain, but allowed to continue living on the island like the rest of the gang.


  • Hammond was often mistakenly portrayed without a beard in the anime.

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