Hamburg of One Piece

Hamburg is the commander of the Foxy Pirates and leader of the Knockout Monsters. He and Porche are the only ones who were in Foxy’s gang before the first Davy Back Fight.


Sketches Hamburgers

Hamburger is a human, but sometimes behaves more like a gorilla, and the appearance also resembles one. He is usually seen standing on two legs and is then taller than a normal human. However, he is also referred to as a quadruped, as when he is in a hurry or needs to move quickly, he will move on all fours, as is common for a gorilla.

Like every member of the Foxy Pirates, Hamburger has a mask to symbolize his affiliation with the crew. His hair, if he has any at all, is not visible as it is covered by a blue and black striped pointed cap and bright green earmuffs that every knockout monster wears. Around his neck he wears a leopard print bandana and at his waist he always has a light blue scarf tied around him. Hamburger’s gloves, which are each decorated with a Foxy logo, are dyed purple, as are his pants. He also wears brown shoes.


Hamburger is a very loyal companion to Foxy; so he carries out his every command without argument and even carries him on his back sometimes. He seems to have a sense of humor of his own, finding something funny about almost every event and never missing an opportunity to giggle, even when his captain is lying depressed on the ground or after the Davy Back Fight was lost.

Skills and strength

Hamburger is physically stronger than a normal human due to his size and stature. He can also act as a mount, such as when Foxy tries to stop Nami, Robin and Usopp in the Donut Race. His greatest strength, however, is in knockout wrestling. There, he works perfectly with Pickles and Big Pan, making them nearly invincible. When he sees no way out, he also uses unfair means in the fight, such as brass knuckles, metal elbow pads or two iron clubs.


Hamburger first appeared with Foxy and Porche on Long Ring Long Land after Shelly was shot by Foxy. The three were then confronted by Luffy and Usopp. Luffy insulted Foxy, at which point Foxy went down dejected. Hamburger had one of his usual fits of giggles at this.

Donut Race

Foxy Rides Hamburger

The Donut Race began when Foxy and Hamburger were still visible among the spectators. This seemed to be reason enough for Hamburger to giggle. Later, however, the two snuck away behind the spectators’ backs, and not without reason: they tried to stop Nami, Robin, and Usopp during the rest of the race, with Hamburger acting mainly as a mount during this time, carrying Foxy on his back.

Before Nami, Robin, and Usopp even reached the coral forest, Foxy smoked that area using a smoke arrow, but to no avail. He was so baffled by this that Hamburger had another fit of giggles. All the cheating tricks, such as a false signpost, a play where Foxy was lying on the ground as Hamburger’s grandma and needed help, and a false target, were all foiled by Nami. Hamburger still proved decisive, however, as he carried Foxy on his back once again towards the end of the race to stop the Straw Hat Pirates just before the finish line after all, thus clinching victory for his team.

Knockout wrestling

Hamburger gets crushed and gets knocked out.

To the applause of the Foxy Pirates, Hamburger entered the field along with his fellow Pickles and Big Pan. Since Hamburger is the leader of the Knockout Monsters, he faced Zoro for the toss, which he won. As the second round of Davy Back Fight began, Hamburger charged into the opponent’s half, ignoring Zoro and Sanji. Meanwhile, Sanji bypassed Pickles’ attack and charged at Big Pan, but slipped on his arm, giving Big Pan time to throw Sanji into the air. Hamburger caught him there and threw him towards Pickles with his Gorilla Throw.

Pickles tried to stop Zoro by throwing him into the air as well. Big Pan, using his slippery skin, helped Hamburger catch the Straw Hat Pirates’ Cook in mid-air. There, he then attempted to claim victory for his team by tossing Sanji into the nearby ring. However, the chef was able to break free of Hamburger’s grip and kicked him away. Meanwhile, Zoro grabbed Pickles and threw him at Hamburger, resulting in both of them being knocked out.

While Big Pan held Zoro and Sanji at bay, Hamburger got back up, but this time was wearing brass knuckles and metal elbow pads. Big Pan managed to throw Zoro into the air, where Hamburger attacked him with his Hamburger Hammer. As Zoro lay on the ground after this attack, Big Pan without hesitation gave Hamburger the push he needed to perform his Punk Attack on Zoro. As Foxy ordered a Monster Burger, Hamburger took two large iron clubs out of his pants, with which he attacked Sanji. Sanji kicked him between Big Pan’s pans, knocking Hamburger out for good.

Ox before the horse

Ochs vor’m Berg was played in the second round of the Davy Back Fight. Hamburger, along with Big Pan, Porche, Chiqicheetah, Capote, and Pickles, represented the Foxy Pirates; Nami, Usopp, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper represented the Straw Hat Pirates. When the game began, Hamburger advanced quickly while Porche rode on his back. However, when the “ox”, Tonjit, was still 100 yards away, Sanji overtook the two by jumping on Hamburger’s face and taking a big leap towards the “ox”.

Hamburger lost her balance in the process and Porche fell into the sea, while her mount just managed to hang on to the cliff. Sanji had to give in to his virtue of wanting to save Porche, and jumped after her while Hamburger picked himself back up. He was later kicked in Nami’s, Chopper’s, and Usopp’s direction by Zoro, and then rather involuntarily touched Tonjit with his hand, giving another victory to the Foxy Pirates.

Reunion with the Foxy Gang

This circumstance only occurs in the anime.

The defeat again

When the three-man remnant of the Foxy Pirates found themselves in distress after their defeat in the Davy Back Fight, Hamburger, Porche, and Foxy encountered the Straw Hat Pirates again. Luffy bailed them out, however the three had no ship left, so they had to hold out on the The Going Merry. As Hamburger was having one of his giggle fits after Foxy was beaten up by Nami, he saw the Sexy Foxy appear. However, the ship was taken over by the Frog Pirates. The captain of the latter challenged Foxy to a duel, which Foxy eventually lost.

This made Hamburger so angry that he took a large iron club and attacked the Frog Pirates, but he was also defeated, after which Luffy took care of the problem for Foxy. Hamburger was seen next to Foxy as he tricked the Straw Hat Pirates and captured them. After freeing themselves, Nami and Luffy again met their three adversaries. Hamburger, along with Porche, piloted a new weapon called Donkey Hoof #18 in the ensuing battle; however, they were defeated by Luffy and Nami and captured in return.

When they were later released back to freedom, however, the Straw Hats continued to pursue them. On an island, they therefore ended up opposing Luffy and co. again, using a weapon that looked like a giant crab. However, this was also destroyed by Luffy, which resulted in Hamburger, Foxy and Porche disappearing again.

Spa Island

Hamburger meets the Straw Hat Pirates again

Hamburger later encountered the Straw Hat Pirates with Foxy and Porche on the resort island of Spa Island. Using another weapon, they attempted to acquire Rina’s notebook, but failed as Hamburger destroyed the new device by mishap. Luffy eventually took care of the rest, sending the trio and the machine into the sea.

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