Governor of One Piece

Governor is the antagonist in the 3rd special.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 3 – Protect Her! The Last Great Show.


Then as now, Governor has reddish hair that sticks out to the side. His prominent chin also remained. He had replaced his normal naval attire with a classy black suit with a naval coat hanging over his shoulders. Furthermore, he has a small mustache and has always carried a gecko with him since he had a higher rank.


Governor humiliates Randolph

Governor’s character would be considered more of a pirate than a navy member. He sold weapons to pirates and had no problem murdering his comrade just so he could keep the money for himself. He also still wanted revenge on Randolph after 30 years, and wasn’t afraid to humiliate him by pouring a bottle of wine over his head. Governor had chosen the exact day for Randolph’s arrest when he would make his last appearance. His revenge on Randolph even went so far as to be willing to sacrifice a lot of civilians who were on Randolph’s ship by having it fired upon.

Skills and strength

Little is known about his abilities and strengths, but it is likely that he made it to frigate captain not because of his strength, but because of his intellect.


Governor sells weapons

Even then, Governor wanted to hold a high post in the navy. For this, he and a colleague sold weapons stolen from the navy to pirates. When they returned from a sale in a small boat, Governor shot his comrade and was thus able to keep all the money. Over the next few days, however, Governor was convicted of the crime by Randolph, who placed him under arrest. Governor vowed that one day he would take revenge on him. When his arrest was ended, he remained in the navy and earned a higher post in it than Randolph then held.


Governor’s Revenge – The Reunion with Randolph

Reunion with Randolph

During the intermission of Randolph’s last stage play, some navy ships were spotted. They swooped down on Randolph’s ship and arrested him for selling arms to pirates. He was taken away and brought before the commander of the small fleet. When Randolph realized that this was Governor, he knew right away that he was behind it.

As if to confirm this, three of Randolph’s actors, who had resigned that very morning, later came into the room and it turned out that they had planted the naval weapons on him. After a brief conversation with Randolph, Governor suddenly noticed Luffy sneaking aboard. Governor flipped a switch, whereupon Luffy fell into a trapdoor. Shortly after, he threw Randolph in there as well. Luffy freed Randolph and returned him to his ship.

When Governor saw this, he had fire opened on the civilian ship. However, the Straw Hat Pirates worked to keep the ship from being destroyed by deflecting the cannonballs. Finally, Governor gave the order to fire only at the pirates. These sank two of his ships and Luffy got on the main ship and defeated Governor, whose plan had now failed.


  • Of the first three specials, which still revolve around the story of One Piece, he is the only antagonist from the Navy.

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