Hakowan of One Piece

Hakowan is a toy that Wapol himself created with the help of his devil power, but he was not sold, but kept as a pet by Wapol himself. Therefore, the robot dog can always be seen at Wapol’s side.


Hakowan as a dog

Hakowan was once a normal dog with small beady eyes and a tongue always hanging out. He was transformed into a machine by the Munch-Munch fruit of Wapol, so he continues to bear some resemblance to a dog, but with his head in the shape of a box. While the eyes are made of lenses on the box, his ears, muzzle, and lower body remain unchanged.

During his appearances in the Black Drum kingdom, he wore some sort of superhero costume with a cape on his back and a “W” on his chest. During his stay in Mary Geoise, on the other hand, he wore no clothes.

It is also noticeable that drool runs from his nose most of the time. Both earlier in the form of a normal dog, and after the fusion.


Hakowan urinates on Wapol

Hakowan met Wapol when he was flung to a distant island by Luffy. The completely impoverished Wapol sat on a garbage dump and was peed on by Hakowan. Even when Wapol tried to stay afloat by selling matches, Hakowan was always present and urinated on him. One day, the former King Drums not only ate lying around toys and other objects, but also the little dog.

Using his devilish power, he fused the dog with an angular robot head, turning Hakowan himself into a transformed toy. Besides him, however, Wapol created plenty of other toys with the Munch-Munch fruit that children seemed to enjoy. Unlike the toys, however, Hakowan was not for sale from the beginning, and so he never left his creator’s side during his rise. Afterwards, he also came into contact with Kinderella. He continued to stand by Wapol for the next two years and was present at the birth of the new kingdom of Black Drum.

This newly formed kingdom was also invited to the Levely in 1524 and the joy was immense, so one of the celebrating subjects held Hakowan aloft. Hakowan then accompanied Wapol, together with Kinderella, to Mary Geoise, where they met “old acquaintances”. The faithful companion was now always close to Queen Black Drums.


  • His name was not revealed until the Databook One Piece Blue Deep.

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