Hamlet of One Piece

Hamlet is a star of the Beasts Pirates. He was tamed by Tama’s powers and fought alongside the Alliance.


Hamlet’s external appearance is strongly influenced by the consumption of a giraffe smile, so out of his back grew the body of a giraffe, with the exception of the head. Hamlet’s body now functions as this, with two giraffe horns as well as ears growing on his actual head. His actual body is therefore mostly above the ground. He has shaggy, light hair and wears a noble-looking shirt with balloon-like shoulder pads and collar, which he wears open. He also wears a light-colored bandana, dark gloves, giraffe-patterned pants, and light-colored boots with spurs.


Hamlet is very sure of himself, and unlike Fourtricks, who tells him that the strong do not reveal this so openly, is very boastful while speaking ill of his inferiors.

Skills & Strength

Hamlet has eaten from the Giraffe Smile and carries a cutlass in each hand. Furthermore, as the star of the Beasts Pirates, he has authority over lower ranked members. However, it did not come to a serious fight and a single blow from Jinbe was enough to defeat him.


On the day of the Fire Festival, while Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji were on their way to the Akazaya at the top of the Skull on Onigashima, they cleared many enemies. For example, the two stars Hamlet and Fourtricks also confronted them, but they were defeated with only one attack, with Jinbe taking care of Hamlet and Sanji eliminating Fourtricks. Defeated, they were left on the ground while the Straw Hats continued on their way. Using their devil powers, Tama later tamed Hamlet as well, which is why he fought on the side of the Rebel Alliance.


  • Its name is probably based on the card game of the same name by David Parlett, in keeping with the card game motif of the stars of Kaidou’s Pirates.
  • By his own admission in the SBS to Volume 99, Hamlet has Oda’s second favorite design of all Smile users. He is only surpassed by Holdem.

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