Gorilla of One Piece

Gorilla is a captain in the navy.


In keeping with his name, he has a very ape-like appearance. He has round eyes, no eyebrows and sideburns. Due to the cold on Karakuri, he wears a thick coat over his usual naval uniform, and as an officer, he also wears epaulets. He carries a rifle that is slung around his torso.


That Naval Headquarters sent him to something as important as investigating the “greatest loss of the century,” the explosion of Vegapunk’s birthplace, is a testament to their confidence in him. He therefore seems intelligent and logically concluded that, as witnesses testified, it couldn’t have been Cyborg Franky, since he had still been spotted on the Sabaody Archipelago. So Gorilla is also well enlightened and informed about the latest happenings.

Skills and strength

Gorilla had not yet been seen fighting. When the roaring Franky ran at him and his men, however, he had his rifle at the ready, with which he would probably have been ready to fight. From his position, it can be surmised that he is a good shot and has good leadership skills.


Investigations on Karakuri

He was sent with his unit to Karakuri to assist the local navy in investigating the explosion of Dr. Vegapunk’s lab. Many claimed it was something very gorilla-like, which is why Captain Gorilla also suspected it was probably a stray animal hitting the self-destruct button. Although he also heard that Cyborg Franky had been seen on the island, he didn’t think that it could be him since he had been seen on the Sabaody Archipelago not too long ago. When he went to investigate the mountains with some soldiers, they were startled to see a large burning tiger roaring around. This one was actually Franky, but no one knew that.

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