Hageōmu of One Piece

Hageōmu is a character from the third One Piece movie. He has the ability to talk to people.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Chopper on the Island of Strange Beasts (2002).


Hageōmu generally doesn’t trust humans or people from outside the island, which is why he kept an eye on Luffy & Co. for a while. Furthermore, he didn’t see it as his problem when Chopper tried to lure Count Butler away from the animals, thus putting himself in danger. However, when Mobambi later confronted Count Butler as well, Hageōmu later came after him to help the latter.


When Luffy & Co. landed on the island looking for Chopper, the first thing they encountered was Hageōmu as well as two other animals. Hageōmu talked to the Straw Hat Pirates and later accompanied them because he didn’t trust them and wanted to keep an eye on them. However, they later parted ways again until Hageōmu saw them floating on a river after Luffy & Co. made acquaintance with Count Butler. Nami asked Hageōmu if he knew anything about the crown treasure.

While he didn’t know anything, he said that maybe they meant the King of Beasts. Luffy then grabbed him and wanted to ride on his back to the King of Beasts, while his friends rode to it on the other beasts, only to find out that it was Chopper.
Later, when Count Butler read aloud Mobambi’s father’s diary, the animals learned through it that they could, in principle, choose their own king. When Chopper then lured Count Butler away from the animals, it looked to most like he was running away. Hageōmu and the other animals, to Mobambi’s shock, therefore wanted to abandon Chopper.

When Mobambi wanted to take Kirin’s horns to help Chopper, Hageōmu advised him not to, as this might get Mobambi banished from the island and would be too much of a risk for someone like Chopper. Nevertheless, Mobambi took the horns with him. However, Hageōmu and the other animals then came to Mobambi to help him fight Count Butler. Later, Hageōmu also had no objection to Mobambi being named the new king.


  • Hage means soon and Ōmu means parrot.

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