Hajrudin of One Piece

Hajrudin is a warrior from Elbaf. He is known as the strongest pirate mercenarybut is still considered a rookie in the New World. In Block C of the Firefruit tournament, he was considered one of the favorites, according to Gatz. He and his gang were major mercenaries in Buggy’s Delivery, a pirate employment agency, before joining the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


Hajrudin as a toy

A giant, Hajrudin is many times taller than a normal human. He has a muscular build and long, black hair and a beard of the same color. On his head he wears a large metal helmet, which has two protective flaps over his eyes. He also wears enormous iron gloves on both arms, to which shields are attached.


Hajrudin intends to become king of the giants one day. For this reason, he also took part in the tournament for the Fire Fruit, believing that with its help he would become invincible. To achieve his goal, he seems to stop at nothing. When Luffy, disguised as Lucy, accidentally bumped into him with the Fighting Bull, Hajrudin immediately took this as a challenge and attacked the bull without mercy.
Nevertheless, Hajrudin also possesses very decent traits and, out of gratitude for Usopp saving him from a life of slavery as a plaything, joined Luffy’s resistance against Doflamingo as a way of paying his debt. He also did not resent the Straw Hat for defeating him earlier in the tournament. Further, like many Elbaf warriors, Hajrudin is exceedingly proud and was even willing to die to pay his debt to the Straw Hats.

Skills & Strengths

Hajrudin uses his fists in combat, as well as an occasional shield, which he misuses as a striking weapon. According to Gatz, his punches have the same power as a lightning strike. Because of his exceptional physical strength, Hajrudin was able to easily defeat several competitors in the tournament with just one punch at a time. Still, he was no match for Luffy.


At the age of 18, ten months after Charlotte Linlin had come to the island of Elbaf as an orphan, Hajrudin could be seen training. He was training hard so that when a leader of the Giant Warrior Pirates returned, he would be strong enough to be a member of the returned gang. At the same time, preparations were taking place for the winter solstice, in the run-up to which people fasted for twelve days.

For this reason, the two former captains of the Giant Warrior Pirates, Mountain Beard Jarul and Waterfall Beard Jorul, were also on hand to encourage Hajrudin’s motivation. However, before the fast began, the giants had a feast where they ate a large amount of Semla, a traditional dessert, until the fast finally began. But on the seventh day, the inevitable happened and Charlotte Linlin went into a feeding frenzy, destroying half the village and demanding more Semla. In the process, she herself killed Jorul, who was respected by all, and then left the island with Mother Carmel, but Hajrudin would not let her go for this act and demanded retribution. He shouted to Jarul to kill Linlin.

At some unknown time after this event, he sailed away from Elbaf with four other giants as well as a plan to recruit more giants and revive the once-feared Giant Warrior pirate band. He gained a reputation as a pirate and joined Buggy’s pirate delegation company with his comrades during the two-year time jump, where they rose to become S-class mercenaries, the cash cows among Buggy’s people.


Corrida Colosseum

Hajrudin gets knocked out

He participated in Doflamingo’s tournament for the Fire Fruit, whose powers were formerly possessed by Ace. The giant fought in C Block against Luffy, Sai, Kelly Funk, Boo, Ideo, Jean Ango, Bobby Funk, Fighting Bull, Don Chinjao, as well as 129 other fighters.

He particularly stood out by knocking out several competitors in the tournament with just one punch. Then, when he accidentally ran into the Fighting Bull, who was tamed by Luffy, christened Ucy, and ridden by him, he knocked the bull out with one punch. This enraged Luffy so much that he jumped to the giant’s face, again knocking him out with only one punch. The unconscious giant was then thrown out of the ring by Ideo.

Life as a toy

Hajrudin presents the prisoners their savior

After the fighting in Block C, all the participants were supposed to receive medical care. However, this was actually a ruse to keep them trapped in an underground dump with all the other participants. Trébol then took people out of there one by one so they could be turned into toys by Sugar to do slave labor for the Donquixote Pirates. Hajrudin was turned into a toy elephant in the process.

After Usopp managed to give Sugar such a scare that she lost consciousness, all the toys transformed back to their original form. Hajrudin then lifted up the wounded Usopp and presented him to everyone else who had been saved by him. At the same time, when the ceiling collapsed, causing beams of light to appear behind Usopp as the coliseum above them was damaged, it looked like Usopp had been an envoy from the heavens for the former prisoners. When the former toys asked what they could do for their savior, he wanted them to destroy the factory behind him. Unfortunately, however, it was protected by Diamante and Trébol.

Alliance against Doflamingo

Together against the tyrant

When Pica’s factory and palace were moved and Doflamingo’s devilish powers forced the islanders to attack each other or Luffy and his friends, Luffy, Zoro, and Law set out to take out Doflamingo. Cavendish, Don Chinjao as well as Hajrudin and many other gladiators from the Corrida Colosseum who had been turned into toys joined the three. Hajrudin declared that he was in Usopp’s debt and would therefore fetch Doflamingo’s head for him. So the new alliance raced off together to take on the Donquixote pirate gang. While Luffy, Jeet, Abdullah, Law, and Zoro ran with the bull Ucy across the Pica statue to level 2, the rest of the gladiators took the long way from level to level, fighting their way through the crowds. When they almost reached level 3, however, they were stopped by the officers of the Donquixote Pirates. The gladiators decided to fight them so that the Straw Hat could make it to Doflamingo unhindered. Hajrudin fought Machvise on this after the latter defeated Boo.

Hajrudin vs. Machvise

However, his opponent seemed superior to him as he lunged at him with a weight of ten tons. Hajrudin then lay on the ground for a while, but when Machvise tried to attack Zoro next, the giant stood up once more. To defend his pride and to show that he was quite capable of keeping his word, he faced Machvise again. This time, the latter flew at him with a weight of 10,000 tons. But the giant did not give an inch. He countered the attack with his hardest blow, even though it broke his arm. However, he manages to defeat Machvise through it and throw him against Doflamingo’s birdcage. Hajrudin was thus the first of the gladiators to defeat one of the officers, though he collapsed shortly after. Zoro, slightly impressed, smiled and told him that he could rest for now.

He was later healed along with the others of Mansherry. As Doflamingo’s birdcage began to shrink, the former fighters of the Coliseum helped the civilians get to the new King’s Plateau without being stopped by the Doflamingo gang’s henchmen. Later, Bartolomeo created barriers that Hajrudin & Co. pushed against, preventing the birdcage from shrinking further and giving Luffy enough time to recover. Since Mansherry’s healing effect was only temporary in nature for major injuries, Hajrudin, Ideo, Blue Gilly and others later fainted again. Still, they were able to buy enough time for Luffy to win his battle.

Foundation of the Straw Hat Fleet

The seven leaders pledge their allegiance to Luffy

While Luffy was recovering from his fight against Doflamingo, the former fighters of the Colosseum discussed how to proceed. They all decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates permanently as allies or splinter groups. After Luffy recovered and the navy – led by Admiral Fujitora – moved out to capture him, the pirates fled the navy on Orlumbus’ ship with the help of the civilian population. Once at sea, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Sai, Hajrudin, Ideo, Leo, and Orlumbus communicated their decision to Luffy. The exchange of sake bowls was to seal the alliance. Luffy, however, declined as he felt commanding a fleet of several pirate gangs was too uptight. He didn’t want to have supreme command over them, but to continue to allow them their freedom. However, should one of their own ever need assistance, he would rush to help and vice versa should he need their assistance again. The seven leaders were then only more convinced of their resolve, and declared that if they had freedom to do as they pleased, they would still become his allies, no matter what Luffy might say. Thereupon the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed.

Withdrawal from Buggy’s Pirate Delegation Society

After the events on Dress Rosa and the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Hajrudin sent a message to Buggy informing him of his decision to leave the organization. With him, to Buggy’s annoyance, the remaining four giants also left Buggy’s pirate delegation society. The giants later told Buggy of this decision in person on Karai Bari and subsequently left the island, placing them on the deserter list.


  • Like many One Piece characters, Hajrudin has a personal laugh, which is “Di-gah-gah-gah”.
  • His favorite food is meatballs. His hate food is semla.

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